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South Lake News Winter 2010

South Lake Middle School • 655 West Yale Loop • Irvine, CA 92614 • (949) 936-6700 •

Principal’s Message Dear Parents: I hope this winter newsletter finds your family healthy, happy, and rested and enjoying the start of our New Year. As we approach the mid-point in our academic year, I would like to share how inspiring and delightful I continue to find our South Lake students. This is truly a marvelous place to come to “work” each day. Having just concluded another holiday season, I would like to share a gift idea that we may all think about and consider, but too often don’t act upon frequently enough. That idea, of course, is to give our kids the gift of our time and attention. While the holidays are already past – this seems like a good time to re-introduce an old idea for a New Year’s resolution. Even though our middle school age kids may at first act a little bit embarrassed or reluctant, the truth is that nothing is as memorable as a parent’s time and undivided attention. It is a flexible gift suitable for any age, schedule and budget. This year, along with the gifts your child may have Principal’s Message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 1 already received, why Mile Challenge Fund Raiser . . . . . . . . . page 2 not ask your child to PTSA President’s Message . . . . . . . . . . page 2 choose an additional Reflections . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 2 gift that will bring you 2009 Fund Raiser Supporters. . . . . . . . . page 3 together for a time you Extended Learning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 4 can all share and smile Counseling Dept. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 4 about in the years to Red Ribbon Week . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 4 come. So, here are Home Hospital Teaching . . . . . . . . . . . . page 4 some personal Principal’s Honor Roll . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 5 favorites that you Asst Principal & South Lake might find rewarding Honor Rolls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 6 – and if your child still Harvest Cup . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 7 seems too reluctant Patriot’s Pen Youth Essay Contest. . . . . page 7 about taking you up Middle School Youth Conference . . . . . page 7 your offer of some Irvine Hoops Classic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 7 good, old-fashioned, “bonding time,” you Irvine Chargers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 7 can always share this Science News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 8 newsletter article and Color Guard Team . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 9 blame it on me. Physical Education News. . . . . . . . . . . . page 9

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For the student interested in art: Plan a visit to a local art exhibit or museum. Over this last year, my wife and I have taken friends to our local Bowers Museum in Santa Ana to see the special exhibits that come to town. We have been incredibly impressed with the

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quality and high interest of the exhibits, and wondered why we haven’t spent more time at this little gem, right in our own backyard. After visiting the museum, browse in the museum gift shop, and let your child select postcards or prints of favorite paintings or items that are on display. For the student who loves to cook (or eat): Offer to help your child plan and prepare a meal or special dessert for the family or friends. You can plan the menu, look up recipes, do the shopping, and then help your child create that favorite gourmet feast. I have been amazed at how much both of my sons have loved cooking and how much fun they have had in putting something special together. The experience can also be a bit hilarious if everyone is in the right mood. For the student who enjoys family games: Buy your student one of those great new board games, or stick to an old favorite like Monopoly or Scrabble. Even if it’s only a simple card game, kids love the opportunity to compete against their parents and other family members. If you want to consider one of the many new computer games on the market, then chose one that’s interactive and involves playing with other members of the family. Just remember to laugh a lot and have fun, and think of some goofy prize for the winner and loser. For the student who enjoys music: Scan the newspapers for local concerts or dinner theater offerings. In Irvine, our high schools offer evening performances that are truly close to professional. Call each high school’s Activities Office for details. Everybody loves music. As a way of staying in touch with my two sons’ musical tastes, when they were young or when they now come back to town, we still make an evening of playing our favorite CDs for each other. And whether I download it off the net or buy a CD on-line (or at one of the few music stores that are left), I ask them to find a compact disc or two that they not only want, but that they think I will enjoy as well. It’s great to come home and listen to the music together. You might be surprised at how much new music is out there that both you and your kids will enjoy. For the student who loves nature: Spend an afternoon with your child at a local nature center or wilderness park – the Turtle Rock Nature Center, Casper’s Park, and the Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary are a few that come to mind. Of course a fishing trip out on one of the Newport Beach or Dana Point fishing boats might not only put food on the table, but an opportunity to observe whales, sharks, seals and sting rays as well. And of course there’s always surfing, and there is hardly a better experience then paddling out with your child, which is an activity that you can continue for years to come. You might want to set up a bird feeder in your yard and give your child a bird identification book. Irvine is located right next to two of the finest bird watching areas in the Western United States – the Upper Newport Bay and the Irvine Marsh. For the student who likes to read – or who should read more: Visit a bookstore together and pick out several books and magazines that your child will enjoy. While looking, try to find some good read aloud material for those long car rides. For the child who’s crazy about sports: The opportunities here are many and can fit any budget. Take in a game at one of our IUSD high (Continued on page 2)

South Lake’s Annual Mile Challenge Fund Raiser The Seventh Annual South Lake Mile Challenge Fund Raiser is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, February 23, 2010. The Mile Challenge is held as an opportunity for students and staff to improve their cardiovascular and muscular endurance while raising much-needed funds for South Lake! On February 23, during their physical education classes, students will run one mile in preparation for their final physical fitness tests later this spring. On this special day, in addition to running the mile and improving upon their “personal best” times for the year, students also participate in fundraising by donating “pledges” they have collected for this event. Proceeds from the Mile Challenge will support our physical education program, lunch time sports program, academic competitions, technology support and other engaging curriculum enrichment activities at South Lake. Students who participate in the fundraiser will have an opportunity to win some great raffle prizes! Your student will be receiving more information about the Mile Challenge and raffle soon. South Lake would also like to give a very special thanks to our PTSA, especially Mile Challenge Committee Chairs Carol Howard and Brenda Manos, along with our parent volunteers for helping to make our fundraiser a success. We look forward to a great day of fun and exercise!

Principal’s Message (Continued from page 1) schools, or go to one of the many professional games located nearby. Of course, you can always watch an important game on television together. And even if your child plays for one of the many Irvine sports leagues, still insist that you both set aside time for some parent/child play time – whether basketball, baseball, soccer, football or tennis. (I use to tell my sons that they could only play on a sport’s team if they still set aside time just to play with me.) Thanks for letting me share some favorite ideas. On behalf of the entire South Lake staff, we wish you all a healthy and joyous New Year full of the most precious gift of all – a time of laughter and sharing with your child. Sincerely,

Bruce Baron Principal    2

PTSA Reflection Contest his year’s PTSA Reflections Program was a great success. There were over 1,000 student entries throughout the Irvine Unified School District. The theme, Beauty is…, was represented by the students of South Lake with entries in these three categories: literature, photography, and visual arts. In literature, Catherine Manning placed 1st with her entry entitled, “Haiku,” Chuli Zeng took 2nd place with her entry entitled, “What is Beauty?” For photography, Keely Hamilton placed 1st with her entry entitled, “Make a Wish,” and Ryne Nakama took 2nd with her entry entitled, “Beauty is Nature.” Lastly, in the visual arts category, Bryan Jun placed 1st with his entry entitled, “The Prominent Player,” Rae Holcomb took 2nd with her entry entitled, “Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder,” and Alitzel Coll took 3rd with her entry entitled, “Beautiful Swans.” Congratulations go out to all who participated in this year’s program! Thank you to Kari Hamilton and Deinyell Vollucci for coordinating this activity for our students.


PTSA President’s Message Welcome back from Winter Break! At South Lake we are so fortunate to have a winning combination of dedicated staff, talented students and enthusiastic parents. As we begin a new year, it’s amazing to look back and see all that we have already accomplished by working together. Many thanks are due to Maureen Parker and Carol Howard for all of their hard work with our Direct Donation Drive. Our drive was a huge success, with our South Lake families contributing over $18,000 with the highest participation percentage we’ve ever had. We are grateful to you all! In upcoming PTSA events, our student participation event, The Mile Challenge will take place on Tuesday, February 23rd. For this fundraiser, students will collect donations and then run the mile during their individual PE periods. Money raised from this event will be used immediately to support school activities and programs. Students will have an opportunity to win some great prizes for collecting donations. Watch for a packet of information to come home in February. To update everyone on PTSA News, the nominating process for the 2010-2011 PTSA Board is currently underway. Lori Beresini is our Parliamentarian and would love to hear from you if you are interested in being an officer or committee chair. Any of the current officers or chairs would be happy to tell you about their position. Give them a call. Their names and numbers are in the front of our school directory and on the South Lake website. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to make a difference for South Lake and your child. We are always looking for new faces and fresh ideas! Also, mark your calendar for the upcoming parent night with School Board President Sharon Wallin on Wednesday, March 3rd at 7:00 p.m. As some of you may know, the Irvine school district is looking at another level of unprecedented cuts in the budget. Sharon is not only this year’s school board President but also was the first PTSA President at South Lake when it opened. As a result she has a special place in her heart for South Lake and its parents, staff and students. Come join us for an informal discussion on what is going on at the district level and how your child’s education might be impacted. Finally, everyone is invited to attend the next general PTSA meetings which will take place on Wednesday, February 24, 2010 at 9:00 am. We will meet at South Lake in the Professional Conference Room. Once again, thank you for making South Lake such an amazing place for our children to grow and learn. Sincerely, Cathy Haney South Lake PTSA, President

A Huge

Thank You

To our Direct Donation Fund Raiser Supporters It is with sincere appreciation that we thank and recognize the contributors to our Direct Donation Drive. Together, we raised over $18,000 dollars to be used for programs that directly benefit our South Lake Middle School students. Our school is so very fortunate to have such a wonderful community of caring and dedicated supporters. In addition to 41 donors who wish to remain anonymous, we thank: Adam Chandler’s Family Ahmady Family Aidee Suarez Alan & Rosita Peterson Alex & Sainab Owenati Amir Asgarynejad & Ladan Kamalal Ana Nelson’s Family Andrew Hong’s Family Antonio & Aurora Gomez Arlin & Allison Neser Babayi Family Bahram Esfahan & Regina Lopez Balboa Brands Bonnie Sharp Boyul Kim’s Family Breckenridge Family Bryant & Ay Geary Carters Chad Sharp David & Jeremy Hellier David Baker David Guhin’s Family Debbie & Michael Sagorin Deinyell Vollucci Diana Tabata Diane Jeshurin Dsng Trinh Eriko Yoshida Eru Dikic & Savas Dikici Fator Family Frei Family, Teresa & Michael Girlie & Aurelio Yu Gloria Lo Hardcastle Family Hongsup & Hyebin Kang Hussam & Danielle Darwish Ian & Alicia Lepatan Ira & Barbara Forkish Irene Kort & William Ugaide Jain Family James Ulwelling Jessica Cassese Jiwoo Famil John & Marie Park Jonathan Grahl’s Family Jong-Lay & Woo Suk Cho Joseph & Jan Terranova Joseph Paiva Joy & Jonah Bonner Justin Park’s Family K. Ebrahamian Kai Ming Shang & Yue-Qin Yao Karen Blurton Katie Mukai’s Family Keely Hamilton’s Family Kelli Robinson’s Family Kent & Bebelyn Egenberger

Khoi Trinh Kiana Panbechi’s Family Kimberley Briley Kimberly Law Koan Hoang-Lassa Kyeung Kim Lam Trinh Lee & Oh Family Lien Chelsea Brandon Luis Eduardo & Dawn Ramirez Lynn & Jeff Krueger M. Tadahide Kadono Makhi Hornyak’s Family Manos Family Maria Park Maria-Lourdes Zamora Marie and Jim Formby Masafumi Naka Michael and Toni Lavacot Mike & Arlene Stokes Morteza Yadollahi Mr. Akihiko Muto Mr. Eran Viner Mr. Frank Gu Mr. Jeral Herbert Mr. Kulasekaran Dasarathan Mr. Monalito Soifua Mr. Nobuo Yoshino Mr. Parveez Shaikh Mr. Parviz Arefian Mr. Sheik Shahabudeen Mr. Thomas Nguyen Mr. Wen-Ching Chang Mrs. Anna-Liza Tupas Mrs. Kathy Ensaf Mrs. Serina Dutcher-Centers Mrs. Tammie Foliaki Ms. Nancy Turner Econom Ms. Tracie Robeck Naima Arifi Nancy McGinn Nicholas Irvine’s Family Nicole & Maria Bates Nora Griego Orlando & Caridad Salonga Pamela & Bryan Brundell Parker Hannifin Foundation Paul & Michong Kim Penny Sandzimier Peter & Peggy Ammermann Phil-Joong/Sekyung Price Family Rae Holcomb’s Family Ray & Jennifer Diaz Reza Yadollahi Romy & Dinah Brucal Rose Sanders

Ruben & Monica Rojas Rukshana Manely Ryan Leuteritz’s Family Sachin & Madhuri Datar Salem Family Sam and Mary Su Sam Hasday’s Family Sangun Cho & Kyunghee Han Saqib Bokhari Sara Hasday’s Family Sarah Hood’s Family Schultz Family Sharon Graham Shelly Van Amburg Sherwin Ruoff Sierra Langager’s Family Sophia Seo’s Family Squyres Family Sue and J.D. Fallon Takayuki Hori & Cathy Chou Talia Azadian’s Family Tatiana Mojica’s Family Te Schneble Family Teresa Ho’s Family Teresa Yadollahi Terri Kerr The Abe Family The Alonzo Family The Aminian Family The Astrup Family The Ayala Family The Badea Family The Bartell Family The Beresini Family The Branin Family The Branin Family The Brown Family The Bruss Family The Bruss Family The Bushey Family The Chang Family The Chen Family The Chiha Family The Christensen Family The Clayfield Family The Dallas Family The Dingess Family The Duke Family The Eisendrath Family The Falcone’s The Feinerman Family The Fitzgerald Family The Franklin Family The Fukase Family The Ghummans The Giberson Family The Goheen Family

The Griffin Family The Haney Family The Hartmayer Family The Hattori Family The Howard Family The Howard Family The Hozumi Family The Kerr Family The King Family The Klopfer Family The Lark Family The Leigh Family The Lenardson Family The Lenney Family The Manning Family The Manship/McNatt Family The Manship/McNatt Family The Merritt Family The Milligan Family The Mindiak Family The Mishra Family The Muller Family The Myong Family The Nakama Family The Nguyen Family The Nino Family The Numamoto Family The O’Keefe Family The Omiya Family The Pan Family The Parker Family The Ragland Family The Reidy Family The Sadlik Family The Schiazzano Family The Schiller Family The Sheparovich Family The Stallings Family The Suh Family The Taylor Family The Tran Family The Tsai Family The Tully Family The Ulwelling Family The Verma Family The Vliss Family The Ward Family The Zhuang Family Todd & Judy Silverberg Tom Rossi Tony & Dana Fahr Vickie Sine Vickie Sine Vincent Le’s Family Wagh Famil Wonbin Jo’s Family Xiao Nan Liang 3

Counseling and Guidance Department The South Lake Counseling Department continues to expand its Guidance program to include presentations on Goal Setting, calculating grade point averages, reading a transcript, high school preparedness, career awareness, cyber-bulling, effective study skills and test taking strategies. This month, counselors, Mrs. Kaminsky and Mrs. Holcomb, met with all eighth graders to review the process of transitioning to high school and to explore school to career opportunities. Using California Career Zone , eighth grade students took interest inventories and garnered information on high school pathways and career options Guidance lessons reviewing Test Taking, Internet Safety and Career Education are planned later in the school year. The South Lake Counseling and Guidance Department hopes that these varied classroom activities provide ALL students with essential information to assist them both academically and socially.

Extended Learning South Lake Middle School offers an Extended Learning program that assists students who are academically at risk or need additional support. Students who have not yet scored at the proficient level on standardized tests in mathematics or reading, or who are not making satisfactory progress in these subject area classes, qualify for Extended Learning opportunities. Many South Lake students have been attending after school classes since early fall and continue to make progress towards proficiency as they take advantage of this opportunity. There is no charge for Extended Learning classes, although consistent attendance is imperative. Our classes meet weekly and are taught by credentialed South Lake staff. If you are interested in finding out more about Extended Learning, please contact the school counselor, Lynn Kaminsky at 949.936.6713.

South Lake Middle School Red Ribbon Week South Lake celebrated Red Ribbon Week during the month of October. Students participated in a variety of activities including student pledges to be drug free and activities focusing on healthy choices. Additionally, several of our students participated in both the Red Ribbon art and essay contests. Honorable mentions went to: Catherine Kang, Joanne Kim, Tristan Lee-Jones, Bryan Jun, Sara Sarpas and Eugene Lee. Our finalists, Chuli Zeng, Sara Zhara, Katie Eisendrath, Neha Sheik and Ty Christensen, were honored at Irvine City Hall. The ASB leadership class and our City of Irvine Youth Action Team (YAT) also planned additional lunchtime activities encouraging healthy choices.


IUSD In-Home and Hospital Teaching Due to Illness or Injury Occasionally, students fall victim to a serious illness or sustain a serious injury during the school year. When this occurs and it is anticipated that the affliction will keep the student out of school for a period of three-weeks or longer, the parent or guardian should contact the school and inquire about In-Home and Hospital (H&H) Teaching Services. If H&H teaching is deemed appropriate, the parent/guardian and school principal (or their designee) will complete fully their portion of the H&H Teaching Request Form and the parent will take the Request Form to the student’s attending medical doctor for completion. A critical step in the process: the parent must secure the medical doctor’s full completion of the Request Form and immediately deliver the original document to the H&H Teaching Services Office for home teaching services to be initiated. Incomplete requests will delay initiation of H&H Teaching. The H&H Teaching Services administrator must review and approve all requests for H&H Teaching Services. If the request is approved, the office staff assigns a specific teacher to provide services, notifies the school office of the initiation of H&H Teaching, and notifies the parent. The H&H Teacher then contacts the parent to arrange an appointment schedule with the student and parent in the home. Additionally, the H&H Teacher contacts the student’s neighborhood school teacher(s) to acquire appropriate instructional materials, lessons for the period of the student’s absence, and any additional guidance or directions. The H&H Teacher’s primary role: serve as a conduit between the student’s teacher(s) and the student to guide, assist, and instruct the student with their studies during their absence from class(es). The goals of H&H Teaching are two-fold: 1) to help keep the student current with their studies while they are absent from class(es); and, 2) to facilitate a smooth transition back into class(s) at the end of the absence. Another critical step at the end of the process: the parent must secure the attending physician’s completion of the Physician’s Release to Return to School indicating the student can return to school and with whatever limitations or accommodations, if any, the student and school must adhere to upon the student’s release from H&H teaching and return to school. A special note: Students on H&H Teaching are actually withdrawn from the neighborhood school during the time of their absence and placed on the H&H Teaching Services roll. This action is done in accordance with State of California attendance-keeping practices; however, it does not sever the relationship of the student with their neighborhood school and teacher(s). The H&H Teaching Services Office is located on the Creekside Education Center campus at 3387 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, CA 92606.

Principal’s Honor Roll These students qualified for the principal’s Honor Roll for the 1st trimester of 2009-2010. These students earned a grade point average of 4.0. This is a remarkable accomplishment! Congratulations! Hideyuki Adachi Krystal Mae Aldaca Christian Alonte Alexander Babayi Anthony Badea Emilie Birchler Madison Bradley Dylan Bruss Trevor Bushey Michaela Canlas Kayla Cassese Breana Cervantes Ali Chaudhary Catherine Chen Benjamin Chen Ty Christensen Brahmam Chunduri Jessica Dallas Sana Datar Amit David Katelyn Eisendrath Aleene El-Khoury Nicole Gentile Tinarpan Ghumman Min Dao Goheen Sierra Griffin Kevin Gu Yalda Haidrey Keely Hamilton Mackenzie Haney James Hardcastle Sagiv Hartmayer Sara Hasday Ibuki Hattori Gavin Heim Jang-Hwan Hong Andrew Hong Ayaka Hozumi Jun Sang Hwang Miki Ikoma

Tahlil Islam Aashi Jain Mona Jajieh Jae Hyun Jang Wonbin Jo Jong Min Jun Shinya Kadono Catherine Kang Mi Hyeon Kang Sarah Kent Nika Khoobiyary Yewon Kim Joanne Kim Sharon Kim Boyul Kim Lauren Kim Robert King Jennifer Kodia Yuta Kondo James Lavacot Quoc Viet Le Eugene Lee Anna Lenney Charisse Lo Alexei Mc Allister Shayan Mehrshahi Nicole Millado Madeline Milligan Belinda Mo Katharine Mukai Ayana Murakami Catherine Myong Nahoko Naka Nicolaus Neser Kaitlin Nguyen Kimberly Nguyen Romina Nouri Scott Numamoto Jethro Ray Ogena Samantha Omiya

Kiana Panbechi Joseph Park Elisabeth Park Ji Ah Park Divya Prajapati Sojung Pyun Hannah Ragland Claire Reidy Roberto Rojas Chandler Ruoff Romi Sadlik Isaac Salvatierra Johnathan Schiazzano Chelsea Seelig Larisa Sheparovich Chris Shin Austin Sly Huimin Song Lauren Su Andrea Suh Ryan Taylor Snaheth Thumathy Alexander Tran Anna Nicole Tupas Kylie Turi Kalina Velikova Mahima Verma Thorvaldur Vilhjalmsson Julius Vo Nicholas Vollucci Catherine Vu Adam Weiner Courtney Widerman Yasmine Yadollahi Risa Yoshida Alyssa Mykee Yu Chuli Zeng Lucy Zhuang Belma Zigic


Assistant Principal’s Honor Roll These students qualified for the assistant principal’s Honor Roll for the 1st trimester of the 2009-2010 school year. These students earned a grade point average of 3.5 to 3.9. Congratulations on your fantastic work! Ramin Aminian Amir Aref Arefian Carolyn Astrup Talia Azadian Tianna Barton Parmida Behmardi Kalantari Peyton Beresini Ben Berkow Jonah Bonner Brandy Bowman Tyler Branin Casey Branin Christine Breckenridge Ellison Briley Lauren Brown Jan Brucal Adelle Bunch Analis Carrillo Adam Chandler Reilly Chang Chih-Sen Chang Andrea Chiha Shang Qing Chuah Alexa Clayfield Taaj Darwish Alexandra Dingess Timothy Dinh

Jacob Duke Seth Dunn Adrian Eastman Heather Egenberger Ryan Eisendrath David Esquibel nthony Falcone Malalai Fazilat Eliana Feinerman Joshua Foliaki Madeline Franklin Taiga Fukase Christopher Garibay Chayla Gedega Leandra Gharabegi Nicholas Giberson Sara Graham Wesley Heston Brandon Hightower Teresa Ho Alexandra Hoevelkamp Rae Holcomb Sarah Hood Emily Hori Alexander Howard Hannah Howard Ching Hsi

Leo Hyodo Nicholas Irvine Kyle Ito Corey Ito Iman Jaberi Arad Javaheri Zoie Johnson Raza Khataw Hamza Khwaja Kathleen Killion Suk Kim Hannah Kim Dong Woo Kim Yeon Ju Kim Daniel Kim Jessica Kim Ye Jin Kim Armand Kirshman Jared Klopfer Shlok Kulasekaran Sierra Langager Khalia Lark Vincent Thien-Tri Le Seo Lee Alexander Lee Seoho Lee Hyun Lee Tristan Lee-Jones

Taylor Leigh Michael Lin Ethan Lynch Makeez Manely Catherine Manning Emily Manos Dallin Mask Megan Merritt Michael Mindiak Brian Moghaddam Tatiana Mojica Isaiah Montenegro Emely Morales Jazmine Moreno Claire Nagel Ryne Nakama Anastassia Nelson Brian Ngo James Ngo Cindy Nguyen Lina Nguyen Kevin Nguyen Juan Nino Andrew Nomura Sydney Oda Yoo Na Oh Morgan O'Keefe Gabriela Olmedo

Lizzette Olvera Reya Owenati Maggie Pan Justin Park Yae Eun Park Michelle Parker Darren Parkison Alan Peterson Khanh Linh Phan Inna Pishenko Ashlind Price Star Prince Michael Pritchett Tristan Ramirez Abrahim Razzak Peter Rossi Sabrina Routher Megan Rupard Mahtab Sakiani Kyle Salem Erica Salonga Samantha Sandzimier Sara Sarpas Jennifer Schiller Rachel Schneble Jennifer Schultz Heejeong Seo Lydia Shahid

Tzu-Hsuan Shan Neha Sheik Nadia Sine Laree Soifua Karen Sous Colin Squyres Janani Srinivasan Samantha Stephens Matthew Sun Isabel Szkiba Michelle Thorlund Jessica Tsai Elise Ulwelling Roger Villanueva Evelyn Villanueva Dean Viner Julian Vliss Jalen Ward Aria Yadollahi Rhiannon Yager Paul Yang Hong Yoon Sakiko Yoshino Nerwel Zhao Sarah Zhara

South Lake’s Honor Roll These students qualified for the South Lake Honor Roll for the 1st trimester of 2009-2010, earning a grade point average of 3.0 to 3.49, and no more than one "N" and no "U" in citizenship and work habits. Congratulations! Daisuke Abe Matthew Abrams Vasila Ahmad Leyla Akansel Ryan Alonzo E. Henry Ammermann Ansh Arora Deziree Ayala Atawulla Azimi Michael Baker Zachary Bartell Jovan Berry Gabrielle Bozmarov Truman Brown Ariel Bruss Alyssa Camarena Kevin Chavez


Corey Cheser George Cheung Tamara Chiha Hyun Cho Alitzel Coll Zion Crosby Selen Dikici Hiram Dunn Rachel Eichelberger Tatiana Estrada Thomas Fallon Kelly Fator Timothy Ferido Breanna Fitzgerald Nicolas Foguet Noah Forkish Nicholle Frei

Anthony Galustyan Michael Garcia Jonathan Grahl David Guhin John Henderson Mariah Jackson Kristofer Jati Madeline Jeshurin Haley Jewell Clarissa Jurado Valentin Kaigorodtsev Rachel Kelly Andrea Kerr Rayna Kerr Bakhtiar Khataw Louis Kim Parker Kirsten

Caitlyn Krueger Folasade Lawal Heather Lenardson Ryan Leuteritz Laura Lodin Aaron Mandler Kristen Marshall Jefferson Mc Linden Courtney Mc Natt Jessy Melchior David Mendoza Aarya Mishra Briannan Mitchell Kyle Mohan Emily Moon Kiyan Mullen Dara Muller

Quinton Murray-Conn Shamsedeen Nahidi Nathan Nguyen Irma Ortega Fatima Pineda London Pinkney Natasha Pishchenko Dion Rad Austin Rae Walid Rahyab Marissa Remington Ivanna Rodriguez Gabi Sagorin Elijah Saldana Rachael Savage Alexander Sherman Austin Silva

Nicholas Sine Andrew Sjostrand Anastasia Smith Matthew Sparks Benjamin Stallings John Stevens Jake Strand Aaron Suzuki Amanda Tarwater Dylan Tran Emily Tran Tanner Twork Omar Uraizee Rishabh Wig Sephora Zinzun

South Lake Athletes Score Big in Annual Harvest Cup Soccer Tournament South Lake students put in an outstanding performance while participating in this year’s Annual Harvest Cup Soccer Tournament. Our students came in with great attitudes as they gave up some of their valuable “after-school” time to participate in organized practices. We would especially like to thank Coaches Teresa Frei and Parveez Shaikh for supporting our athletes and in creating lasting memories for our soccer players in this year’s tournament. We want to extend huge congratulations to our girls for winning the Harvest Cup this year. With their awesome playing skills, they took the gold by beating Lakeside 3-0 and Rancho 3-1. South Lake Girls Team members were: Mena Ahmad, Carolyn Astrup, Lauren Brown, Jessi Dallas, Katie Eisendrath, Nicholle Frei, Grayson Galbraith, Sierra Griffin, Kenzie Haney, Brittany Jenkins, Hannah Howard, Andrea Kerr, Anastassia Nelson, Sami Sandzimier, and Lydia Shahid. South Lake wishes to extend a special thank you to Anna Chin for assisting Coach Frei. Our South Lake Boys Team played with tenacity and skill as well. South Lake Boys Team members were: Truman Brown, Taaj Darwish, Taiga Fukase, Kyle Mohan, Jake Strand, Shinya Kadono, Ryan Eisendrath, Gavin Heim, Eugene Lee, Shayan Mehrshahi, Bazil Shaikh, Ben Berkow, and Colin Squyres. Our boys made South Lake proud by their excellent play and great sportsmanship. Congratulations to all of our athletes for games well played!

South Lake Girls Participate in the 2009 Irvine Hoops Classic This fall, South Lake Middle School students showed their talent in the 2009 Irvine Hoops Classic Basketball Tournament. Our 7th/8th girls’ team participated in the 2009 Irvine Hoops Classic Girls division. The team was coached by Bur Robinson with players: Maddie Franklin, Kaitlin Nguyen, Kelli Robinson, Breanna Ferentz, Ashley Sanchez, Laura Lodin, Sade Lawal and Andrea Kerr. Congratulations on the great playing and taking second place in the tournament!

South Lake Student Honored by Irvine Chargers The Irvine Chargers is one of 26 teams that make up the Orange County Jr. AllAmerican Football and Cheer league. Each year, each city chapter has the ability to honor its own players who demonstrate a commitment to both football and education. The Irvine Chargers believes it is very important to not only emphasize success as an athlete, but to reward a child’s demonstrated commitment to education. Each year, players turn in their report cards and their attendance and academic achievement is reviewed. Two players from each Irvine Chargers football team and cheer squad are selected who exemplify excellent scholastic representatives for our city, and they are nominated to the Orange County Jr. All-American Football All-Scholastic team. It is a huge honor, recognizing commitment, achievement, and pride.

Middle School Youth Conference

We are very proud that for the second year in a row, South Lake student Nick Neser, was selected to be on the 26-city All-Scholastic team.

On November 12th, the City of Irvine and the Irvine Unified School District collaborated to host the 6th annual Middle School Youth Conference. The conference brought together over 250 students from each of the city’s seven middle schools for a day-long program focusing on the essential role youth play in creating a healthy community. Students attended workshops that included Preventing Violence, Positive Choices, Diversity in Leadership and Fitness.

South Lake Student Wins California Patriot’s Pen Youth Essay Writing Contest

School district and city staff were responsible for the design, development and production of the event. Student participants returned to their school sites with ideas for future student activities and events to strengthen our positive school culture. Special thanks to the Irvine Public Schools Foundation, the City of Irvine and IUSD Guidance Resources Safe Schools for supporting this program.

Congratulations to Chuli Zeng, who was selected as the winner of the State’s Patriot Pen Youth Essay Writing Contest. The essay contest is sponsored annually by the California Department of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States. As the contest winner, Chuli and her family were flown to the VFW Mid-Winter Conference and Awards Banquet in Sacramento, where Chuli was presented with her award on January 22. Congratulations Chuli. You make us proud. 7

Science News Seventh Grade Science In December, 65 of our seventh grade students attended a Career Science Options Conference at UCI, organized by IUSD for middle school students. Students were able to select 4 workshops to attend based on their personal interests. Workshop presenters included professors, scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and medical doctors. Career fields discussed included astronomy, environmental education, forensics, geology, medicine, entomology, aeronautics, genetics, and engineering. Each presenter shared details of his/her interests and inspiration to pursue science, his/her education and career path, as well as specifics about his/her job working in the field of science today. Students who attended the conference were excited to learn about these exciting career opportunities and agreed it was time well spent. All seventh graders have been studying Genetics and DNA during the first part of the 2nd trimester. Topics that will soon be covered include Evolution and the History of Life on Earth, as well as a unit on the Structure and Function of Living Things in which the students will explore light and the nervous system. In the latter part of the trimester, students will have the opportunity to perform an actual dissection, as well as a DNA extraction. During the upcoming third trimester, students will be introduced to concepts in the Science & Health curriculum, such as nutrition, substance abuse prevention and human growth and development.

Eighth Grade Science Eighth grade science students have just finished their unit on chemistry, in which they learned about the atom, the periodic table, some of the basic chemical reactions, and what part carbon plays in living systems. During this section, students created an element square that displayed many fun facts about the element. They also had fun learning about acid and base reactions, and finally, students had to connect what they have learned in chemistry with what they learned last year in Life Science. In the coming weeks, students will finish reviewing metric conversions and dimensional analysis and begin to learn about speed, velocity, and acceleration in our Physics unit. One activity they will enjoy is the “Speed Challenge,” where they will find the speed of various activities such as hopping, walking backward, and speed walking. Soon students will begin studying and using mathematical formulas to describe forces and motion as part of their Physics unit. At the end of the unit, the students will have fun designing, building, and testing their own roller coasters!

Science Enrichment Science Fair is a great way for students to use their deductive skills to explore concepts in a field of science that interests them. Science Fair students have been working on their projects since early October. This year’s Science Fair will be held Wednesday, March 3rd at Northwood High School. All entries were due to each student’s science teacher by Wednesday, January 27th, 2010. Many of our Science Fair students have also participated in the 8-week PTSA-sponsored After School program, Science Fair Whiz Kids, to further enhance their skills at completing a Science Fair project with more individualized and in-depth teacher instruction. In addition, many students also participated this year in Science Fair Day, in which students were provided time in the Library Media Center during the school day to do research on their project and get individual assistance from the science teachers. An added bonus for several of the participants in Science Fair Day this year was receiving a free project board for their Science Fair project, courtesy of a generous donation of project boards to SLMS from the Synopsys Silicon Valley Science & Technology Outreach Foundation in San Rafael, CA. This event was such a success last year, that the Science Department increased Science Fair Day to 2 half-day work days this year. Several students remarked, “Having time like this to work on our Science Fair project at school during Science Fair Day was great! It was very helpful having one-on-one time with the science teachers to get our questions answered about our projects.” This year, twenty SLMS students will have the chance to compete at the IUSD District Science Fair. If selected at the District level, some may have the opportunity to continue competing, first at the county level at the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair, and then, perhaps on to the California State Science Fair competition in Los Angeles. Best of luck to all of our Science Fair participants! Astounding Inventions is another great way for students to incorporate their creativity and inventive abilities into everyday life. Astounding Inventions is a voluntary competition open to both 7th and 8th grade students, where students create an original invention or modify an existing invention, all designed to solve a common, everyday problem. SLMS will be sending nine student projects to the competition this year created by four 8th grade students and five 7th grade students. The Astounding Inventions competition will be held at Irvine Valley College on Saturday, January 30, from 9 AM to 1 PM. Best of luck to all of these students at the competition! Students of A Greener Tomorrow, a new pilot after-school program funded by a grant through IPSF, have been creating the change they want to see in our environment. In the 1st Trimester, students split into two teams, with both teams focused on creating a website to educate the public and our community about local ecological issues. One group focused on the importance of picking up after our dogs. Leftover dog waste makes its way into our city’s run-off water, our creeks, and ultimately, our oceans which lead to a host of other problems. The second student team built a website regarding proper disposal of household hazardous wastes, and spoke about the importance of recycling to a class of 6th graders at an elementary school. Currently, the students are working on educating the student body on the importance of replacing “disposable” recyclable materials with items that can be safely reused for prolonged periods of time and thereby reducing energy and material usage.


Physical Education News Family Life Parent Preview Night On Thursday, March 11, 2010 at 6:30 P.M., the South Lake Science/Health Department will present an overview of our Family Life Unit in the Library Media Center. All seventh grade parents are invited to attend this informational meeting. Family Life is taught throughout the district as part of the seventh grade science curriculum and includes the topics of human reproduction and adolescent development. The curriculum is biology based with an emphasis on abstinence and good decision-making.

First trimester was quite successful for South Lake physical education students. Students participated in racket sports, a mamba ball tournament, became proficient volleyball players, and developed strong football skills. As a main component to our fitness driven program, all students run routinely to strengthen their health and fitness. Students record their mile times each month in their student planners so that they are able to track their cardiovascular progress. The South Lake Miler Club provides students with an extra incentive. Students can earn a blue shirt for a seven-minute mile (girls only), a purple shirt for a six-minute mile, and a red shirt for a time of 5:59 or lower. South Lake students are challenging themselves to improve their personal fitness levels. We currently have 215 students participating in the Miler Club. Parents are encouraged to motivate their children to run on their own to prepare themselves for the March fitness testing.

If you have any questions, please call Ms. Ahnn or Ms. Chambers in our seventh grade science department or you can contact Lynn Kaminsky, our school counselor.

South Lake Students Perform on Color Guard Team Color Guard is a team activity that involves spinning flags and “rifles”, but also includes dance. Some may know a little bit about Color Guard from watching the half-time shows at the local high school football games. Being a part of the middle school color guard is a great way to meet people with the same interests and to also establish memorable friendships before entering high school. Joining the middle school color guard also gives an advantage to our students who may want to be a part of a high school color guard in the future. Members of our South Lake Color Guard Team include McKenna Jones, Michelle Su, Ashley Lopez, Leah Perez, Claire Nagel, Sierra Langager, Nerwel Zhao and Kalina Velikova.

During the second trimester, physical education units will include basketball, fitness center and fitness test conditioning. Our fitness center is now up and running. It provides a unique learning environment that allows for a variety of fitness related activities. Students will participate in step aerobics, resistance training, low impact aerobics, floor mat workouts and much more! Health/fitness topic lessons will be integrated daily. South Lake is very fortunate to have this state of the art fitness center. In addition, all students are preparing for fitness testing in March by running daily to improve their conditioning. South Lake fitness patches will be awarded to all students after they complete the six fitness tests as part of our fitness driven program. Last year, 91% of our South Lake students scored in the Healthy Fitness Zone for the six fitness tests that we administer each year. The fitness standards represent a level of fitness that protects against diseases resulting from inactive living. It is our goal that students will learn healthy habits and make good personal health choices that will last a lifetime. Our lunchtime sports program continues to be an important part of our culture at South Lake Middle School. We started off the year with a “Mamba Ball” tournament. Next, our students participated in a volleyball tournament. Both of these tournaments concluded with playoffs and medals for all students on our top teams. The South Lake football tournament began in January. Captains were chosen and a draft was held to pick teams for this very popular tournament. Over 170 students have signed up to play in this annual tournament! Promoting sportsmanship and fair play is our main emphasis during our lunchtime intramural sports program.


Intro to Spanish and Spanish 1 Three weeks into the new trimester, students in the Intro to Spanish class, which is a trimester class, have learned the Spanish alphabet, the vocabulary and expressions that go with the themes of Color and Greetings. They learned these by watching Power Points, completing many worksheets, playing games and doing projects to practice them. By the end of the trimester, students will have learned the following thematic vocabulary and expressions: Numbers, Telling Time, Days & Months, Seasons and Weather, Body Parts, Clothing, Action Verbs and Adjectives, all of which will help them greatly in Spanish 1. Students also did a cultural project, called Flor de Fiesta (party flower), which is used in Mexico as party decoration, much like our paper chain decoration. Students also had 3 mini social studies lessons by watching a Power Point to learn all about Argentina and two movies to learn about Mexico and Spain’s rich histories and cultures. They filled out information sheets for these countries and colored the countries on a world map and colored their flags. Time permitting, we will try and learn about all 21 Spanish-speaking countries. The students in Spanish 1 started the second trimester studying vocabulary and grammar associated with arriving at school and going to classes. Previously they had learned the vocabulary of greetings, telling dates and time, names of seasons, adjectives, numbers, school subjects, nationalities, shopping for school supplies and clothing. Students continue writing their autobiography in Spanish, adding to it with every chapter. At the end of the first trimester students were filmed during their oral presentation titled: The Fashion Show. This presentation is only one of the many wonderful projects the students have done so far in Spanish 1. Because technology is such an important part of education today, and it is used extensively in all Spanish classes, students will soon be attending the computer lab to use the many External Links on the Spanish 1 Blackboard site to practice the vocabulary and grammar of Spanish 1. They will also be using technology to do some of their grammar and vocabulary projects. The units that we will be studying for the rest of the year are: food, restaurant, supermarket shopping, family, home life, sports, health, travel, and daily routines. Students will be doing a variety of activities including projects, skits and oral presentations while studying the vocabulary and grammar structures associated with these chapters. The oral presentations will be done in groups, as well as individually, and will be filmed by the students so everyone can enjoy them and learn from them. Some of the projects will be done by hand and some by computer, using Power Points, etc. to familiarize the students with technology and prepare them for high school. All of the wonderful student work will be displayed for everyone to enjoy on the class bulletin board as well as during the Open House. Come by and see how amazing South Lake Middle School students are!

EACH ONE…TEACH ONE Community Notice of Qualified Staff (Official Title 1 Attestation Notice) We are pleased to report that for the 2009-2010 school year, 100% of the teachers at our school are “highly qualified” as defined by the federal No Child Left Behind law. Federal law gives parents the right to request information about the certification of teaching staff. Please direct your inquiries to Principal Bruce Baron.


The PTSA sponsored program, EACH ONE TEACH ONE, is looking for South Lake parents to help other South Lake parents learn English as a Second Language. 4No special skills required… it’s just conversation 4Flexible schedule… you decide when & where 4No-cost, volunteer program… we’re all parents like you 4Support provided… just call us with any questions 4Only an hour a week or less… and it’s lots of fun! If you would like to know more about this program or are interested in joining, please contact: Michal Peri 733-1661 or Sue Fallon 847-476-1784.

What does the library mean to you? I used to go to the library all the time when I was kid. As a teenager, I got a book on how to write jokes at the library, and that, in turn, launched my comedy career. Comedian Drew Carey. The free access to information is not a privilege, but a necessity for any free society. One of my favorite things to do as a young man was wander through the stacks of my hometown library. I’d just browse until I found something interesting. Libraries have definitely changed my life. Actor Edward Asner I think the Library Media Center means a lot for me because I can finish my homework and also get many books for information and for projects. It has helped me to get my homework finished during school so I have more time to myself after school. Abe Razzak, 7th grader A library can change someone’s life by giving the person new ideas and new places to visit, explore, and learn about! Anonymous, 8th grader Thinking about all those stories hidden under the covers makes me excited. I love books that keep you enchanted under their spell, full of adventure and mysteries. I also come to the library to be able to relax and concentrate on my homework and to read. Doing my homework early helps release the stress. Tahlil Islam, 8th grader The library is a wonderful place in which we have a great tech person named Mr. Fratantaro and we have all sorts of computer programs and books to help us. The library is a universal meeting spot where I know that I can find all my friends and can also find help if I do not get something. I go all the time and have a great time in there! Anthony Badea, 7th grader I love the library, mostly because it’s open before and after school. I always go there during snack and lunch because it gives me time to write and do my work. I suggest going to the library as often as you can! Hans Kelsen, 8th grader

10 Hot New Titles That Will Make Your Kid Go Gaga For Reading !

! !


! ! ! ! ! !

Hunger Games + Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins – Think of the reality television show Survivor but instead of getting voted off the island you have to compete to the death against your opponents. Now imagine being only a teenager and having to face off against other fellow teenagers while the rest of the world watches your every move on their television. This is the book you should read if you only read one book this year. Million Dollar Throw, by Mike Lupica I am a genius of Unspeakable Evil and I want to be Your Class President, by Josh Lieb – I don’t always laugh out loud at books, partly because it can create an awkward moment when people are around, but I found myself laughing out loud to this book more often than not. If you liked Diary of a Wimpy Kid then you will probably love this book. Art & Sole – Written and Designed, by Intercity – If you like sneakers or collect sneakers then this is the book for you. This book has high quality images of some of the coolest and strangest sneakers on the market. The Softwire – Virus on Orbis 1, by PJ Haarsma Masterpiece, by Elise Broach Here, There Be Dragons, by James A. Owen Ghostgirl, by Tonya Hurley The Good Neighbors Book One and Two, by Holly Black Skeleton Creek, by Patrick Carman

***Thank you to the PTSA giving our students a new and updated selection of materials that will spur their curiosity and make them lifelong readers.

ASB Answers the Call This year, ASB has led South Lake in answering the call to action. The year started off very quickly with a canned food drive in honor of 9/11. We wanted to not only remember that day but also perform a service to our community and South Lake students stepped up to help us with this cause. We were able to collect almost 200 cans in a span of 3 short days. Starting in October we began implementing one spirit day a month in which Advisements competed and participated in a variety of activities including the first ever South Lake Haunted House, three legged plaid race, marshmallow toss, and a cherry toss.

ASB Events for January and early February: Jan. 14-15

Advisement Tug-OfWar competition

South Lake continues to step up and take action in the community. Following our canned food drive for 9/11, South Lake students have collected toys to donate to children in Orange County through the Toys-For-Tots program during Thanksgiving. We have also partnered with Heifer International to raise enough money to send a goat and 2 chickens to a family in need in Russia. Next, we look forward to writing letters and cards for veterans and possibly raising awareness and money to help support a search for the cure for Cystic Fibrosis.

Jan. 15

LemonAID sale at snack and lunch

Jan. 22

Sports Day

Jan. 22

Half Court basket ball shot at lunch

Feb. 12

Valentine gram

Finally, our first dance was a great success. Focused on a glow theme, students were able to bring or purchase glow sticks and snacks at the dance. We are looking forward to another ASB sponsored event in the future.


History - Social Science Seventh Prior to winter vacation, our students completed units on the Fall of Rome, medieval European society, and the rise of Islam in the Middle East. Through a variety of activities including direct instruction, projects, simulations, mini plays, activities, and a guest speaker on Islam, students had the opportunity to discuss and investigate each of these units of study. Every unit included a Qwizdom assessment, which often consisted of student videos explaining concepts. During our second trimester studies, students will travel through the histories of Sub-Saharan Africa, China, Medieval Japan, and Renaissance Europe. Each social studies unit is enhanced through a variety of interactive activities, and is accompanied by our student handbook. While the content is different with each unit, seventh graders are investigating common themes and questions that can be carried throughout the year. As part of their outside reading requirement, students must choose a historical fiction novel from a provided list that pertains to our unit of study.

Eighth At this point in the year, eighth grade social science students are in the process of finishing up a thorough study of the Constitution with a more recent emphasis on the Bill of Rights. Students had the opportunity to delve in and investigate actual Supreme Court cases in an effort to gain greater understanding of their rights as citizens of the United States. Acting as attorneys and Supreme Court justices, students were required to resolve historic Constitutional dilemmas that have faced our country. In support of this unit of study, fifty students visited the Orange County Juvenile Court where they met with an Orange County District Attorney and an Orange County Juvenile Court Judge. In order to give students a real world application of our government structure, a District Representative from Senator Tom Harman’s office spoke with all 8th grade students about the process of how a bill becomes a law, the current issues facing California, and how students could become involved in politics. Prior to the study of the Constitution, students completed units and gained an understanding of the foundations of the United States from Colonial America to the American Revolution. Students will be continuing their journey through the developments of our new nation as they study the evolution of the United States’ governmental policy from the 1790s to the period of Manifest Destiny in the 1840s and 1850s. We will finally end the year with an in-depth look at the Era of Industrialization and Immigration while making connections between our nation’s past, present, and future.


More News – National History Day and Chapman University Holocaust Art and Writing Contest Under the direction of Tim Leavey, as well as receiving support from the social studies department and Mr. Baron, many students have been participating for the past three months in National History Day. “NHD” is a program that engages students in the process of discovery, research and interpretation of historical topics. Students have been creating dramatic performances, imaginative exhibits, web sites, multimedia documentaries and research papers based on this year’s theme: “Innovation in History: Impact and Change.” Finalists from South Lake will compete at Orange County History Day on Saturday, March 13. South Lake students recently had the opportunity to compete in Chapman University’s 11th Annual Holocaust Art and Writing Contest. Each middle school and high school is invited to submit the work of three students, a total of three entries, consisting of either prose, poetry, works of art or a combination thereof. These three students will be selected from the nearly 100 participating South Lake students and will be invited to attend an awards ceremony and have lunch with actual Holocaust survivors on March 5. In connection with the Holocaust Art and Writing Contest, South Lake was extremely honored to have Holocaust survivor, Mr. Jack Pariser, come and talk with students. Mr. Pariser’s story of determination impacted all of us.

Math News South Lake students have been preparing to participate in several national math competitions this year. All Algebra and Pre-algebra classes are participating in the Continental Math League that consists of 5 different competitions within 5 months. The top students after 3 months, in Algebra are: Andrew Hong, Alex Babayi, Ayaka Hozumi, Bryan Jun, and Hamza Khwaja. Our top students in Pre-Algebra are: Ali Chaudhary, Jennifer Kodia, Zachary LeBlanc, and Divya Prajapati. The Math Olympiad, American Mathematics Competition and California Math League competitions are (and have been) after school for anyone who wants to participate. The Math Challengers class meets on Thursday from 2:45-3:45. Contact Mrs. Leong for more information. “MathCounts,” another math competition, is made up of a team of our top South Lake math students. We had many students who put in numerous hours after school to prepare, practice and try-out for the team. We had so many try out for the team this year that we will have twelve students participating in this year’s competition. We appreciate everyone’s efforts and positive attitude. They will be competing against other teams from Orange County at UCI on Saturday, February 20th. The “mathletes” representing South Lake this year are: Henry Ammermann, Ali, Chaudhary, Taaj Darwish, Taiga Fukase, Andrew Hong, Bryan Jun, Jennifer Kodia, Yuta Kondo, Alex Lavacot, Catherine Myong, Nahoko Naka, and Kimberly Nguyen. Congratulations to these top students! South Lake math students are engaged in a rigorous program designed to build confidence and prepare them for high school. Algebra students have been writing and graphing equations of linear functions using slopes and yintercepts, and are beginning work on solving simultaneous equations and inequalities. Transitional Algebra students are learning to use the properties of equality to solve linear equations. Later in the trimester, students will learn to solve inequalities and will investigate linear relationships by graphing linear equations and computing the slope and intercepts of a line. In Pre-Algebra, our students have been focusing on ratio, proportions, and similarity and will begin work on rational numbers and percents. Introduction to Pre-Algebra students recently finished work on solving equations and inequalities. These students will also begin working on exponents and will finish the trimester with square roots, and the Pythagorean Theorem. South Lake offers several extended learning opportunities to support all our students in math. The Transitional Algebra class (for 8th grade students) is taught by Mrs. Barrett; the Introduction to Pre-Algebra (for 7th grade students) is taught by Ms. Prasad. Both of these classes are held on Thursdays. The ALEKS class is taught by Mrs. Leong and Mrs. Zimmer. The ALEKS classes are held on Mondays. The classes began in the fall and will continue through the first week of May. They meet right after school for an hour. If you are interested in extended learning, please contact your child’s math teacher. South Lake students are encouraged to maintain good work habits by regularly completing their homework, participating in class, and asking for help when needed. An emphasis in all courses is on a variety of problem solving and test taking strategies. Students have also received additional practice computational workbooks. It is important that students continue to build math skills in order to be successful in future coursework.


English Language Arts As we progress through the academic year in English Language Arts, students continue to reflect on their prior knowledge and skills as a way to develop a deeper understanding of the elements that constitute meaningful reading and writing. By making a personal connection to what we are learning, students expand their social and academic experiences. This makes learning more significant and fulfilling. Seventh In 7th grade, writing continues to be a major emphasis in our curriculum. Students continue to sharpen their writing skills, which will be assessed in March with the STAR 2010 Writing Augmentation to the California Standards tests. Students experience the different genres of writing in a creative and meaningful way. For the persuasive essay, the topic is chosen by the students and there is an integrated technology component in which students create a website that hosts an electronic portfolio of writing about their chosen topic. In the personal narrative unit, the focus for students is on developing a cohesive plot so that the building blocks are set in place for this genre of writing when they expand on these skills in 8th grade. In the response to literature essay, the students will primarily learn how to address the component of theme, specifically heroism, based on a novel study. Students will read The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton and The Giver, by Lois Lowry. In addition to formal reading and writing assignments, there are a myriad of units and activities to help students enhance their skills. They work on on-demand writing, summarizing skills, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary development to help prepare them for their endeavors in 8th grade and beyond. Eighth In 8th grade, short stories were used to review elements of figurative language as students geared up to write their own descriptive narrative in an assignment called, “The Memory Snapshot.” Further enhancing their writing abilities, 8th graders focused on such strategies as inserting dialogue and interior monologue, showing-not-telling, and providing sensory details. After enhancing their own reading and writing skills, students were then more thoroughly able to identify similar writing tools like literary devices within a text. These skills were utilized as our students read the classic novel Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury. In reading this novel, students were challenged with sophisticated vocabulary, detailed description, and thought-provoking themes. Students also analyzed how the time period during which an author writes can truly influence his/her writing. Students continue to enhance their spelling and grammar skills, and they also work on vocabulary development through homophones, etymology, and word analysis within context. Additional genres and domains of writing are the persuasive essay and career related writing. During the Career Unit our school counselors, Mrs. Kaminsky and Mrs. Holcomb, presented seminars on the transition to high school and career exploration. The final product of that unit will be a Letter of Inquiry which students will actually mail out to an individual that is in the occupation or field of study in which they are interested in for his/her future. In addition to these two formal pieces, students will continue to practice writing in their personal journals and practice on-demand writing. In other areas of literature, students will spend time analyzing several different types of poetry – further honing their understanding of figurative language and the importance of word choice. At the end of the year, they will also read a historically relevant and engaging novel entitled, The Glory Field, which is a novel about an African American family’s personal and social plight throughout several generations. This year will continue to be a challenging opportunity for our students to further their preparation as they look towards high school next fall.


Performing Arts Here’s a few of the exciting things happening in the Performing Arts Dept this year: Dollar-for-Dollar Matching Donation Fund Drive: It is my pleasure to announce that a very generous offer has been made to our South Lake Music Department. From now until the end of our Second Trimester Concerts (March 18th), a local non-profit group is sponsoring a Dollar-for-Dollar Matching Donation Drive. Every dollar donated to the South Lake Music Department during the second trimester will be matched, creating some much appreciated funds for our students. Funds from this drive will be used to purchase class sets of audio-enhanced music books, new music for our Repertoire Library and instrument maintenance. Home Practice Resources: This year we are continuing our online student support services. At our website Performing Arts Department Page: ( students and parents will find several study tools such as an Online Rhythm Counter, an Online Metronome, Interactive Chromatic Tuner, Sight-Reading Skill Builders and Studio Recording Software. All services are free of charge and are available for both school and home use. Expanded Blackboard Resources: Parents and students logging into their Blackboard account will find several features for their music home practice support. In the Course Document section, students will find recordings of many of our ensemble songs. Students may listen to, analyze and play along with these recordings at home. Sheet music is also available. Homework is posted on Friday of each week through the Announcements section. Registered users of Blackboard will receive an e-mail reminder of the homework announcements. Please don’t forget that students should practice at every day. The South Lake Musicians Perform at City Hall: On February 10th, 2010 students from our South Lake Chorus will represent South Lake at a special performance for the Mayor of Irvine’s State of the City Address, at Irvine City Hall. This performance can be heard on Irvine Public Access and online at the following link: (Find February 10th, 2010 in the list of videos and click on view video. The performance should begin just after the recess, about an hour and a half after the start of the meeting.) On March 10th, 2010, student representatives from the South Lake String Orchestra will also perform at Irvine City Hall, for the March City Council Meeting. This performance will also be available on Irvine Public Access as well as online (following the same directions listed above). Congratulations to our South Lake Singers and String Players! The South Lake Artist Project: We continue our podcasts this year. The South Lake Artists Project is a resource for students to record and post music, both from our classes as well as from solo student works. It’s available worldwide at Check us out! Disneyland Performing Arts Soundtrack Session: This year our String Orchestra, Wind Ensemble and Chorus will travel to Disneyland to participate in a professional recording studio workshop. As described by the Disneyland Guest Talent Programs: “Students step into an actual sound studio and take part in a simulated film recording session, complete with video playback, headphones and click track.” This will be a very exciting educational event! The date of the event has yet to be confirmed. Please watch for announcements about this trip made through Blackboard as well as notices sent home with students. South Lake Concert Series: All Music and Theater classes have concerts at the end of each trimester. For a list of times, dates and locations of upcoming performances please refer to the South Lake Calendar section of the Student Planner, the South Lake Special Events Calendar on our South Lake Website, Blackboard (in the Announcements section) and your Performing Arts Class Syllabus.


SOUTH LAKE MIDDLE SCHOOL CALENDAR 2009-2010 Check on-line for any changes at

Note: Remember that every Tuesday, school starts at 9:15 a.m. ________________________________________________________ Feb. 8


May 13

Minimum Day (8 am to 12 noon) OPEN HOUSE (evening hours)

Feb. 15


Mar. 2

STAR Writing Test for 7th Graders 7th graders report to school at 8am; 8th graders report to school at 10:15 a.m.

May 28


May 31


Jun. 7

Minimum Day (8 to 12 noon)

Mar. 22

Minimum Day (8 to 12 noon)

Jun. 18-21 Student FINALS Schedule

Apr. 2

Minimum Day (8 am to 12 noon)

Jun. 19

8th Grade Promotion Dance

Apr. 5-9

Spring Break

Jun. 22

Minimum Day (8 to 12 noon) Last Day for 7th Graders

Apr. 27

6th Grade Parent Information Night

Irvine Unified School District 5050 Barranca Parkway Irvine, CA 92604-4652

Jun. 22

8th Grade Knotts Trip

Jun. 23

8th Grade Promotion: 10 am

Shark Newsletter South Lake Middle School

Discount for South Lake Families!$20 for 7 week class! The Irvine Family Resource Center presents

Active Parenting of Teens A seven-week video/discussion series with the information and skills you need to parent effectively during the pre-teen and teen years Being a parent today seems more difficult than ever before, with kids and families facing social and family issues that are far different than in the past. Active Parenting of Teens is a highly acclaimed, award-winning, 7-week video based workshop for parents and others which will help you gain the knowledge and skills needed to provide positive effective parenting with pre-teens and teens. Join us for this series and learn effective ways to instill courage and self-esteem, deal with negativity, develop responsibility, win cooperation, give consequences, increase positive communication, and deal with challenging topics like values, sexuality, alcohol and other drugs. If you have children ages 12 or older, give yourself the gift of this workshop to gain confidence, make sense of your teen’s behavior and get real, practical skills to put into practice.

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm – 7 Weeks Starts January 27, 2010 Led by Cheri Wood, IUSD Guidance Resources, Certified AP Trainer TO REGISTER: Call Susan Holt at 949-936-7502 LOCATION: Guidance Training Center – Room N25 - Creekside Education Center, corner of Barranca and Harvard REGISTRATION FEE: $20 per person for 7 weeks/$35 for couples (includes book and handouts) for all South Lake Families – A great deal!

Winter Newsletter  

Winter newsletter from South Lake Middle School

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