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BOYS OF STEEL It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Siegel and Shuster!: The Two Jewish Teens Who Created Superman See pg. 2

The Florence Melton Adult Mini-School 38TH ANNUAL JEWISH BOOK & ARTS FAIR

2010 Fall Travel Series: Charleston & Savannah, Egypt, Cuba and Israel

Fall 2010


Jewish Book & Arts Fair


38th Annual


Newsweek Senior Editor and NBC News Correspondent Jonathan Alter opens this year’s Jewish Book & Arts Fair, launching two weeks of authors, films and concerts. Additional authors include former Houstonian Dennis Danziger, Tom Segev, Dani Shapiro and Joel Chasnoff. Erik Greenberg Anjou’s new film, The Klezmatics: On Holy Ground is among the films that will be screened. Tickets go on sale September 1. Watch for the brochure or go online for more information.

Women’s Beit Midrash Rabbi Michele Faudem & Ariela Davis 10 Mondays beginning Oct 4 7:30 – 9:00 PM $60m/$70p Join a group of women for the study of Biblical and Rabbinic texts each Monday night at our newly established Women’s Beit Midrash. The Women’s Beit Midrash is a new initiative to encourage the study of texts. A basic knowledge of Hebrew is helpful.

Does Judaism Believe in Karma? Rabbi Judy Abrams, Ph.D. Four Wednesdays beginning Oct 6 7:30 - 8:30 PM $30m/$40p The Jerusalem Talmud presents many extensive texts on the idea of Karma: that the energy we send out is the energy that returns to us.  This class will examine the many stories and teachings about Jewish Karma and how it works. No Talmud study background or Hebrew is needed for this class.

Oliver Lapin Family Day Go Coconuts for Reading at the J Sunday, Nov 7 10:30 AM – 4:00 PM FREE with exception of concert Our Jewish Book & Arts Fair is a place where kids can have fun too! Join us for children’s book readings, crafts and special guest appearances including storyteller, Jordan Hill and author Karen Fisman (An Adventure in Latkaland, A Hanukkah Story). Wake up with The Macaroons in concert with their debut album Let’s Go Coconuts, with their catchy pop-rock tunes like Hurry Up and Light the Candle and Mezuzah.   Family Day is endowed in loving memory of Oliver Lapin by his family. The Macaroons Concert is underwritten by the Barbara and Mark Paull Families and the Goldye M. and Samuel W. Spain Children’s Performing Arts Fund.

Maurice Amado Foundation Music Residency Concert Lumaraz: Music of Old & New from North Africa to the Middle East Saturday, Nov 13 • 8:00 PM $18m/$25p I W Marks Theatre Center The 2010 Maurice Amado Foundation Music Residency presents Smadar Levi, an awardwinning performer for Seeds of Peace, from November 10 - 13. Levi, accompanied by Ori Beanstock and Shlomo Deshet (Esta) and her band, will appear in various schools and universities throughout the week for private lectures and demonstrations. Join us for their public concert that features original and traditional music presented in Ladino, Arabic, Hebrew and Turkish. Underwritten by the Maurice Amado Foundation


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The Jewish Community Center is pleased to partner with Maqom, a school for adult Talmud study, founded and directed by Rabbi Judith Z. Abrams, Ph.D.

‫לבטיה של חברה מתהווה‬ ‫ ורד גדות‬:‫מנחה‬ ‫ באוקטובר‬5–‫שישה שבועות החל מיום שלישי ה‬ )‫ בנובמבר‬9–‫ וב‬2–‫(לא יהיה שיעור ב‬ 21:00 – 19:30 ‫משעה‬ $45m/$60p

‫במסגרת קורס זה נעקוב אחר בניית החברה‬ .‫הישראלית והתגבשות דפוסים פוליטיים בה‬ ‫נבדוק את השפעות העליות השונות על החברה‬ :‫ בנוסף ניגע בנושאים כגון‬.‫בינקותה‬ ‫הערבי‬ ‫המרד‬ ’ ’‫שנות העשרים – תקוות ואכזבות‬ ‫הישוב ומדיניות בריטניה ועמדות ביישוב בשאלה‬ .‫הערבית‬

‫אמצעי הלימוד יכללו בין היתר מקורות‬ .‫ספרותיים’ סרטים ובולים‬

Beginning Hebrew - Level 1 Inst: Karen Greenspan 10 Mondays beginning Oct 4 7:00 – 8:30 PM $175m/$225p

Beginning Hebrew - Level 3 Inst: Karen Greenspan 10 Wednesdays beginning Oct 6 7:00 - 8:30 PM $175m/$225p

NEW Conversational Hebrew Inst: Naomi Barancik 10 Tuesdays beginning Oct 5 9:30 – 10:30 AM $117m/$150p

This introductory course is a program of letter recognition, reading proficiency, building vocabulary and learning basic phrases using the Hebrew textbook series Aleph Isn’t Tough. No class 11/8.

In this course we will continue to practice reading skills and vocabulary building with a focus on reading Torah. No class 11/10, 11/24.

This course will teach basic, everyday spoken Hebrew. You will learn to build simple sentences and have a basic conversation. No prior knowledge of Hebrew necessary, just a willingness to learn. No class 11/23.


Exploring Jewish Music The Golden Age of American Musical Theater and the Legacy of Jewish Immigration Lecture by Dr. Howard Pollack, John and Rebecca Moores Professor of Music at the Moores School of Music, University of Houston Sunday, Nov 21 • 7:00 PM $10m/$15p Jewish Americans, many of them children of Eastern European immigrants, played an unusually prominent role in the what many regard as the golden age of American opera and musical theater. This broad survey of musicals and operas from Kern and Hammerstein’s Show Boat (1927) to Bock and Harnick’s Fiddler on the Roof (1964), also including works by Gershwin, Rodgers, Berlin, Weill, Copland, Blitzstein and Bernstein, considers ways in which themes of migration, departure, arrival, assimilation and utopia inform this repertoire. 

An Evening with David Grossman Author of To the End of the Land

Monday, Oct 18 • 8:00 PM $10m/$15p From one of Israel’s most acclaimed writers comes a novel of extraordinary power about family life—the greatest human drama—and the cost of war. In To the End of the Land Ora, a middle-aged Israeli mother on the verge of her son’s release from army service, sets out for a hike in the Galilee leaving no forwarding information for the soldiers who might darken her door with the worst possible news. Never have we seen so clearly a presentation of the reality and surreal of daily life in Israel and the burdens that fall on each generation anew.

To register for the 2010 winter season, visit or contact Jennifer Handy at 713.729.3200 ext. 3244 or

Lecture by Dr. Stuart Rockoff, Director of the History Department at the Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life Sunday, Dec 12 • 7:30 PM $10m/$15p Dr. Stuart Rockoff will trace the history of Jews in the South and show how they adjusted to the region’s unique culture while maintaining their own Jewish traditions. He will also explore how the Jewish South has been transformed over the last several decades, with the decline of small-town congregations and the rise of large Jewish communities like Houston.

Rice University/JCC Lecture Series

Author of Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman Envisioning Jerusalem in the Pre-Modern World 2010 Annual Lecture Series

Hazon CommunitySupported Agriculture Program

Hazon’s CommunitySupported Agriculture (CSA) Program enables the Jewish community to support local, sustainable agriculture. It is the first Jewish CSA Project in North America, where individuals pre-purchase a share of a farmer’s produce for an entire season. The CSA guarantees the farmer a secure market and gives members access to local, organic produce at competitive prices, while helping to preserve farmland and build community. Members pick up their delicious, fresh produce once a week from the JCC for the entire growing season.

Bagels & Grits: How Jews Built a Home in the South

Marc Tyler Nobleman

Hazon’s CSA at the JCC

(formerly Tuv Ha’Aretz)

Exploring Our Heritage

$10m/$15p per lecture $20m/$30p series Sunday, Oct 24 • 7:30 PM $10m/$15p It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Siegel and Shuster!: The Two Jewish Teens Who Created Superman Over a feverishly hot 24 hours in 1934, geeky writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster dreamed up a character who was everything they were not — and who launched both the superhero genre and the comic book industry. Did Hitler personally ban Superman comics? Does Superman have a Hebrew name? Why couldn’t Joe draw on Thursday nights? In this lively talk, Nobleman shares secrets and rare, unpublished photos about the creation of the world’s first comic book superhero.

Please contact Naomi Barancik at 713.729.3200, ext. 3288 or to enroll in any of these CJLL programs. All of these programs take place at the Milton Levit Family Campus at the Joe Weingarten Building with the exception of some of the Melton Mini-School locations.

The Earthly Jerusalem: Judean, Roman, and Byzantine Remains of the Holy City Lecture by Dr. Shira Lander Thursday, Oct 14 • 8:00 PM Heavenly Jerusalem in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Related Literature Lecture by Dr. Matthias Henze Thursday, Oct 21 • 8:00 PM Imagining Jerusalem in Late Medieval and Renaissance Art Lecture by Dr. Diane Wolfthal Thursday, Oct 28 • 8:00 PM The Jewish Community Center, in collaboration with Rice University, has created an annual lecture series presented by faculty associated with the Jewish Studies Program. The lectures will be held at the Jewish Community Center. Underwritten by the Maurice Amado Foundation.

Join the Great Jewish Conversation THE FLORENCE MELTON ADULT MINI-SCHOOL No Tests. No Homework. No Grades. Know Judaism.

The Florence Melton Adult Mini-School invites you to discover a world-class curriculum created by scholars and educators at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Join us to gain a profound understanding of what it means to be Jewish as we explore the texts of our tradition and engage in discussions that investigate issues of Jewish thought, practice, ethics and history. 


Classes are 2 hours once a week for 30 weeks, from September through May and are now forming for September / October 2010.

Core Curriculum Classes Offered at the Following Locations:


Mondays • 9:30 – 11:45 AM Congregation Emanu El Beginning Sept 20

$565 a year for the general public. This cost includes all textbooks.

Tuesdays • 8:00 – 10:15 AM Emery/Weiner School Beginning Oct 5

$465 a year for members of the Jewish Community Center.

Curious about the Melton Mini-School?

Tuesdays • 7:00 - 9:15 PM JCC Weingarten Building Beginning Oct 5

Join us for a “Taste of Melton” to find out if Melton is right for you.

Wednesdays • 8:00 - 10:15 PM Beren Academy Beginning Oct 6

Thursday, August 26 9:30 – 10:30 AM Weingarten Building

Wednesdays • 8:30 - 10:45 PM Houston Hillel Beginning Oct 6

Tuesday, September 21 9:30 – 10:30 AM or 7:00 – 8:00 PM Weingarten Building


lton Grad

2010 Me

In collaboration with the Initiative for Jewish Women

Thursdays • 9:30 – 11:45 AM JCC Merfish Teen Center Beginning Oct 7

RSVP recommended. Please contact Naomi Barancik at ext. 3288 or by email at to participate.

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A Call to Sing A Cappella at the JCC

A new a cappella group has formed at the JCC. If you are an experienced, a cappella enthusiast, email Brittany Horwitt at for more information.

Explore the High Holy Days Tzedakah, Teshuvah & Tefillah: Why These Three? Sunday, Sept 12 • 10:00 AM Free Do you want Yom Kippur to mean more than just fasting? Join us for a three-part discussion as community rabbis discuss the importance and relevance of each of these fundamental Yom Kippur themes and the role they play in our personal development.

Rabbi St

even M


Rabbi Ro

bert Ha


Rabbi Ba

rry Gelm



Join the Jewish Community Center in traveling the world and exploring Jewish life. Upcoming travel events include:


Charleston & Savannah A Jewish Heritage Program Oct 25 – 29

Jewish Egypt the Land of the Pharaohs Nov 3 – 14

Cuba A Jewish Mission Nov 10 – 18

$1599 per person/double occupancy

$3299 per person/double occupancy

$2899 per person/double occupancy

Georgia is the only original colony where Jews were present within months of its creation. Explore the history, culture and Jewish life in historic and charming Charleston, Beaufort and Savannah. Charleston is an antebellum city with a long and rich heritage. Savannah is the oldest and most historic city in the state. In addition to stunning homes, Beaufort has been served by a Jewish mayor and is home to a 100-year-old conservative synagogue.

Experience a deluxe Jewish heritage tour of Egypt. Learn about Jewish history in Egypt. Meet with members of the small Jewish community of Cairo and Alexandria. Explore Cairo, Alexandria and enjoy a 5-day fabled cruise on the Nile from Luxor to Edfu, Komombo to Aswan. Visit the Pyramids of Giza and the mighty Sphinx, enjoy a docent-led tour of the Egyptian Museum. Experience a Felucca ride on the Nile.

Israel @ 62 Understanding Our Land and Our Heritage Nov 10 – 18 $3739 per person/double occupancy

It’s an Israel trip like you’ve never experienced before, the chance to trave Israel alongside Israelis. Encounter and explore its richness and complexity as you travel the land with your Israeli peers for a firsthand, shared experience through food, fashion, the arts, and social issues. Understand the challenges of the modern state; hunger, poverty, defense, environment and compare them to today’s issues facing American Jews.


Join us on this extraordinary mission to Cuba and bring support and aid to the Cuban Jewish community. Meet the children of the ORT Sunday School and advance Jewish practices, ideals and education. Learn first-hand about today’s Jewish community and share their dreams for the future. The spirit of the Jewish community will open your eyes, heart and mind.

Join us as we visit the only two congregations east of Houston and still in Texas. Congregation Knesseth Israel in Baytown is the third oldest building still in operation as a Jewish House of Worship in Texas. Temple Emanuel in Beaumont has some of the finest Jewish themed stained-glass windows in the US. It is the second oldest temple building in use as a temple in Texas. We will also visit the cemeteries of these communities.

A Visit to the Baytown and Beaumont Jewish Communities Inst: Keith Rosen Sunday, Oct 24 Depart JCC at 10:00 AM Return at 5:30 PM $25m/$35p (Additional fee for lunch or bring your own)

Please see our Jewish Travel Catalog for more information. You can find the catalog online at or contact Naomi at ext. 3288 or

Deutser Art Gallery Aug 22 - Oct 1 Meet the Artists Reception Sunday, September 12 • 11:00 AM Showcase Houston: Days of Awe shines a light on the High Holy Days with original works by ten Houston artists. This multi-media exhibit includes works on paper, fabric and needlepoint. Artists featured are Bonnie Bleiweiss, Orna Feinstein, Joyce Gilbert, Aileen Gugenheim, Judy Mellon, Sara Norris, Ellen Orseck, Deborah Raichman, Diana Rinkoff, Barbara Winthrop Rose and Yocheved Stock.


5601 S. Braeswood | Houston, Texas 77096

Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage


Houston, Texas Permit No. 6217

The Tree of Life by Ellen Orseck

CALENDAR Tzedakah, Teshuvah, & Tefillah


EVENTS September 12 September 26

Envisioning Jerusalem in the Pre-Modern World

October 14*

An Evening with David Grossman

October 18

Boys of Steel

October 24

Exploring Jewish Texas

October 24

Exploring Jewish Music

November 21

Bagels & Grits

December 12

*denotes start date


Sukkot Celebration

COMMUNITY WIDE SUKKOT CELEBRATION Sunday, September 26 • 3:00 to 6:00 PM At the Merfish Teen Center Food, Pony Rides, Petting Zoo, Arts & Crafts and Sports Games Supported by the Jewish Community Center and Synagogues throughout Houston! Stay Tuned for More Information

CJLL Fall 2010 Brochure  

Fall catalog of events and programs of the Jewish Community Center of Houston's Center for Jewish Living and Learning

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