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THURSDAY OCT. 20, 2016

CHS students discover...


Junior Regan Smith has a long history of automobile accidents. Smith has wrecked three cars, and stated she sees herself as much more likely to wreck when she is driving friends in the car with her. Though two of the three wrecks were admittedly caused by her distracting herself while driving, the third was directly related to her friends being with her. She said they had encouraged her to drift when she was driving, though typically she would not do that sort of thing. So when Smith’s car met the telephone pole that decided its fate, she was just another

example of how teens are very easily distracted by their friends. Distracted driving caused by passengers is a big problem for teens. Of all the age groups in a study by behavioural expert Alexandra Sifferlin, teens have the largest proportion of drivers who are distracted by passengers at the time of their crash. This is thought to be an effect of teens being much more likely to be “thrill seekers.” And no, that doesn’t mean teens crash because they like to try drugs or drink; it means that teens are more likely to drive recklessly to entertain their passengers. According Sifferlin, both

male and female drivers are more likely to be distracted before a crash if they have passengers, and the chances that the teens will perform an illegal maneuver are six times as high if the person is driving with passengers. Sifferlin reported on a study that showed those carrying passengers who said they were distracted, one in five females (20 percent) and one in four males (24 percent) were distracted by something inside the vehicle just before their crash, with 71 percent of males and 47 percent of females directly distracted by their passengers' movements or actions. These numbers go to show the issue of distraction by passenger is not overblown, it

is very real and one of the biggest factors of teen car crashes. According to the Center for Disease Control, in 2013, 2,163 teens in the United States ages 16–19 were killed and 243,243 were treated in emergency departments for injuries suffered in motor vehicle crashes. That adds up to six teens ages 16–19 dying every day from motor vehicle injuries. While having passengers in the car with you increases the risk of crashing dramatically, there is no exact number on what percent of deaths are directly related to the issue of driving with passengers. Even safe drivers are much more likely to drive recklessly when they have some friends

in the car. Junior Sage Collins considers herself a safe driver. She stays safe by “focusing on the road and turning the music down if they pump it up so that it is easier to concentrate,” which are actually two of the main tips offered by experts to avoid accidents caused by distracting passengers. The issue of distracted driving caused by passengers is very real and deserves more attention. While getting distracted by passengers is very easy, it can be avoided if you are cautious. If, like Smith, you consider yourself a bad driver, it is a much better idea to skip the carpool and drive more safely alone.

Survey says... We surveyed students and asked a few questions pertaining to driving with friends. Below were the results. Have you ever gotten in a wreck while you were driving and your friends were in the car?

yes no

6.9 %

Teens driving with friends proven to cause more accidents


On a scale of one to five, how distracted do you think driving with friends causes you to be?



jacody hockett junior

“I think driving with friends definitely makes me more distracted because they can encourage me to do stupid stuff.”

mckenna flowers junior

“I was driving in the car with Jenna Greer. We decided to try to fishtail, and we ended up going up into a ditch.”

2 3 4 5 0% 10%

20% 30%

Kimberlin earns National Merit Commended Student honor RACHEL JACKETT @JackettRachel

Senior Caroline Kimberlin, was awarded by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation this past September. “This award titles me as a National Merit Commended Scholar,” Kimberlin said. Kimberlin had to take the PSAT/NMSQT test as a junior in September of 2015 to be considered for the award. “The exam was kind of

similar to the ACT. I was tested in mathematics, problem-solving, critical reading,and writing abilicaroline ty,” Kimberkimberlin lin said. senior The award was delivered to her as a Letter of Commendation and explained to her what she had achieved.

“The Letter of Commendation signifies your destination as a Commended Student in the National Merit Scholarship Program,” the letter read. Kimberlin’s receiving of this award was quite remarkable, as she was one of only 34,000 students to receive it. “It was the top 34,000 out of 1.6 million students that tested. That would put me in the top 2 percent in the nation,” Kimberlin said. Kimberlin was the first stu-

dent at Chanute High School to be awarded this specific award, although not the only National Merit Scholar, and was awarded at Chanute High School's homecoming pep assembly. “I found out I got the award a day before the assembly, I was really surprised and really excited. To my knowledge, I'm the first CHS student to receive a National Merit Commendation,” Kimberlin said.

Beating the odds...

Below are the PSAT/NMSQT test entry statistics from the official National Merit Scholarship Corporation website. Program Year

Student Entrants

Participating High Schools



































What: ACT When: 8 a.m. Where: Neosho County Community College

What: CC Regionals When: 3 p.m. Where: Burlington

What: NHS Induction ceremony When: 7 p.m. Where: CHS

What: CHS V Football When: 7 p.m. Where: Independence

What: V State Volleyball When: 6 p.m. Where: Ottawa

Counting down the days to the events students are looking forward to the most.







End of the semester


Spring break

185 Prom

Loves one of many new businesses coming to Chanute Kelsey Perez


Chanute High School students will soon have many benefits with the Love’s Truck Stop, coming soon to Chanute, KS. With different food options right across the street, students will have a quick option to grab a bite when they’re in a hurry. Although, the hotel will take longer than service center, the gas station and restaurant will be done around Thanksgiving of 2016, as originally projected. Included in the truck stop will be a travel center, an Arby’s, and a Holiday Inn Express, complete with a swimming pool. “I believe students, visiting teams, and parents will enjoy the conveniences of the travel center as well as the future hotel,” City Manager Jeff Cantrell said. Due to some complications, production of the travel center has been pushed back, “The rain created several issues for the private contractors and stands as the primary reason they are running several weeks behind,” Cantrell said. The Love’s Truck Stop will be very beneficial to the town. Chanute will receive fuel taxes and will be more likely to be viewed as having a significant highway presence for future inter-modal commerce. “The City’s portion of the

Loves, one of the feature additions to Chanute is in the midst of being built. Loves is expected to be finished in late November. When completed loves will include an Arby’s offering students a quick alternative to going across town for some fast food as well as a stop for gas close to the high-school. The hotel will be completed later at an undetermined date. Photo by Devon Tinsley.

project will fall in the range of $500,000. The pledge to extend utilities was made by the City back in 2009. This includes natural gas, electric, water, and sewer extensions,”

Cantrell said. The City is also responsible for hardware associated with the signalized intersection, however the electric crews will provide all the labor,

reducing initial cost. The Love’s Truck Stop will be beneficial not only to the high school students and staff but to the city of Chanute as a whole, bringing in and offer-

‘Grab and go’ station set up in commons area to decrease traffic William Folk

Briefly Debate team starts season with success

Recently added to 10-minute break, a cart has been set up by the trophy case for quick and easy access to food without having to go through the line on the other end of the cafeteria. The idea originated as a means of cutting down on traffic in the cafeteria during 10-minute break and allowing students easier access to non-heated food items. Non-heated items or “grab and go” are items like water, Pop Tarts or milk. Many students like the idea. “I think it’s easier for people that are on a long ways to get to different classes and not have to run back to the cafeteria then go back to classes,” freshman Kaitlyn Baum said. “It’s great, I love it.” Not all students have not fully bought into the idea though. “My personal belief is that it is rather redundant as they are selling the same things in

ing more business and options for lodging and food. Other additions to Chanute have been made too, including a Hibbett Sports and a Dollar Tree.

Deciding to get the Hibbett was a long process. The developer had been looking at the site property for 18 months before they purchased it. Once the construction phase started, it took 90-120 days for it to be ready to open for the public. The developer purchased the property with intent of adding additional buildings on both sides of Hibbett. This required new electrical transformations to be installed behind the building. The decision made to add a Hibbett into Chanute was solely made by the developer. Hibbett will benefit not only the town of Chanute, but the citizens of Chanute too. “I have a 10 year old son that wears nothing but Under Armour shoes and clothing. As a Chanute resident, this will allow me to spend dollars locally, instead of in another city,” Cantrell said. In addition to the Hibbett, one other building that will be in the vicinity will be a Dollar Tree. The decision for the store to be a dollar tree was made by the franchise. Some benefits of having a Dollar Tree includes that unlike other dollar stores in town, all items are priced at or under $1. New additions made to Chanute will benefit not only the citizens of Chanute but the town of Chanute as a whole.

The Blue Comet debate team is off to a fast start with three top-three finishes to open the season. The team has traveled to Fort Scott, Pittsburg and Saint Mary’s-Colgan to open the season. Two duos have earned medals as well. Freshmen John Stanley

and Brendan Gahagan medaled at each of the tournaments in the novice division. Sophomores Jacob Larson and Hunter Walker who also placed at all three and gained perfect speaker points, a feat that which has only happened once before according to Reed.

Visit us at Freshman Nolan Werner purchases a water during 10-minute break on Friday. The cart which is in front of the trophy cases in the commons area offers a way to cut the lines to the cafeteria by offering non-heated items to students. Students who want heated items or a slushie will have to go to the cafeteria as normal. Photo by Devon Tinsley.

the kitchen area,” senior Caleb Croan said. There are some challenges to the new system though. “It’s not a bad idea, we just

24-Hour Emergency Service 902 S. Western Chanute, KS 55720

wish that we could have the hot food down there too, but we can only serve the grab and go (items),” cafeteria cashier Carolann Westondorf said.

Do you like the new grab and go station? Tell us by voting in our poll on Twitter. @chscomet

Earl’s Lock and Key 620-431-EARL(3275) I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on the earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” - Matthew 16:19

Comforts of Home Monday-Thursday 10 a.m. To 5:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. To 5 p.m. 111 E. Main Street Downtown Chanute 66720

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Ghosted: A terrifying account of being rejected Mercedes Ansell


Hi, my name is Mercedes Ansell, I am a senior here at Chanute High School, and I am a victim of ghosting. On October 5, 2016 the guy I was talking to opened my Snapchat and message and never replied. People assume it will never happen to them. Ghosting is just a myth, a fear, a whisper

in the world of dating, there to keep you on your toes. It lurks behind the messages, crouches below double taps and creeps in and out of the snap chats, leaving people to question: will they ever reply? The answer is no. After the ghoster begins the task of ignoring someone that person is socially dead to them. Once in awhile they may haunt you (giving any minor acknowledgement to one’s existence on social media) but they will never be your bae. I had never heard of ghost-

ing until about a month before I was ghosted. When people told me what it was I thought, “Pshh, I’ll never get ghosted.” In my mind, I radiated self love; I had too awesome of a personality for someone to become bored with me. I let my guard down. I allowed someone to become part of my daily conversations. I began a snap streak with them. I even replied to their messages on Facebook. With much sadness, I must now live with despair and a scarring wound in my confidence. At first I thought maybe

they broke their phone again. So I waited and after much time had passed I accepted the fact that this person was never going to respond. I cannot lie, originally I was pretty bummed, but now I have moved on from the situation. I now live my life as still a very conceited and overbearing person as well as someone who understands that not everyone is going to see me the way I do. If you have been ghosted my advice to you is just keep your head up and move on. The person didn’t like you,

2016-17 The Comet Staff

Editor-in-Chief Annie Brazil Managing Editor Racelle Toledo Online Editor-in-Chief Kelsey Perez Advertising Manager Kaitlyn Newton News Editor Devon Tinsley Opinion Editor Cierra Stange Spotlight Editor Mercedes Ansell Student Life Editor Zane Neely A&E Editor Kaleigh Ludlum Sports Editor Racelle Toledo Photography Editor Emily Eagle Graphics Editor Reyna Olson Video Editor Huntyr Schwegman Reporters/Photographers Destiny Beal Lexy Costin Christopher Hatch Rachel Jackett Rilee Jordan Gage Leedy Kennah Ludlum Elsa Nilsson Ben Ramsey Kaitlynn Rutledge Nick Shultz Regan Smith Ashlynn Smoot Keeley Tallent Kristin Umbarger Jayci Vietti 21st Century Journalism Haley Angleton Brooklyn Borton Gavin Gardner Roger Love Thailee McFadden Sophie Osborn Makayla Schoenhofer Amanda Stalder Dustin Vargo Advisor Dustin Fox

Have you ever been ghosted? Tell us by voting in our poll on Twitter. @chscomet

Jury out on new prom fundraiser Ben Ramsey


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oh well. It happens, you are still important and life will continue. If you are someone who ghosts people, stop. Grow up and be honest with the person about what you’re feeling and why you no longer want to socialize with them. Leave ghosting to the actual monsters that scream boo and live in the shadows.

Racelle Toledo/Senior


Freshmen driving illegally poses danger

For the editorial board: RACELLE TOLEDO @RacelleFaye

Safety is an important factor in life. The feeling of knowing that no harm will occur to one is reassuring. But, this is not the case when it comes to freshmen driving illegally. As one transitions into the stage of becoming a young adult, driving contributes to the progression. Driving is beneficial in traveling from one place to another, but it is an important responsibility that can possibly result in disastrous consequences. We at The Comet express

The situation with freshmen driving illegally is overwhelming. We believe that safety is very important and freshmen failing to follow the risks the lives of many people. An example of a situation that can cause catastrophic calamities is open lunch. The once-a-month reward is usually hectic and freshmen driving illegally contributes to the factor dealing with danger. We at the Comet think that the freshmen breaking the laws can effect numerous people.

DRIVING IS BENEFICIAL... BUT IT IS AN IMPORTANT RESPONSIBILITY” concerns regarding the outrageous number of freshmen maneuvering moving vehicles. A farmer’s permit allows the minimum age of 14 years old to obtain an opportunity to drive, but with limitations. Some of these limitations include: residing on a farm, only being able to drive from home to school in the most direct route. Yet, we observe freshmen who claim that they possess a driver’s permit failing to

follow the limitations. Furthermore, the Kansas Driver Handbook states that one must be 15 years of age and have completed a driver’s education class in order to have a restricted driver’s permit. Similar to a farmer’s permit, restricted permits also have comparable limitations. We believe that numerous freshmen are driving illegally and increasing the chances of situations that can have negative results.

Quit using suicide as a threat EMILY EAGLE


Before you read this, I’ll warn you: TOUCHY SUBJECT AHEAD! When in highly emotionally stressful and draining situations, we humans find ourselves doing things that we are not proud of or that surprise us. I have been there, done that. I have said something that I shouldn’t have and then later claimed, “I was just really upset and I didn’t mean what I said.” But, at what point do the things we say when we’re upset cross a line? A bad breakup is definitely an example of an emotionally draining situation, and often times, significant others manipulate each other in hopes of preventing the split up. Example: “If we break up, I am going to kill myself.” This specific example I have seen multiple times in my life and to people who are close to me. If you have never

been in that situation, take a second to put yourself in those shoes. Would you stay? Most likely, yes. Because, who wants to contribute to such a thing as suicide? No one, right? However, unfairness arises to the other person in the relationship. If said person threatens suicide simply as a way of keeping his/her significant other close, and NOT because they truly feel the desperation associated with depression and suicide, then that is just wrong on every level: A- It’s a lie. B- It’s disregarding the feelings of people who are actually in that situation (having suicidal thoughts) and basically mocking them. C-It’s trapping the other person in the relationship. Some things you just don’t take lightly. Suicide definitely falls into that category. Now, I consider myself a strong believer in trying to resolve complicated problems when it comes to relationships and working things out instead of just ending it. Especially when it

comes to long lasting, serious types of relationships. But, sometimes it honestly just does not work out between people. What really bothers me is when the person who threatens the other with suicide is the one at fault or causing the problems in the relationship. I know someone who has been in this situation. Her significant other cheated on her many times and just never treated her well. She was done, fed up. But, she couldn’t leave, due to this threat that the other person wasn’t even sincere about. She didn’t want him to do that. But, he didn’t actually desire to commit suicide, it was just manipulation to keep her from leaving. They are now broken up and happier than ever. Of course, there is no way to differentiate between a serious threat and a bluff. But, my point is, do not threaten your significant other with committing suicide due to the break up as an excuse to get them to stay with you. Especially when those feeling are completely made up. It is just not right.

This year for the prom fundraiser, the junior class is taking a new sales route. Instead of selling chocolate bars as in previous years, we will be selling miscellaneous items from a catalog. Including items such as cooking ware, edible goods and Christmas decorations. However, as is always the case with a new system, there are pros and cons. Growing up in Cub Scouts, I had to sell popcorn yearly so I can definitely relate to the struggles of fundraising. The main complaint that I have heard has to do with how much harder it is to sell the new items than it was to sell chocolate like last year’s juniors. Selling chocolate or other types of food can be much easier because you can sell directly to your fellow students. A school full of ravenous teenagers, compounded with student-vendors of inexpensive chocolates, can lead to large amounts of sales. Another point is that since juniors now have to sell from catalogs, they may be forced to show up at random people’s doorsteps. This strategy is out of many students’ comfort zones. As it lead to some very awkward confrontations. However, on the flip side, there are also some pros to a new system of fundraising. While chocolates are much easier to sell, they do not yield much in profit. The cheapest item in the catalog yields nine times as much profit as a candy bar; while the average price item yields about 19 times as much profit. So it’s a bit of a trade off — fewer sales, but higher profits. The juniors also have a new incentive program for sales. Once a student passes the 30 sales mark they are given one draw from a bag filled with money. The bag may contain any bill denomination, including 100 dollar bills. The student will also be given another draw for every 10 sales after the 30 sales mark. Only time will tell which type of fundraising will become the popular form for juniors. But, one thing’s for sure, it will definitely be an interesting experience.





REALITY Coming out made difficult as members of LGBTQ+ community struggle to find understanding, acceptance

EDITOR’S NOTE: We understand not everyone is going to like or approve of this topic. That doesn’t mean the topic isn’t one worth discussing. In fact, we believe some people’s extreme distaste for this topic makes it all the more important to discuss. Kaleigh Ludlum


“Gay New Mexico Teen Commits Suicide After Reportedly Being Bullied By Classmates”. “Gay Iowa Teen Commits Suicide, Was Allegedly Bullied By Classmates”. “Transgender boy, 16, commits suicide after years of bullying”. These news articles are real. These stories about very young boys and girls getting bullied to the point of death are extremely real. It is a horrifying truth that is becoming even more real every day. It is very difficult and nearly impossible to get exact numbers on homosexuality. This is because many people have trouble admitting it to themselves, much less a researcher. What is clear to see is that LGBTQ+ students are facing bullying and discrimination daily in schools across the country. LGBTQ+ students were twice as likely to say that they were not planning on completing high school or going on to college. This decision is pushed by the tremendous amounts of bullying LGBTQ+ students endure throughout their high school career and their fear of it being worse in college. It is a completely rational thought because it is something they have experienced their entire life. Health is also a factor that is affected when it comes to teen homosexuality. PFLAG statistics stated that “gay teens are 8.4 times more likely to be reported

“WHAT IS CLEAR TO SEE IS THAT LGBTQ+ STUDENTS ARE FACING BULLYING AND DISCRIMINATION DAILY IN SCHOOLS ACROSS THE COUNTRY.” having committed suicide and 5.9 times more likely to report high levels of depression compared with peers from families that reported no or low levels of family rejection.” The same organization also said that the youth who reported higher levels of family rejection were three times more likely to engage in the use of illegal drugs. Bullying includes harassment and violence, which is what a large amount of LGBTQ+ teens experience daily. The youth in this category are assaulted because of their sexual orientation and gender expression. Along with the violence that has been evident in this situation, teens of LGBTQ+ face sexual harassment as well. Nearly two-thirds reported being sexually harassed in school. It is hard to imagine a daily life filled with constant bullying and harassment from those who are called peers. We hear these stories about bullying and suicide surrounding the LGBTQ+ community and wonder, why? It is because their sexual orientation or gender expression does not fit in with society’s understanding of “normal?” It is time for the bullying to be stopped so that gay, transgender, or even questioning teens, can express themselves freely and not be afraid of the consequences.


Gay but not happy


of LGBTQ+ students have been verbally harassed because of their sexual orientation.


of LGBTQ+ students have been physically harassed because of their sexual orientation.


of LGBTQ+ students have been verbally harassed because of their gender expression.


of LGBTQ+ students have been physically harassed because of their gender expression.

8 in 10 LGBTQ+ students say that they have been verbally harassed at school.

LGBTQ+ students who have been victimized and harThe dropout rate for LGassed have higher chances BTQ+ students is 3 times of: higher than the national Having a lower GPA. average. Being less likely to plan to attend college. Having a lower self-esteem.

Sources: GLSEN 2013 National School Climate Survey, The Trevor Project- Facts about suicide, GLSEN 2011 National School Climate Survey, HRC Report: Growing up in America, Lambda Legal- Gay and Lesbian Youth in Schools

LGBTQ+ students are 4 times more likely, and questioning youth are 3 times more likely to commit suicide than their straight peers.

William Folk Guest Commentary There are many things people never look forward to. Coming out as gay is one of them. When I found out I was gay in fourth grade, I was sort of relieved. I was, however, extremely worried what my parents would think if I told them. My head spun with thoughts of repulsion, rejection and fear. I didn’t want to be left alone again. Finally, after nearly shorting out my brain, I came out to them. The first words out of their mouths were, “You’re just confused, you’re not old enough to know right now.” Those words struck me like a train; I nearly broke down in tears. The denial my parents showed in those few words told me that they were disappointed with me. My world felt as if someone had just drenched it in gasoline and set it on fire. Every time I looked in the mirror, I felt like I was staring into the eyes of a monster. I knew that if I kept looking at myself in such a manner that I

was probably going to kill myself. After a while, and much encouragement from my friends, I finally accepted the fact that I was not a monster, but rather a boy who knows what he likes. After this, I decided that what others thought of me would not affect me. In my dear opinion, no matter who you are or what you do, you’re still a person who deserves respect. I encourage any persons who are of the LGBTQ+ community to express who you are freely. The freedom to be who you are is not restricted to the heterosexual community. You have every right to be who you are just like everyone else does. Just remember that no matter what you are, you’re still human. It is completely and utterly expected for you to discover what you like in terms of sexual attraction. This is an issue in which many find controversial because of their personal beliefs and/or morals. I understand that there are people who completely disagree with this, as I would expect, but this gives you no less right than they do. It all depends on how they were raised or the environment they were raised in. In the end of all this just remember, don’t be afraid to be who you are.

What’s the LGBTQ+ Alphabet? Lesbian

A woman sexually attracted to women.


A man sexually attracted to men. This is also the term used to describe homosexuals in general.


A person that is sexually attracted to men and women.


A person who identifies as the opposite sex of what they were born as.


A broad term that describes a person of the LGBTQ+ community. To explore/question one’s sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.


Someone who’s physical sex characteristics are not categorized as exclusively male or exclusively female.


A person who does not have a sexual orientation.

Have you ever considered a career in healthcare?        

EMT Paramedic Laboratory Technician Medical Coder Physical Therapist Occupational Therapist Surgical Technologist Pharmacy Technician

You don’t have to be a doctor or nurse to work in healthcare. Checkout part-time jobs at






Malik Oezder: The German Hamburger HUNTYR SCHWEGMAN @Swegggie

As he pulled into Chanute, junior Malik Oezder saw how different life was going to be for the next 10 months, living in the middle of nowhere. Oezder is a Foreign Exchange student from Hamburg, Germany; therefore making him a Hamburger (a citizen of the city of Hamburg). He was born there with his brother who is three years younger than him. Oezder was an honor student throughout middle school and high school. Oezder found out about

Oezder now lives here in the foreign exchange program Chanute with the Sanborns. from his friends. “My friends told me about He lives there with Kaiden, Kylee, and it… and I reKeaton, ally liked the and fellow idea, so I apforeign plied,” Oezder LIVING IN AMERICA IS exchange said. student, Ta Once he COMPLETELY Wichakorn, was accepted DIFFERENT THAN from Thaiinto the proland. LIVING IN GERMANY.” gram, there He arwas one more JUNIOR rived in hurdle in his MALIK OEZDER C h a n u t e , way. He had and without to take a test to much time make sure that he was qualito settle in, he started makfied for the program. Once he ing memories. He has already passed, he was matched with experienced some of the best a family.

Students & Slushies We asked CHS students a few questions about the new slushy machines:

Have you ever tried a slushy in the cafeteria? Yes

No 23%



Yes 77%

-TANNER AMMONS What is your favorite flavor so far? Mocha

Mocha Green 18% Apple 30% Strawberry Banana 17%

Blue Raspberry 35%

Strawberry Banana Blue Raspberry Green Apple



What flavor(s) would you like to see in the future? Cola or Pop Flavors Tweet us @chscomet and let us know. Cherry Root Beer Crush Cola Pineapple Watermelon Lemonade Bubblegum

Cherry Strawberry Mango Tropical Flavors Grape CherryGrape Limeade Frozen Coffee Watermelon Cotton Candy Coffee Starburst Tiger Blood Cotton Candy

s ’ t Le Get al! c i z z i u Q

activities and experiences that the Midwest has to offer such as: Worlds of Fun, Royals games and disc golfing. His favorite part so far about America is all the new experiences, meeting new people and the whole new way of life. “Living in America,” Oezder said, “is completely different than living in Germany.” He says he loves his host family, but misses his actual family. “I got really lucky with my host family,” Oezder said. “I wouldn’t want to stay with anyone else.”

Oezder has always loved sports, and that love that he’s had since he was little led him right to playing football. He plans on powerlifting in the winter and either playing baseball or track in the spring. He is just excited to get to participate in anything he can. Oezder’s life has always involved some form of music, ranging from playing drums when he was little to producing music. His favorite genres to produce are House, Dubstep, and Trap. While Oezder has a brand new life here in America, he still loves his life back home. All these experiences will help

homework rule.” The rule recommends 10 minutes of homework per grade level, per night. This amounts

of issues including fatigue, stress and loss of interest in academics. “It depends on the homework assignment. If it’s for practice then sure it’s reasonable for homework to be assigned, but if you master the lesson then there’s no point of the homework to be given out,” Reed said. A Metlife study in 2007 showed that only 45 percent of students in the grades three to 12 spend more than

shape who he is and help write his story. Because after all, everybody has a story.

Is homework worth the effort? THAILEE MCFADDEN


Many students, as they have sat down for hours of homework, have asked themselves, “Is this really worth it?” The debate over whether homework is a beneficial learning tool has raged on in recent years after some studies questioned the merit of homework. Opinions on the topic are far ranging. Math teacher Brian Campbell is one who believes in the value of homework. “Kids not doing their homework is a poor choice and it leads to poor test grades,” Campbell said. English teacher Max Ruark agreed with this statement. “Homework is important because it helps reinforce what we learned. It also teaches students life skills like time management and organization,” Ruark said. Even some students argue for the merits of homework. “By not doing their homework (students) are striving for failure,” freshman Colten Frich said. Not all teachers and students see the value in homework though. “It’s stupid. We learn at school not at home,” freshman Jayce Fugate said. The actual answer to the homework question might be found between the two extremes. The National PTA and National Education Association are in favor of the “10-minute

Yes 45%

IT’S STUPID. WE LEARN AT SCHOOL NOT AT HOME.” FRESHMAN JAYCE FUGATE to 90 minutes per night for freshmen, 100 minutes for sophomores, 110 minutes for juniors and 120 minutes for seniors. The two groups also say that giving students too much homework leads to a number

an hour per night doing homework, that includes the 6 percent of students who report spending more than three hours per night on their homework. The University of Michigan found that in the 20022003 school year ages 6 through 17 spent three hours and 38 minutes per week doing homework. The opinion of homework varies on the type of person and their work effort. Are you the type of person who does their homework as soon as they receive the assignment or the do it at home or never do it type of person?

No 55%

Renaissance Fun Junior Kristin Umbarger meets Dustpan at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival on Oct. 9. Photo by Huntyr Schwegman.

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We asked senior Ashlynn Stipp some questions about herself. We also asked her brother, freshman Trey Stipp, and best friend, senior Abby Walker, to see who knew her better. Family triumphed this round!

Ashlynn Stipp

Trey Stipp

Abby Walker

What is Ashlynn’s favorite TV show?

Impractical Jokers

A League of Their Own


What does Ashlynn enjoy doing?

Playing Softball

Playing Softball


What is Ashlynn’s favorite music?




What is Ashlynn’s favorite class?






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Look Alikes...

‘XOXO’ nothing more than a cluttered, confusing mess

Jayci Vietti


The movie “XOXO” is a new original movie on Netflix. It’s definitely not the best movie I have ever seen. Personally, I thought the movie was not well thought out whatsoever. There was absolutely no plot in the movie either. The movie was so cluttered and confusing that it wasn’t even easy to follow, and honestly, I did not want to follow it. The movie is about a guy named Ethan Shaw. Ethan gets the opportunity to DJ at a very popular club called, “XOXO”. This club is huge, and everyone who is anyone is there. The whole movie is

in the setting of the rave and background information, or doesn’t change, except for the even added more details to set beginning of the movie when the movie up more. they are on the party bus, and The movie then showed in Ethan’s house for about 3 Ethan making more music minutes. The movie also has while his was manager letting quite a few characters, but him know that he got the just throws them in at random opportunity to DJ at “XOXO”. times in the movie. Most of At this time Ethan is already the characters in the movie on the bus to the club. you see at the rave, but there In the meantime, Ethan gets are quite a few on the party an offer from another manager bus as and since “XOXO” well. Ethan’s I feel current 4/10 like the managFLOP Streaming on Netflix beginer took Creators: Christopher Louie, ning of forever to Dylan Meyer the movie even get to Stars: Sarah Hyland, was very “XOXO”, Graham Phillips, Brett DelBuono rushed. Ethan The movdecides to ie could take the have been a lot more setup offer. Ethan also performs at if the beginning would have the club, but it did not go over been thought out a bit more. very well and Ethan gets very The movie’s setting went into frustrated at himself for the the club very fast. Which, the performance he did, which beginning should have been made him want to go to the slower. The directors could other manager more. have done a lot with more The movie is an hour and

a half long, and it could have been made in about 30 minutes. The movie was, however, directed okay and the acting was not bad. But, it still did not hold my interest. I did keep watching to see if anything exciting would even happen, and as you may have guessed, it did not. This particular movie was something I would personally never watch again, but if you like movies about parties, just a weird different scene, or even music, then this movie may be your go-to! It just really is not in my personal preference of genres. I recognized a couple actors, but not all of them. One of the girl actors, Mila Kunis, is very popular and has been in numerous television series. Like I said earlier, the acting was not bad at all. The set of the rave was very cool and different. The makeup and costumes the people were wearing were very unique, interesting, and

colorful. At the rave the scene changed multiple times and in every different shot, the area was really interesting. There was tons of bright colorful lights, in some rooms, funky furniture, and some super cool music playing throughout the movie. The way that it portrayed a rave, was very realistic and crazy. There were some super cool shots with the lights and dancing. I like how they planned the movie in terms of design, costumes, makeup.. Etc. But, the storyline is what gets me. It is really not a movie I recommend watching, but you might as well watch it to see how confusing this movie actually is. If the movie would have been taken in a completely different way, or have been taken into more serious consideration it could have been a great movie, but I do not think this movie was thought out well. This movie definitely was not one of Netflix’s prouder moments.

Hollywood Heartbreak

Quit clowning around


Unless you have been hiding under a novelty clown wig, you should know all about the killer clown craze. Many communities around the United States have been reporting disturbing sightings of creepy clowns. For sufferers of coulrophobia, the phobia of clowns, this isn’t anything to joke about. The clowns are no laughing matter for law enforcement either. The events began in South Carolina on August 29 when residents at Fleetwood Manor Apartments in Greenville County reported that a person in a clown costume was lurking around the apartment complex while making strange noises. One woman told locals that she saw the clown attempt to lure the local children into the woods. The strange event sounded something straight out of a horror movie. Although the clown was never identified, similar occurrences began happening all around South Carolina, and soon the trend spread

into other states. These clowns aren’t being found in a big circus tents either. Clowns have been spotted in cemeteries, corn fields, walking along open roads and some are even risky enough to show up at the front door, an unwelcome surprise. Some individuals told police that clowns were stalking them and chasing them with kitchen knives, and the clowns even directed threats towards schools. It seemed as if a new report of a “killer clown” threat popped up every hour. However, many of the reports given have been dismissed by law enforcements as pranks brought up by pesky teenagers with a dark sense of humor. Whether they really were pranks, sightings or actual threats, police took it as far as arresting individuals in connections with the clown sightings. Public schools in Connecticut and other states advised parents to not let their children wear clown masks this Halloween to prevent hysteria and fear, something that may seem obvious to most. They believe it is a “symbol of terror” this Halloween. This recent phenomenon of creepy clown activity is not entirely new and with Halloween approaching; the trend may take awhile to cease.


But why do any of us really care? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is a divorce in America approximately every 36 seconds. We allow that to be just a fact that happens to


For any of you Brangelina fans, the news of Brad IN AMERICA, THERE Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce was a big shot to the IS ONE DIVORCE heart. APPROXIMATELY We have been mesmerized EVERY 36 SECONDS” by this couple for years and their glamorous red carpet CENTERS FOR DISEASE walks together, matched with CONTROL AND PREVENTION their love for giving back, has been the epitome of “relation- exist. There is not a media upship goals.” roar and people taking sides But I have a very imporas to who is right and who is tant question, for you, my wrong. Comet readers — why does it So why does a celebrity matter? couple get more people talkYes, you read that right. ing about divorce than most Now, don’t get me wrong, of the families right next to us I am very disheartened that filing divorce papers everythis couple has decided to day? call it quits, and I loved them Why not spend that time together, and quite honestly I talking about how to prevent did not see this coming at all. divorce and what we can do

in our country right now? I understand that with having a celebrity status comes a lack of privacy, but the fact that media outlet after media outlet is scooping up every piece of information within this divorce is, quite honestly, rude and disrespectful to not only Brad and Angelina, but also their six children. Let me remind you all that those children did not ask for any of this and are probably trying to figure out how to adjust with a family that is no longer whole. They do not need an audience giving opinions. All I am asking of you, Comet readers, in this time of confusion for this family, is to give them some respect and privacy. As much as we all want to know what happened, it is not our place to know right now. So let us talk about why divorce is so prevalent here and try to make it a topic that is important regardless of who it is, instead of wasting time in a celebrity couples’ business.

What’s hot thi s month Top 3 songs in October

Invisible Boyfriend, or Girlfriend, is a new app that gives singles everywhere a relationship with someone who ALWAYS texts back. This is a long awaited app, to say at the least.

Halloween movies are trending every October.

1 2 3

National Increase Your Psychic Powers Day October 31

Starboy- The Weeknd feat. Daft Punk

zane neely junior

pete davidson comedian

Coming Soon... to a theatre near you October 21: Ouija: Origin of Evil Starring: Elizabeth Reaser, Henry Thomas, Doug Jones Boo! A Madea Halloween Starring: Bella Thorne, Brock O’ Hurn, Tyler Perry

October 28: Inferno Starring: Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones, Ben Foster Rings Starring: Vincent D’ Onofrio, Aimee Teegarden, Laura Wiggins

November 4: Doctor Strange Starring: Rachel McAdams, Benedict Cumberbatch

We tweeted at CHS students and asked them what they are going to dress up as this Halloween. Keep up with The Comet’s twitter account to be featured in our next issue. @chscomet Thomas Ammons

@dorkknight98 “someone that my dad loves.”

Huntyr Schwegman

@Swegggie “a teenager with his life together”

Mercedes Laree

@MercedesLaree “Eeyore because I’m a depressed little child”

Let Me Love You- DJ Snake feat. Justin Bieber Treat You BetterShawn Mendes

Reyna Olson

Haunted houses, real or fake, are a Halloween necessity in a fall to-do list. Again, real or not, be safe and scream a lot.

@reyna_rooskie “I think I’m gonna be a hot dog because I am one hot diggity dog”

Lauren Davis

@Laurend246 “Wisdom tooth patient”

SPORTS The Rundown Briefly catching up with the Blue Comet sports teams. Boys’ Cross Country


Schools set to vote on KSHSAA reclassification DUSTIN VARGO


Sophomore Reno Lemon sprints the final stretch of the race during the SEK meet in Chanute on Oct. 13. Lemon’s second-place finish led the Blue Comet boys to a third-place finish as a team. Photo by Jaylynn Hicks.

Girls’ Cross Country

Sophomores Kayla Akers and Sydney Wilson run along side each other during the Blue Comets’ race at Pittsburg High School on Sept. 29. The duo helped the Comets to a third-place finish at SEK. Photo by Huntyr Schwegman.


Senior Matt DeVoe looks for running room in the Comets 48-14 loss to Ottawa on Sept. 23 The Comets (2-5, 0-1) continue district play tomorrow against Labette County . Photo by Thailee McFadden.

Girls’ Golf

The playoff format for many Chanute High School sports may change with a new proposal to reclassify schools in Kansas. The Kansas High School Activities Association (KSHSAA) is looking to re-shift the balance of the sports classes in the state. These changes will be up for discussion at the KSHSAA administrators meeting on October 26 in Fort Scott. Athletic director Ryan Luke believes the proposal is a welcome change. “I think for football and basketball, I think six classes is good, but I would say for all other sports there should be four classes, but this is a step in the right direction,” Luke said. For this proposal, the 4A being split into two divisions would end, and for all sports non-football, 4A will have 36 teams. Football will have 32 teams in 6A, 5A, and 4A. Everything else would currently stay the same. In basketball (both boys and girls), the new proposal will divide 4A into four nine-team regionals, which are seeded 1-9. Two sub-states would come out of the regionals; seeds 1, 4, 5, 8, and 9 would play each other in one, the other would be seeds 2, 3, 6, and 7. To account for the odd number of seeds, the 8 and 9 would have a play-in game and whoever wins the play-in would play the 1 at sub-state. Boys basketball coach Max Ruark felt that the proposal would warrant some changes.

“The biggest change will be more need of advanced scouting,” Ruark said. ”You will need to keep an eye on all of the other teams in the regional that you may not have seen or experienced over the course of the year.” Girls basketball coach Dustin Fox felt the changes would be positive. “Honestly, I think the proposed change would be a good one for us in basketball,” Fox said. “With four team moving up to 6A from 5A, that leaves eight teams at the top of 4A moving up to 5A... That looks awesome to us on the basketball side as Miege and McPherson have dominated since moving down from 5A.” For girls and boys tennis, Class 3-2-1A would be eliminated and 4A would become 4-1A. The regionals with 4-1A will go one of two ways, either six regionals with 9-12 schools or four regionals with 14-20 schools. Boys tennis coach Jeff Smith feels the changes may be confusing. “I am not sure on the wording for tennis,” Smith said. “It seems a little confusing to me…. I think it would benefit some schools, but hurt others because of the unlucky draw you may receive based on your location.” Baseball and softball would be divided into 18-team brackets, one for eastern schools and the other for western ones. Four regionals would come out of each bracket and the two extra teams in each regional would more than likely have to play in. Cross country will go one of two ways: three regionals of 12 schools with top 4 going to

“i don’t think it would affect us as much. i think most people are for it, but they can’t agree...” chris shields football coach

“the biggest change will be more need of advanced scouting.” max ruark boys basketball coach

“it seems a little confusing to me. i think it would benefit some schools, but hurt others...” jeff smith boys tennis coach state, or four regionals of nine schools with top three going to state. Individual qualifiers would see no change. Track would be split into nine-team regionals with topfour qualifiers advancing to state. Volleyball would be divided into four sub-states of nine teams each. Sub-state would be done in pool play, the top team from each sub-state will

advance to bracket play at the state tournament. Wrestling would be divided into either 18-team, two-day regionals, or four nine-team, one-day regionals. Top eight finishers at the eight-team regionals would qualify for state, top four for the nine-team regionals. The proposal didn’t address golf, though KSHSAA is expected to address that.



Girls’ Tennis

“honestly, i think the proposed change would be a good one for us in basketball.” dustin fox girls basketball coach

Brain games: Concussion awareness on the rise NICK SHULTZ

Senior Abby Walker eyes a short put during a home meet earlier this season. Walker and sophomore Zoe Barkman qualified for the Class 4A state golf tournament. Photo by Michaela Friend.


Concussions have long been an issue in high school sports. The difference now is that people are becoming more aware of what they are and the dangers associated with them. Gone are the days of returning a game after “getting your bell rung.” Instead concussions are being taken more seriously than ever before. Football coach Chris Shields

HEAD FOOTBALL COACH CHRIS SHIELDS has his speculations on the important issue of concussions. “We take a lot of pride in educating our players about the dangers of concussions and proper playing techniques to minimize the risk. Unfortunately concussion

are like any other injury in that there is no way to completely eliminate them,” says Chris Shields. A number of practices have been put into place to raise concussion awareness. All athletes have to take a test and

Concussion Rates per Sport

Concussion BASICS

concussion - n. a traumatic brain injury that alters the way your brain functions. Effects are usually temporary but can include headaches and problems with concentration, memory, balance and coordination.

The below numbers indicate the amount of sports concussions taking place per 1,000 athletic exposures (practices and games) in sports offered at Chanute High School.

Sophomore Taylor Thompson returns a shot as sophomore partner Shayla Bogle backs her up. Thompson and Bogle played No. 2 doubles for the Comets at SEK and regionals. Photo by Thailee McFadden.


Football: 4.13 Wrestling: 2.44 Girls’ basketball: 2.21 Boys’ basketball: 1.60 Girls’ softball: 1.29 Girls’ volleyball: 1.17 Girls’ cross country: 1.15 Girls’ track: 0.92 Boys’ baseball: 0.85 Boys’ track: 0.70 Cheerleading: 0.68 Boys’ cross country: 0.62 Girls’ tennis: 0.55 Boys’ tennis: 0.21 No stats available for golf.

watch videos on concussions before they are allowed to participate in sports. The videos must be watched every year by all students participating in any sport. “I think it’s time consuming, but it gets a good point across,” junior Jacody Hockett expressed. A study by Prevacus estimates that the likelihood of an athlete in a contact sport experiencing a concussion is as high as 20 percent per season. The rising of concussions may have lead players on the football team to be more aware and more cautious with but some do not. “No, because it’s the risk of the sport, things are going to happen that you can’t control,” senior Tret Bailey, a member of the football team, said. Concussions are a risk that may never be completely eliminated from sports. The increased awareness of concussions in athletics can be a positive change.

Sources: 2015 High School Sports-Related Injury Study and

Sophomore Molly Rollins focuses on an oncoming serve during the Comet’s senior night loss to Labette County. The Comets won both their matches Monday and enter sub-state next week with an 18-17 record. Photo by Sophie Osborn.

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7 1-on-1 jaiden galemore senior We sat down with tennis senior Jaiden Galemore to get the scoop on tennis, hobbies, future plans and zombies. What sparked your love for tennis?

I’ve always wanted to try something new. How long have you participated in tennis?

I’ve played all four years of high school. What do you enjoy most about it?

I love how at the end of every match, you could talk with your opponents and make new friendships. Do you have any hobbies?

I love arts and crafts, playing video games and reading. Who’s your celebrity crush?

I’ve always had this weird crush on Gerard Butler. Where do you plan on going to college and what career are you pursuing?

I’m going to KU, either becoming a neurologist or a neurosurgeon. If a zombie apocalypse occurred, what’s the first thing you would do?

I would grab weapons, supplies, some friends and drive to a less-populated area to camp out. Who inspires you in life and why?

My parents because they push me to do the things that are best for me, and for that I am grateful.

SPORTS Kicking around an idea Students, patrons look into soccer program HALEY ANGLETON AND SOPHIE OSBORN



Junior Dominique Becannon (right) gets a hand shake and a unique look from sophomore Kiley Smoot during a match against Labette County on Oct. 13. Photo by Sophie Osborn.



Being one of only two schools in the SEK league lacking a soccer team, Chanute High School is finding a growing number of students wanting to play. In an unofficial poll conducted by The Comet, 58 percent of students surveyed indicated they would be interested in playing soccer. With such a high percentage of students interested, many students are wondering why CHS does not already have a team. “There are a lot of factors that have determined our decision up to this point, and a lot of them are financial,” athletic director Ryan Luke said. In order for CHS to get a soccer team, the school board would have to approve. Then funding would need to be raised for things like uniforms, coaches and transportation. Despite the hurdles, Luke is open to the idea of adding a soccer program. “I think anytime you can give opportunities for students to get involved in activities is a positive thing,” Luke said. Forty percent of the students surveyed at CHS do not currently participate in a sport, and soccer would offer an opportunity for kids who don’t find any other sport fitting. Chanute is behind other SEK schools like Independence who has had a high school soccer program for 18 years. Like Chanute, Independence has a recreation league and traveling teams. Kelsey Fox, who coaches youth soccer for the Chanute Recreation Commission, is one of the many proponents of CHS starting a team. Fox, who was an all-state soccer player at Campus High School in Haysville and played collegiately at Emporia State, has coached youth soccer for three years. In that time she has become passionate about getting a program at CHS. “I think that starting a soccer team would provide another outlet for the kids to express themselves and have another way of getting scholarships,” Fox said. For CHS to have a team, it might be necessary for boys and girls to play together. Students like freshman Vittorio Kwek think co-ed is the way to go because it lets more students play on one team. “I think it’s a good idea because there would be more people to play,” Kwek said.



Becannon is one of a number of Chanute High School students who is involved in multiple activities. In addition to volleyball, Becannon plays the saxophone in the Blue Pride marching band. Photo by Thailee McFadden.

REAGAN SMITH @epicsmith00

“Busy.” This is the one word junior Dominique Becannon would use to describe her daily schedule. Becannon is a member of the Blue Pride Marching Band and the Blue Comet girls’ volleyball team, both of which take up quite a bit of her time. Her mornings can start as early as 7 a.m. with band practice. “I have band in the morning, every morning, early rehearsal, and then I have volleyball after

school,” Becannon said. Students who participate in more than one sport or activity are undoubtedly busy. Multi-activity student athletes have the added challenge of having to balance homework, grades, and an additional sport added onto being an ordinary high school student with individual struggles, stresses and worries. The schedules, stress relief, and balancing acts of these multi-activity student athletes may vary greatly from socalled regular students, or even single-sport students. Even though multi-activity student athletes can be busier

than most, it can prove to reap rewarding benefits. According to an article published by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), “Student-athletes who are able to successfully balance their sports along with all their other interests and responsibilities stand the greatest chance of benefiting from this type of sport experience.” Many multi-activity partakers experience their high school lives very differently from regular students, but they also reap the benefits of such a schedule in quantity.

“It’s very rewarding,” Becannon, who is one of many multi-activity student athletes, said, “‘cause you get to get a lot of different, cool things… and you aren’t stuck around home all the time.” Like some can imagine, being this active can definitely lead to a little bit— if not a lot— of stress. Being in two different activities, though, can also come with some mix-ups. Becannon said that volleyball and band do cross on occasion. “Sometimes, like when we have parades and volleyball tournaments, I have to choose

over which one,” she said. “Sometimes we have band practice when we have volleyball practice.” Becannon says she deals with the stress of being so involved by something we all do: sleep and eat food. “It’s how I take out my stress,” she said. Even though students like Becannon can get quite busy with their daily responsibilities, the benefit of partaking in multiple activities can be beneficial to student athletes who are able to find the right balance.

Collins learns from state experience KELSEY PEREZ @kperez2313

Despite going winless at the Class 4A state tennis tournament, junior Sage Collins came away with a positive experience. Collins, who finished sixth in her regional, went 0-2 on the day. Going into regionals, Collins had been battling injuries and pain throughout the season, but she still qualified for the state tournament. “We knew going into the state tournament that (Collins’) sixth-place finish at our regional would make her road at State very tough,” Coach Mike DeLaTorre said. Collins split the first two sets her first match 1-6, 6-0 before losing 10-4 in a super tie-breaker to Emma Queen of Maize South, the thirdplace finisher from the Pratt regional. “Sage started strong, hitting deep within the court, forcing her opponent to make some forced errors, and won the first set easily, 6-1” Coach DeLaTorre said. In the second set, Queen turned up her game for the rest of the match. Collins lost the second set 0-6. “No matter what Sage tried to do, Emma always had an answer,” DeLaTorre said. The loss put Collins into the back side of the bracket where she played Kira Haxton of Lindsborg-Smoky Valley, the third-place finisher at the Buhler Regional. “Although most of the games were close, going to

Junior Sage Collins, shown returning a volley in a match earlier this season, qualified for the state tennis tournament in Winfield. Collins went 0-2. Photo by Emily Eagle.

deuce many times, Kira won the match by a score of 9-0,”

DeLaTorre said. Collins was not discouraged

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by losing, as both her and her lins said. Throughout the tournacoach were proud of the way ment, Collins realized someshe played. thing very important. “(Even though) I lost both “I realized that I was one, if (matches), I feel like I played not the only the best girl, who tennis I had hadn’t played played all tennis in midyear,” Col...I FEEL LIKE I dle school. lins said. PLAYED THE BEST It made me Collins TENNIS I HAD realize the had a memimportance orable time PLAYED ALL YEAR.” of starting at the state JUNIOR SAGE COLLINS tennis early,” tournament, Collins said. despite her “I think the losses. middle school should defi“My favorite part was nitely look into starting a getting to spend time with my coach and watching some program for tennis.” great tennis matches,” Col-

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