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What is Necessary While Employment Screening: A Brief Guide for Employers

Hiring a right candidate for a job is of course a daunting task. An employer has to put internal and external resources in order to find a right candidate for available position. Human resource has to shortlist and interview many candidates to find a right person for a job. In this day and age, a good job has become scarce due to increasing competition in the job market. Therefore, many job seekers not only exaggerate the original information but also add the false information to their credentials. Verification of the documents provided by the candidate is one necessary task, but verification of other important background checks is also very necessary to place not the right candidate but the perfect candidate. Employee with a clear background increases the reputation of a company, but an employee with doubtful background can only help in dropping the reputation of an organization. Therefore, proper and deep background screening is essential before employing an applicant for a position. In this small guide, important areas where the background check is necessary will be discussed which will help all the employers around the world to minimize the risk of employment fraud during the employment tenure of an employee. Previous Employment Verification – You, as an employer, find something which sounds untrue or too good to be true in the profile of a candidate related to previous job description or compensation related matters, the need of previous employment verification arises here. Some people also put fake employment experience from a company which does not actually exist. Therefore, it is necessary to verify the employment history of an employee that what has he been bringing to a job at your company is based on facts and not based on fake information and work experience. Educational Document Verification – As the job market is getting saturated, many people want to show that they are the most eligible for a specific job. Many people are really eligible and have the real competitive educational background, but some people take the short cut and in fact “buy” educational qualification from some so called accredited university but actually an online scam or diploma mill. Furthermore, some people do not actually attend college or university but they get the degree printed same as the original degree and present it to employer. For all these reason, employer need to first identify the position of a university or college from a local accreditation authority and then a degree or diploma should be verified from the university/college verification department. Criminal Record Verification – Minor offences like getting a speeding ticket is negligible and many companies don’t even bother to ask about it, but criminal offences like street assault, drunken driving or act of extortion is uncompromiseable. Therefore, criminal record verification should be done properly to avoid serious consequences in the future.

Professional License Verification – When hiring for a professional capacity like medial or law, it is very important to verify their professional licenses to check whether it is genuine or fake. Proper verification is necessary from concern authorities to avoid serious issues in the future. Financial Background Check – An employee may not be trustworthy enough for an employer if he has previous cases of debt evasion against his name. Employer would not trust him when the matter of finance and cash handling is required.

Conclusion When all these verifications get done properly, employer and employee both go into a trustworthy and long term relationship that eventually helps greatly in the growth of the company and the employee with the company.

About the Author Khurram Zahid is a Research Analyst at DataFlow Group. Dataflow provides background checks for immigration departments, document verification, primary source verification for the medical industry, and pre employment background screening across the Middle East and South Asia. DataFlow is the choice of leading organization and governments worldwide.

What is Necessary While Employment Screening: A Brief Guide for Employers