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==== ==== Congrats on your new iPad. Go here to learn how to do everything on your iPad ==== ====

Apple's newest update to the iPad and iPhone software, iOS4.2, now includes the "Find My iPhone" and "Find My iPad" app. Previously these features were available, but only as part of the MobileMe subscription at the cost of about $109 per year. What's great about Find My iPad or Find My iPhone app is that the service is unbelievably accurate and can work from almost any other computer or the latest generation Apple device. By using the satellite settings, it is possible to zoom in and identify exactly where your device is located at any time. If you've just misplaced your Apple device at work or at home, then finding it will be simple - just send a tone and let it keep playing until you've located your device. Find My iPad/iPhone also allows you to create and send a message that is displayed on the screen of a lost iPhone or iPad, provides the ability to remotely set and lock the device with a 4 digit locking code, or in the case of sensitive data, gives you the ability to remotely wipe the device completely clean of all information as a final fail-safe protective measure. A word of caution. In order to work properly, the Find My iPad/iPhone must be installed upon your device before it is lost or stolen. If you fail to install and activate the app, it cannot be done after the fact. So don't delay in downloading and installing this important program! The Find My iPhone and Find My iPad programs are available as free apps on both devices. If you missed the price tag for this incredible program, it is COMPLETELY FREE - with no strings attached. So download the app from iTunes and get Find My iPad or Find My iPhone working before it's too late. It only took us about 3 minutes to do so and we're with the slow-moving part of the herd. Better yet checkout our 6 Step Tutorial how to set-up Find-my-iPad.

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==== ==== Congrats on your new iPad. Go here to learn how to do everything on your iPad ==== ====

Apple Newest Update to the iPad and iPhone Software