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GCSE POWERPOINT   GCSE  BOOK  COVER  PROJECT   During  the  second  half  of  term  we  will  be   working  on  a  book  cover  brief  developing   illustraGons  for  different  story  genres  using   pracGcal  and  illustraGon  techniques  

Book cover  Project   •  Think  about  the  type  of  book  cover  you  want   to  do:   •  Genre  –     •  Target  Audience  (Who  is  the  book  for?)   •  Title   •  Mood  -­‐  linked  to  colour  scheme  

Genre Horror,  Mystery,  adventure,  acGon,  romance,   comedy     Target  audience   Age  range  15+,    children,    40’s  /50’s   Culture  ,  naGonality,  gender,     Title.  Think  about  during  the  week     Mood  -­‐  LighGng    ,    colours,    text/font  style   Adventure    green,  black  and  white      

Book Examples   MYSTERY  




Steve Robson  

Steve Robson   It  was  2010  that  Stephen  Robson  joined  Greenwich  Printmakers.  He  aaended   Goldsmith’s  college  and  has  a  background  in  woking  and  teaching  in  photography.  Hes   firmly  drawn  to  work  from  Samuel  Palmer,  Paul  Nash  and  Edward  Hopper.  The   Thames  estuary,Suffolk  and  the  coast  of  Norkfolk  have  been  favorite  subjects.     The  colours  in  Steve  Robson  work  is  very  dull,  it  seems  as  they  use  different  colours  of   the  same  colour.  The  mood  of  these  pictures  are  very  depressing  as  they  are  not   bright.  Most  of  the  colours  are  to  dull.  His  work  is  from  eching  this  is  which  I  chose  it   because  I  am  also  doing  the  same  thing  to  experiment  with  prinGng.  He  try's  to  make   us  focus  on  the  horizon  line  which  tends    to  be  a  third  of  the  way  through  the  page.   Because  there  is  only  2  to  3  colours  I  tend  to  focus  on  the  white  highlights.  Robson   work  will  ofen  have  a  variety  of  art  making.    

Robson is  influenced  by  the  deep   sky's  in  Hoppers  work  and  black  and   white  etching  technique  in  Paul  Nash   and  Samuel  Palmer’s  work.  

•  Paul Nash   •  Edward  Hopper     •  Samuel  Palmer    

Etching in  the  style  of  Steve  Robson  

Fabienne Rivory  work  

Fabienne Rivory,  a  French  arGst,   makes  theres  different  and  amazing   images  by  working  with  mirror   photographs  and  watercolor  paints.   Rivory  has  been  creaGng  artwork  that   blends  photography  and  paint  since   2007,  process  she  likens  to  the   exploraGon  of  memory  versus  in  real   life       The  colours  are  less  exciGng   because  the  colour  are  limted.   There  are  only  3  colours  on  most  of  the  designs.  The  mood   is  very  depressing  because  of  the  grey  skies    

the materials  she  uses  are  Photographs  and  ink  colours  or  water  colours.   The  techniques  she  used  are  over  exposed  contrasGng  photos  and  mirror  images.   The  drips  in  the  pictures  are  leading  lines  that  guide  your  eyes  downwards.  My   eyes  focus  on  the  main  colour  of  the  picture  and  on  the  horizon  line.  

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