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News What have you learned from Wealth Building Fridays? Testimonials from agents that have been attending our new series share what they take away from the class each week. If you haven’t been to a session, you’re missing out! Our special guests so far have been Barry Ore and Danny Scott, with new guests each month. Our special guest for June is Chris Snodgrass and July is Ron Betenbough. Fridays at 1:30pm….we’ll see you there! “I have learned that there is no “profile” for someone who has learned to build wealth and there is more than one path. Although each story and individual is different they all advocate some basics such as live within your means. -Mary Benton “I was in awe that both speakers were brought up in the church, both said they had been blessed and both were raised by families that believe in hard work. They both said you need to make your money work for you, not the other way around, and find something that will add passive income to your regular income. -Ann Neal “This is an awesome class and it’s great to learn wealth building principles from people that have actually built wealth. It’s neat to know that most people that have achieved great success follow the majority of the same principles and that it’s possible for us to do the same if we simply take care of business and focus on what matters. -Greg Brownd

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Top 10 Agents Based on Production--Year to Date Closed Production 1. Tara Newton 2. Jean Moss 3. Rhonda Brown 4. Kyle Rawls 5. David Bloodworth

6. Wendy Jones 7. Stacey Rogers 8. Mike Cleavinger 9. Elizabeth Arduain 10. Toni Golden

Reach for the stars! Congratulations to these agents spotlighted in May that have seen incredible results in their business in the first four months of 2010! Rachel Townsley has had a 50% increase in her GCI from 2009. She attributes this increase to setting up a system to manage her lead follow up. Rachel follows up on every single lead that comes into her business. Greg Brownd is coming up on his one year anniversary in the business and has had a closing every month since November of 2009. He is currently carrying (9) in his listing inventory. He contributes implementing skills and habits learned in training programs such as BOLD and attending Family Reunion as well as those in our local office. Greg consistently lead generates for his business. Tara Newton became extremely focused this year and really mastered knowing her numbers. The results speak for themselves with a 189% increase to her business in 2010 over the same period of time in 2009. Tara is currently enjoying 100% of her commissions earned through September 1st. Kyle Rawls has gained flexibility, freedom and confidence in his business by implementing systems and following his schedule which has resulting in a 26% increase in business over last year. Camee Ponder is a graduate of BOLD two times around and it has paid off in many ways both personally and in her business. Camee also attended Family Reunion this past February and implemented consistent habits and focus. As a result she has seen a 45% increase in her business so far this year. Stacey Rogers, the mother of 3 active kids takes advantage of the networking opportunities she has daily with her kids at events and school. High expectations on the customer service front, confidence in her skills as a result of training and learning the art of leverage have definitely paid off. Stacey started her real estate career in August of 2008 and currently has an increase of 47% in her GCI and is also collecting 100% of her commissions until September 1st. These are by no means all of the successes agents are enjoying and more agents will be highlighted in the month of June. Currently all of these agents are active in consulting and attending trainings on a weekly basis. Get plugged in and you too can see your business grow!

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived real-live people who had liquid assets available to lend to purchasers of their real estate… Sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not fiction at all. Contrary to popular belief, there are property owners in Texas who have assets available to provide seller financing for their real estate transactions. The question is, are they able to seller-finance those properties under the current law? Playing it licensing requirements On July 30, 2008, President George W. Bush signed into law the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act, commonly referred to as the SAFE Act. Contained within the federal statute was a requirement that all states enact uniform legislation implementing the SAFE Act within one year. In Texas, this was done during the 2009 legislative session. The primary purpose of the SAFE Act is to place minimum licensure requirements on all mortgage-loan originators, and it requires state agencies to participate in the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry. However, the SAFE Act also contains a small provision that expands licensing requirements to a larger segment of the population. To seller-finance a one-to-four family residential transaction involving property other than the seller’s primary residence, the seller must now be licensed as a residential mortgage loan originator (RMLO). The five-transaction exemption is extinct Under the previous statutory framework there was something called the de minimus exemption. This allowed sellers of one-to-four family residential properties to seller-finance up to five transactions in a single year without having to be licensed. The new statute does away with that exemption. Now, the only licensing exemptions in the context are for the sale of the seller’s primary homestead or if the seller is extending financing to a family member. To be clear, seller financing is still allowed in Texas. However, now you must be licensed unless you meet one of the exemptions described above. According to Texas Savings and Mortgage Lending Department Commissioner Douglas Foster, people who intend to continue seller-financing properties other than their homesteads must complete the licensure process prior to May 31, 2010. Seller-financing these transactions without the appropriate license is a misdemeanor offense in Texas. You will need an RMLO license, too, if you provide seller financing Becoming licensed as an RMLO entails a process similar to obtaining a real estate license. Applicants must complete education, submit fingerprints for background checks, pay associated fees, sit for an exam, etc. An additional requirement is that applicants must demonstrate some level of creditworthiness. At this time, there is no reciproxity or exemption for other professional licenses, so real estate licensees must also obtain an RMLO license to conduct seller financing. If you, as a real estate licensee, are representing a seller intent on seller financing, be sure to share this article with your client and refer her to the Texas Savings and Mortgage Lending Department for further in formation. Otherwise, that seller’s hope for a fairytale ending could turn into a nightmare.

MCA Minute: Don’t forget your statement will be emailed to you! Bills are due to Pam by Friday, June 25th @ 5:00pm If you submit your payment after 5:00pm on the 25th be sure to add $25 for the late fee. *Even though we’re paperless now, your paperwork must be submitted 5 days PRIOR to closing. Look for paperless classes on the June calendar!

Where did half of the year go? Do you know your numbers? Are you on track to reach your goals? Are you doing what it takes to reach your goals? Do you even know what it takes to reach your goals? Have you set goals? What is your BIG WHY? Tired of all of the questions? Are you ready for the questions to stop? Okay, now that I have your attention……..the answer is in these three simple sets of words………..Lead Generation, Focus, and Time Blocking. You need to master all three to really get to where you want to be; without them you will not reach your goals or reach your BIG WHY. Start slowly one step at a time. Come on you can do it! JUST DO IT!!!! You still have time to reach your goals you just need to focus with determination and heart.


Goal: 250 care packages Results: 418 care packages, over $13,000 in donations!! Thanks to our agents, family and friends of our agents, vendors, sponsors and people we didn’t even know who came out to support Keller Williams and our 2nd annual Red Day! Without you, it wouldn’t have been possible!

Pictures by: Julie Childs, Ann Neal & Debbie Frapp

1. 9:00 BOLD Graduation Congrats to everyone that completed BOLD!



1:30 Risk Management with Barney Swartz 3:30 GO for NO Part 1

9:00 Team Meeting & Office Tour 1:30 Risk Management with Don Reilly



2. Ads for Real Estate Book are DUE TODAY! 1:30 KW Connect Class

9.Creative Living ads and open houses DUE TODAY! 10:00 Core Svcs Committee 11:00 Growth Committee 1:30 Culture Committee 2:30 Education Committee 3:30 Finance Committee


8:30 New Agent Masterminds 9:00 Team Meeting & Office 9:00 10+ Listings in a 3:30 MREA/Shift Book Club Tour Month Forever 3:30 Time Management Class 11:00 ALC Meeting 12:30 New Agent Luncheon 1:30 New Agent Orientation



23. Creative Living ads and open houses DUE TODAY!

8:30 New Agent Masterminds 9:00 Team Meeting & Office 9:30 Camp 443 Tour 3:30 GO for NO Part 2 1:30 USDA Loans with Grace 9:00 Camp 443 Garcia 1:30 Marianna Grimes Insurance Class



8:30 New Agent Masterminds 9:00 Team Meeting & Office 9:30 Camp 443 Tour 3:30 MREA/Shift Book Club 1:30 Shawn Kokoszka-20 Point Buyer Presentation

30. 9:00 Camp 443




8:30 New Agent Masterminds 9:00 Life Too Group Meeting 1:30 Wealth Building Fridays



9:00 KW Connect Video 11:00 Contracts Class w/ Pam 1:30 Paperless and Single Entry Listing Training

1:30 Wealth Building Fridays



11:30 LAR Luncheon @ Scottish Rite Building 1:30 KW Connect Video

9:30 Life Too Group Meeting 1:30 Wealth Building Fridays



11:00 TopProducer Training from TopProducer Staff 1:30 Paperless and Single Entry Listing Training

Bonnie Gay Lynette




Monthly Statements are DUE TODAY! 9:30 Life Too Group Meeting 1:30 Wealth Building Fridays

6/12 Bryan 6/12 Megan 6/13 Randy

6/15 6/15 6/17

Pictures from the New Agent Luncheon in May. In case you don’t know, this is open to all agents every month so you can get to know our new agents. The cost for lunch is usually around $7 or you can bring your own lunch. We’d love to see you at the next one!

Connie’s grandson, Trevor is graduating from Frenship High School this year. Congrats and good luck in all you do!

Frank deep in thought at BOLD…. and wearing Rhetta’s glasses!

BOLD money magnets!! Cindy W, Shawna, Greg and Elizabeth rollin’ in green!

Stephanie’s son, Keagen competed in the local Pitch, Hit and Run contest at Cooper and since he placed All-Around, he got to compete in the Sectional competition in Midland at the Rockhound Stadium. These are the pictures from Midland. Way to go Keagen!

Danny Scott, a speaker at one of our Wealth Building Fridays sessions. To hear more about this special series, see the front page of this newsletter.

Terri’s girls at their dance recital. Paige is on the left, Taylor’s on the right. Beautiful girls!

Want your family to be in the newsletter? All you have to do is email your pictures to me by the 25th of each month! Newborn members of your family, a picture of your daughter’s dance recital, good news, your dog dressed as a pirate….whatever it is, I want it!

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