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Center ffor Center or Jewish Jewish Living and Learning L iving a nd L earning

KULANU MINI COURSE OURSES S Women’s B Women’s Beit eit Midr Midrash ash Rabbi Michele F Faudem Faculty Inst: Ins t: Rabbi audem & F aculty 10 Monda ys beginning Oct 4 Mondays 7 :30 – 9:00 PM 7:30 $60m/$ 70p $60m/$70p

Join the Gr Great eat Je Jewish wish Conversation: C onversation: T he Flor ence Melt on The Florence Melton A dult MiniSchool Adult Mini-School

Curious about the Curious Melton Melt on MiniMini-School? School?

The Florence The Florence Melt Melton on A Adult dult MiniMini-School School in invites vites you y ou tto o dis discover cover a w world-class orld-class curriculum curriculum created cr eated b by y scholars scholars and educators educators at T The he Hebrew off Jerus Jerusalem. Hebr ew University University o alem.

Join us ffor or a “T “Taste aste of of Melton”to Melton”to find out if Melt on is righ or y ou. Melton rightt ffor you.

Join us tto o gain a profound profound under standing of of understanding what it me means ans tto o be Je Jewish wish as w we ee explore xplore the ttexts exts o tradition and engage in discussions discussions off our tradition that in vestigate issues issues of of Jewish Jewish thought, thought, though investigate practice, pr actice, ethics ethics and history. history. Classes ar Classes are e 2 hour hourss onc once eaw week eek ffor or 3 30 0w weeks, eeks, from fr om September September through through May. May. Classes Classes are are now now fforming orming ffor or S eptember / October October 2010. 2010. September

T uesday, August August 17 Tuesday, 7 :00 – 8:00 PM 7:00 W eingarten Building Building Weingarten T hursday, A ugust 2 6 Thursday, August 26 9: 30 – 10: 30 AM 9:30 10:30 W eingarten Building Building Weingarten RSVP rrecommended. RSVP ecommended. Please Please contact contact Naomi B arancik at e xt. 3288 3288 or b y Barancik ext. by email at nb tto o p articipate. participate.


HAZ AZON ON’S C CSA SA A AT T THE JC JCC C Hazon C Hazon CommunityommunitySupported S upported A Agriculture griculture Program Pr ogram

Join a gr group oup o off w women omen for for the sstudy tudy o off B Biblical iblical and R Rabbinic abbinic ttexts exts each each Monday Monday night night at our newly ne wly e established stablished Women’s Women’s Beit Beit Midrash. Midrash. The T he W Women’s omen’s B Beit eit Midr Midrash ash is a ne new w initiativ initiative e tto o enc encourage ourage the sstudy tudy o off ttexts. exts. A b basic asic kno wledge o Hebrew is helpful. helpful. knowledge off Hebrew

Does Judaism Does Believe B elieve in K Karma? arma? IInst: nst: Rabbi R abbi Judy Judy Abrams, Abrams, Ph.D. Ph.D Four Wednesdays F our W ednesdays ys beginning Oct 6 7:30 8:30 7 :30 - 8: 30 PM $30m/$40p $ 30m/$40p The Jerusalem Talmud presents extensive T he Jerus alem T almud pr esents many many e xtensive idea off K Karma: energy ttexts exts on the ide ao arma: that the ener gy we energy w e ssend end out is the ener gy that rreturns eturns tto o us.. T This us his class class will examine examine the many many stories stories Jewish and tteachings eachings about Je wish Karma Karma and how how it works. Talmud background Hebrew w orks. No T almud sstudy tudy b ackground or Hebr ew is needed ffor or this class. class. The Jewish Community Center is pleased to partner with Maqom, a school for adult Talmud study, founded and directed by Rabbi Judith Z. Abrams, Ph.D.

((formerly formerly T Tuv uv Ha’ Ha’Aretz) Aretz)

Core Curriculum Core Curriculum Classes Classes Offered Offered at the Follo Following F ollowing L Locations: ocations: Mondays • 9:30 Mondays 9:30 – 11:4 11:45 5 AM Congregation C ongregation Emanu El B eginning S ept 2 0 Beginning Sept 20 Tuesdays • 8:00 – 10:15 AM Tuesdays Emery/Weiner Emery/W Emery /Weiner School School B eginning Oct 5 Beginning Tuesdays • 7 Tuesdays 7:00 :00 - 9:15 PM JCC JC CW Weingarten eingarten B Building uilding Beginning B eginning Oct 5 T hursdays • 9: 30 – 11:45 11:45 AM Thursdays 9:30 JC C Merfish Teen Teen C enter JCC Center Beginning B eginning Oct 7

Fees: F ees: $465 $465 a y year ear ffor or member memberss o off the Je Jewish wish Community Community C Center, enter er,, the Emery Emery/W Emery/Weiner /Weiner School School or C Congregation ongregation Emanu El. $565 $565 a y year ear ffor or the gener general al public. This This cost cost include includess all ttextbooks. extbooks.

Hazon’s Haz on’s C Communit CommunityommunitySupported S upported A Agriculture griculture ((CSA) CSA) Program Pr ogram enable enabless the Je Jewish wish community ccommunit ommunity to to supportt loc suppor local, al, sus sustainable tainable agric agriculture. ulture. It is the first fir st Jewish Jewish C CSA SA Project Project in North North America, America, where wher e individuals pr pre-purchase e-purchase a share share of of a ffarmer’s armer’s pr produce oduce for for an entire entire season. season. The The CSA CSA guarantees guar antees the ffarmer armer a ssecure ecure mark market et and gives giv es member memberss access access to to local, local, organic organic produce produce at ccompetitive ompetitive prices, prices, while helping to to preserve preserve ffarmland armland and build community. community. Members Members pick up their delicious delicious,, fresh fresh produce produce once once a week w from fr om the JC JCC C ffor or the en entire tire gr growing owing sseason. eason. as To rregister To egister for for the 2010 2010 winter winter season, sseason, visit jc or ccontact ontact Jennifer Jennifer Handy at 713 713.729.3200 .729.3200 e ext. xt. 3 3244 244 or jhandy@jc

“””“©“§–›¨“˜—› ©”’‘’§”m“–Ÿ ˜¨˜›¨œ”˜›–“©”¡”¨“¨˜¨ §”—¦”h–““˜¨˜›¨œ”˜›–“©”¡”¨“¨˜¨ [§”Ÿl–”e–§”¡˜¨“˜“˜›\ edmcc–dlmfc“¡¨ $45m/$60p $4 5m/$60p

“§–“ “§–“©˜˜Ÿ§–”¦¡Ÿ“• §”¦©§‘  ©˜˜Ÿ§–”¦¡Ÿ“• §”¦©§‘  a“ a“œ˜˜—˜›”£œ˜ ”£’©”¨‘©“”©˜›§¨˜“ œ˜˜—˜›”£œ˜ ”£’©”¨‘©“”©˜›§¨˜“

“§–“ “§–“›¡©”Ÿ”¨“©”˜›¡“©”¡£¨“©¦”’Ÿ ›¡©”Ÿ”¨“©”˜›¡“©”¡£¨“©¦”’Ÿ mž”‘š mž”‘šœ˜¨”Ÿ¡‘˜Ÿ¢ ”Ÿa“©”¦Ÿ˜ œ˜¨”Ÿ¡‘˜Ÿ¢ ”Ÿa“©”¦Ÿ˜ ƒ˜§¡“ œ˜§¨¡“©”Ÿ¨ ©”Ÿ¨ ˜§¡“’§“ ©”•š”©””¦© ’§“ƒ©”•š” ©””¦©–œ˜§¨¡“

“›¨ “›¨”¨˜˜©”’¡”“˜Ÿ—˜§©”˜Ÿ˜’””¨˜“ ”¨˜˜©”’¡”“˜Ÿ—˜§©”˜Ÿ˜’””¨˜“ a©˜§¡“ ©”§”¦§©˜“ž˜”››š˜’”˜›“˜¡¥ ©”§”¦§©˜“ž˜”››š˜’”˜›“˜¡¥ œ˜—§ ƒœ˜˜©”§£  aœ˜›””œ˜—§  aœ˜›””

Please c Please contact ontact Naomi Barancik Barancik at 713.729.3200, 713.729.3200, ext. ext. 3288 3288 or nb tto o enr enroll oll in an any y of of these these CJLL CJLL programs. programs. All o off the these se pr programs ograms ttake ake plac place e at the Milton Milton Levit Levit Family Family Campus Campus at the Joe W Weingarten eingarten B Building uilding with the e exception xception of of some some of of the Melton Melt on MiniMini-School School loc locations. ations.

Beginning Hebr Beginning Hebrew ew - L Level evel 1 Inst: Ins t: K Karen aren Gr Greenspan eenspan Mondays 10 Monda ys beginning Oct 4 7 :00 – 8: 30 PM 7:00 8:30 $17 5m/$225p $175m/$225p




Grits: Bagels B agels & Grit H ow J ews B uilt a H ome in in the the South South How Jews Built Home

Author A uthor o off To the End of the Land

This in This introductory troductory ccourse ourse is a pr program ogram o off le letter tter rrecognition, ecognition, rreading eading pr proficiency, oficiency, building vocabulary v ocabulary and le learning arning b basic asic phr phrases ases using the Hebr ew ttextbook extbook sseries eries Aleph Isn’t Tough. Hebrew No clas 8. classs 11/ 11/8.

Beginning Hebr Beginning Hebrew ew - L Level evel 3 Inst: Ins t: K Karen aren Gr Greenspan eenspan 10 W Wednesdays ednesdays beginning beginning O Oct ct 6 7:00 7 :00 - 8: 8:30 30 PM $17 5m/$225p $175m/$225p In this ccourse ourse w we e will ccontinue ontinue tto o pr practice actice rreading eading skills and v vocabulary ocabulary building with a ffocus ocus on rreading eading T Torah. orah. No clas 24. classs 11/10 11/10,, 11/ 11/24.

NEW C NEW Conversational onversational Hebr Hebrew ew Inst: Ins t: Naomi B Barancik arancik 10 T Tuesdays uesdays beginning Oct 5 9:30 9: 30 – 10: 10:30 30 AM $117m/$150p This course This course will will teach teach basic, basic, everyday everyday sspoken poken Hebrew. H ebrew. You You will learn learn to to build simple ssentences entences and ha have ve a b basic asic cconversation. onversation. No prior kno knowledge wledge o off Hebr Hebrew ew nec necessary, essary, jus justt a willingness learn. classs 11/ 11/23. willingne ss tto o le arn. No clas 23.

Monday, Oct 18 • 8:00 PM Monday, $10m/$15p From one of From of Israel’s Israel’s most most acclaimed acclaimed writers writers ccomes omes a novel novel of of extraordinary extraordinary power power about ffamily amily life—the life—the greatest greatest human drama—and drama—and off w war. Ora, the ccost ost o ar.. In To the End of the Land Or ar a, a middlemiddle-aged aged Isr Israeli aeli mo mother ther on the v ver verge ge o off her sson’s on’s release release from from army army sservice, ervice, ssets ets out ffor or a hik hike e in the Galilee le leaving aving no fforwarding orwarding in formation for for the soldiers soldiers who might might dark en information darken her door with the w orst po ssible ne ws. Ne ver worst possible news. Never ha ve w e sseen een sso o cle arly a pr esentation o have we clearly presentation off the rreality eality and surr eal o e in Isr ael and the surreal off daily lif life Israel bur dens that fall fall on each each gener ation ane w. burdens generation anew.

Sunday, No Sunday, Nov v 21 • 7 7:00 :00 PM $10m/$15p Jewish Americ Jewish Americans, ans, man many yo off them childr children en off E o Eastern astern E European uropean immigr immigrants, ants, pla played yed an unusually pr prominent ominent role role in the what many many rregard egard as the golden age o off Americ American an oper opera a and music musical al theater. theater. T This his br broad oad surv survey ey off music o musicals als and oper operas as fr from om K Kern ern and Hammerstein’s Hammer stein’s Show Boat (19 (1927) 27) tto oB Bock ock and Harnick Harnick’s ’s Fiddler on the Roof (19 (1964), 64), also als o including w works orks b by y Ger Gershwin, shwin, R Rodgers, odgers, Berlin, B erlin, Weill, Weill, Copland, Copland, Blitzstein Blitzstein and Bernstein, Bernstein, cconsiders onsiders ways ways in which themes themes of of migration, migration, departure, dep arture, arriv arrival, al, as assimilation similation and ut utopia opia inform in form this repertoire. repertoire.

Dr. S Dr. Stuart tuart R Rockoff ockoff will tr trace ace the his history tory o off Je Jews ws South show how adjusted in the S outh and sho w ho w they the adjus ted tto o the culture maintaining rregion’s egion’s unique ccult ure while main ttaining their o wn Je wish tr aditions. He will als oe xplore ho w own Jewish traditions. also explore how the Je Jewish S South outh has been transformed transformed o over ver the las lastt sseveral everal dec decades, ade , with the decline of ades o small-town small-t own ccongregations ongregations and the ris rise eo off lar large ge like Houston. Jewish ccommunities Je ommunities lik ommunitie e Hous Houst on.


Author o Author off Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman Envisioning E nvisioning Jerusalem Jerusalem in the Pre-Modern Pr e-Modern World W 2 2010 010 Annual L Lecture ecture Series Series


Lecture by Lecture by Dr.. Ho Dr Howard ward Pollack, Pollack, John and R Rebecca ebecca Moores Moor es Pr Professor ofessor o off Music at the Moor Moores es School S chool o off Music Music,, University Univ ersity of of Houston Houston

S unda , Dec 12 • 7 unday :30 PM Sunday, 7:30 $10m/$15p



The Golden Age The Age of of American American Musical Music al T Theater heater and the L Legacy egacy off Jewish o Jewish Immigration Immigration

L ecture b y Dr. Dr. S tuart Lecture by Stuart R ockoff, Dir ector Rockoff, Director History o off the History Dep artment at the Department Goldring/W oldenberg Goldring/Woldenberg Ins titute o outhern Institute off S Southern Je wish Lif Life Jewish

$10m/$15p per lect lecture ure $20m/$30p $ 20m/$30p series series erie Sunday, Oct 2 Sunday, 24 4•7 7:30 :30 PM $10m/$15p It’s a Bird! It’s Bird! It’s It’s a Plane! It’s It ’s Siegel and Shuster!: Shuster!: The T he Two Two Jewish Tw Jewish Teens Teens Who Who Created Cr eated Superman Superman Over a ffeverishly Over everishly ho hott 2 24 4 hour hourss in 19 1934, 34, geek geeky y writer writ er Jerry Siegel and ar artist tist Joe Shus Shuster ter dreamed dr eamed up a char character acter who w was as e everything verything they the yw were ere no nott -- and who launched bo both th the superhero superher o genre genre and the ccomic omic book indus industry. try. Did Hitler per personally sonally b ban an S Superman uperman ccomics? omics? Doess S Doe Superman uperman ha have ve a Hebr Hebrew ew name name? ?W Why hy ccouldn’t ouldn’t Joe draw draw on Thursday Thursday nights? nights? In this lively liv ely ttalk, alk, Nobleman shar shares es ssecrets ecrets and rrare, are, unpublished pho photos tos about the creation creation o off the world’s w orld’s fir first st ccomic omic book superher superhero. o o.

The T he Earthly Earthly Jerus Jerusalem: alem: Jude Judean, R oman, and Byzantine Byzantine Remains Remains of of the Roman, Holy Cit City y Lecture L ecture b by y Dr. Dr Shir Shira a Lander Thursday, T hursday, Oct 14 • 8:00 PM Heavenly Jerus Heavenly Jerusalem alem in the De Dead ad Sea Sea Scrolls S crolls and Related Related Literature Literature Lecture L ecture b by y Dr. Dr. Mat Matthias thias Henz Henze Thursday, T hursday, Oct 21 • 8:00 PM Imagining Jerus Jerusalem alem in Lat Late e Medie Medieval val and R Renaissance enaissance Ar Artt L ecture b y Dr. Dr. Diane Wolfthal Wolfthal Lecture by Thursday, T hursday, Oct 28 28 • 8:00 PM The Jewish Community Center, in collaboration with Rice University, has created an annual lecture series presented by faculty associated with the Jewish Studies Program. The T he lect lectures ure ur es will be held at the J Jewish ewish Community C ommunity C Center. enter er.. The series is underwritten by the Maurice Amado Foundation.

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The Center for Jewish Living & Learning

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