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How to Spot a Quack before Getting Quacked!

Medical quackery can threaten both your health and pocket. Learn how to spot a Quack!

Millions of dollars are lost each year to medical and health fraud – much of it to quack cases. In some cases people are desperate and searching for a miracle when traditional medicine has failed them. In other cases patients (often elderly or less educated people) are taken advantage of intentionally by quack doctors and quack medical practitioners. Regardless the reason the patients lose money. They also lose time – time that could mean a difference between successfully managing the health problem and death. Contrary to popular belief, almost anyone can be a victim of a quack. Regardless of income, level of education, and experience, a person can be taken in. The best defense is sound knowledge about the products and services you are seeking – and ability to spot the common signs of medical quackery.

The most common abuses of quack practices include: Promise a quick cure or guarantee Diagnose a health problem by mail Change office locations or mailing addresses often Try to sell you one product to cure a wide variety of conditions Say a product will cure a condition for which no known cure exists (such as aids or certain kind of cancer). Ping-ponging: referring patients from one practitioner to another within the facility even though there is no medical need. Upgrading: billing for more services than were actually rendered, such as treating a patient for a minor cut but billing for suturing a deep laceration. Steering: suggesting a particular pharmacy that the patient should do business with. Some cases have included kickbacks to the recommending doctor.

Quackery poses genuine threats to health and well being! Loss of Valuable Time If you rely on useless remedies referred by a Quack, the time you lose could seriously harm your chance of recovery. Loss of Hard Earned Money According to National Council Against Health Fraud, the Americans spends billions of dollars on bogus treatments and often those who purchase the quack products are least able to afford them. Dangerous treatments Quack drugs or remedies are not produced or scientifically tested. They may contain substances which are contraceptive with other drugs you take, or with what you eat and drink. Loss of Hope in Medicare Systems People who realize they have been manipulated by quackery have reason to be bitter. Many become angry toward the medical profession as a whole. This could lead them to shun proper treatment. Money spent on quack cures for terminal conditions might be better donated to a worthy cause. Un-forgettable False fears Some victims of quackery are not even ill. Quack promoters try to cause doubt or anxiety in these people. Guilt Guilt is also a probable factor which affects a patient's loved ones: The parents who take their diabetic child off insulin, the spouse who takes a mate out of the country for worthless therapy.

How to spot a Quack before getting quacked: Check Credentials of the doctor or medical practitioner for ensuring that the one is not a quack. Beware to the doctors or Advisors who sell their own Medicaid products. Medical license verification is essential in these quack cases.

Check the organization’s accreditation with medical boards of the experts you consult. Beware of promises of immediate or miraculous results of diseases because only Quacks offer this. Be suspicious of sales pitches that promise results that are too good to be true Be cautious about mail-order or internet sales Be wary of untested Products. If you feel as if you have been violated by a quack, have made a purchase from a fraudulent source, or have encountered a quack who claims to be a medical professional, report the experience to your state's health department.

Conclusion: Medical quackery is a subtle but very frequent crime involving both people and products. It is not outright armed robbery, but it might as well be since both quackery and robbery accomplish the same things – they endanger the lives of the victims and separate them from their money. So every single human being has a responsibility to condemn and fight the Quack medical forgery to prevent our society from a great dilemma.

How to Spot a Quack before Getting Quacked!