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About Andron


Andron works tirelessly to help clients improve their surroundings, their reputation and the way they operate. That’s what facilities management is all about and it’s Andron’s business to deliver a great service and achieve the very best results possible. With more than 1600 people in teams up and down the UK, Andron can react and respond quickly to client needs, wherever they are located and irrespective of the nature of their business. With more than 30 years’ experience in the business, Andron knows what works; and perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t. By applying innovative thought, dedicated operations and a great deal of common sense, Andron offers clients a facilities management solution that truly fits the bill. Andron is committed to reducing the impact of our services on the wider environment as well as fitting seamlessly into a client’s existing infrastructure. This approach ensures a discreet service, delivering visible results that are second to none. Our clients trust us to be honest, approachable and transparent at all times and we enjoy mutually rewarding relationships that truly stand the test of time. Why not try a fresh approach to facilities management with Andron , the cleaning, security and integrated services experts.

Our People

A skilled, dedicated and motivated workforce spells success and we rely on people who are able and willing to deliver the highest standard of service to our clients. We work tirelessly to ensure that the people who work for us are valued, focused and equipped to deliver, as we believe that quality and excellence comes from highly motivated industry professionals. By ensuring every employee achieves their potential, we continue to offer a high level of satisfaction not only for our clients but for the individuals who help us to consistently offer the best service possible.

Nationwide Services

Andron operates nationwide, supplying a wide range of services to global organisations and smaller UK-based institutions in a multitude of sectors. We have expanded gradually, establishing offices in key locations in:

• • • • •

London Birmingham Warrington Glasgow Aberdeen

These five regional hubs provide us with ideal locations to service both nationwide organisations on a multi-site bases and single-sited locations. From these strategic locations we can provide complete and well-distributed coverage across the UK. Each regional office is occupied by an experienced regional manager who is approachable, knowledgeable and always available. Operational managers are on-hand, equipped with effective strategies and skills to efficiently and economically manage and deliver both integrated services and single services. In addition, their teams are readily available with the practical experience to anticipate the requirements of clients.


We are proud of our reputation as one of the UK’s leading facilities management providers. To enable us to continue surpassing expectations and delivering an exceptional level of service, we embrace regular opportunities to be tested and checked. Our accreditations help to outline the standards we expect to exceed, promote excellence and prove our high level of competency. Clients are assisted in making informed choices about their preferred service provider and our people are always aware of what’s expected of them, whatever their role or responsibility.

Working for You

Quality & Performance

Andron has a strong reputation for supplying a wide portfolio of high calibre, quality services. This position is reflected in our long-lasting relationships with clients and our ability to secure new contracts. We are committed to delivering complete customer satisfaction and to continuously driving forward our standards of service. We promote this by pursuing innovation at every level of the business, utilising new technologies and implementing best practice through our Quality and Performance system.

We measure performance by utilising the following resources:


We use our Helpdesk to log, schedule and manage every task we undertake and it is central to the way we assess our performance. The Helpdesk enables us to plan audits, record information and analyse results, to see where improvements can be made and to meet contractual obligations. Our Helpdesk provides us with a communication tool which is transparent, reliable and efficient.

Blackberry Support

Our managers each use a BlackBerry to input information to the Helpdesk and this is used to create detailed performance reports. The information is secure and accurate as it needs to be inputted only once. It also provides an efficient way of updating those who are responsible for the delivery of the contract. Investment in this technology has given us an effective tool for adhoc audits.

M-Set Patrolling System

M-Set is a reliable, robust, state-of-the-art time and location system used to monitor employee movement at pre-determined site locations. This valuable technology helps us to ensure that key areas are cleaned and secured as necessary. M-set has the capability to generate real time performance reports which can be easily accessed by both Andron personnel and our clients.

Our Clients Even before we secured our very first contract, we demonstrated a commitment to meet our customer’s requirements and the determination to exceed their expectations.

Since then we have steadily acquired a wide range of clients across the private and public sectors. Our reputation for excellence encourages prospective clients to approach us and our experience, dedication and results ensure that contracts are renewed and relationships strengthened. We are proud of our exemplary track record and believe that the diverse nature of our client list to date reflects our on-going success.

Shopping Centres & Retail Parks

The retail industry is constantly evolving and it’s our duty to remain abreast of the changes taking place, so that we can adapt to them and even anticipate these changes before they happen. We match our services to the footfall variations experienced by retail environments, remaining flexible and adaptable all year round.

Managing Agents

We work closely with managing agents to attend to the service needs of prestigious blue chip premises including commercial offices, banks, shopping centres and retail outlets. We capitalise on our existing experience of delivering support service to meet the needs of new clients in similar sectors.

We work hard to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for visitors, by understanding their expectations and aiming to exceed them.

Creating cost effective solutions and maximising efficiency is of the upmost importance to us and we find that by rationalising working practices, we can deliver significant value for money.

Retail Banking & Financial Offices


We are proud to deliver a wide range of services to clients in the retail banking and financial sector, successfully managing multiple contracts simultaneously across the UK. Clients in this area often operate across a number of sites and by utilising our tried and tested services, we are capable of providing services to any type or size of banking facility.

We work hard to maintain the delivery of a high level of service to the manufacturing industry and we are renowned for supporting numerous global service providers, whether at their prestigious head office, or at workshops housing busy production lines.

The nature of banks means that they are busy environments with a high employee and customer head count and footfall and Andron has extensive experience providing services to this type of location.

We recognise that a number of different activities can take place at any one time and we focus on facilitating an efficient working space conducive to good productivity. We provide our clients with a non-disruptive service to fit their production agendas.

Commercial Buildings

Local Authorities

We have a firm footing in the sector, serving prestigious headquarters, as well as more customary commercial spaces. We are experienced in servicing listed buildings and heritage sites as well as contemporary environments and understand that no two offices or commercial buildings are the same. We know that within these spaces, any number of activities may be taking place and we work hard to meet the needs of each environment to help it run as efficiently as possible.

We are experienced in delivering single site or integrated services and remain focused on the need for creating and maintaining clean and safe public buildings. We share the awareness demonstrated by local authorities; we know that equality, diversity, environmental sustainability and financial viability is important. We strive to provide excellent value and a high-standard of service for Local Authority clients and by embracing innovation and working economically, we offer excellence without compromising on quality.

Cleaning Services

Daily Cleaning Services

Andron Facilities Management is one of the country’s leading providers of daily cleaning services. We provide a full range of bespoke, flexible cleaning solutions that address the individual needs of our diverse network of clients across the UK. With more than 30 years of experience in the sector, Andron has earned a sound reputation as reliable, approachable and results-driven. Andron focuses on achieving and maintaining the highest levels of cleanliness to ensure that our clients are able to concentrate on their core business from day to day. Our skilled cleaning operatives remain discreet and carry out their work with minimum disruption, to make sure that every working environment can function as it needs to; our service is invisible but our results are tangible. Andron is dedicated to assisting hundreds of clients to create a clean environment for employees and visitors alike. Andron recognises that every client is an individual with distinct requirements. Our skilled contract managers have the knowledge and experience to anticipate clients’ needs and direct resources as necessary, delivering unique and flexible services and solutions. We pride ourselves on providing efficient, effective cleaning. By regularly investing in new technology and employee training, we ensure that we consistently add value, maximise productivity and deliver superior cleaning standards.

Specialist Cleaning Services

Andron’s breadth of knowledge and practical skills means that we can provide any type of specialist cleaning procedures. Our flexible and innovative approach to meeting the needs of our clients means that we can provide specific cleaning services as part of a continuous cleaning contract or as a one-off operation. By utilising state-of-the-art equipment and the most effective methods available, we can offer clients real solutions, delivered efficiently and economically.

Our clients know they can rely on us to respond quickly to enquiries and ensure that the correct cleaning package is created, before our cleaning operatives deliver a long-lasting and superior standard of cleaning. Our experience means we are able to anticipate the needs of clients and by using this proactive approach we can save them both time and money.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

External Jet Washing External Cladding Cleaning Signage Cleaning Marble & Terrazzo Floor Cleaning Graffiti Removal Gully Cleaning Gum Removal Hard Floor Stripping, Sealing & Maintenance Car Park Cleaning Carpet Cleaning Kitchen Deep Cleaning Ceiling & Wall Cleaning Computer & Telephone Cleaning & Sanitation IT Rooms Blind & Curtain Cleaning

Hygiene & Washroom Services Every visitor to a business or building appreciates a spotless, hygienic and fresh washroom environment and Andron has the insight and experience to ensure that this is always achieved.

We supply the products needed to ensure the desired end result; an extremely high standard of hygiene. Andron can deliver soap, hand towels and toilet rolls in the required quantities, tailored to individual needs. We work closely with clients to create bespoke packages to ensure variations in demand are met and supplies are plentiful. We offer a wide range of innovative products and services to enhance client’s washrooms. Each one is environmentally sound and in accordance with relevant legislation.

• Aircare & Freshening Solutions

• Handcare & Soap

• Baby Changing Equipment

• Pandemic Flu Prevention

• Cubicle Services

• Water Saving Products Solutions

• Consumable Supply • First Aid Kit Supply

• Vending Machines

Window Cleaning Services Traffic pollution, environmental conditions and human handling means that the windows of any building require regular cleaning to maintain a clean and bright appearance. We take these factors and more into account when planning a window cleaning schedule. Whether it’s a daily service that’s part of a bespoke cleaning solution or an annual maintenance contract, Andron can meet the needs of any client, anywhere in the UK, at any time.

We employ a range of traditional and technical methods including manual, water fed pole systems, rope access and machine access to create a great impression and ensure client satisfaction every time.

• Abseiling

• High-level Window Cleaning

• Eyebolt & Cradle Access, Testing & Maintenance

• Daily Window Cleaning

• External Glass Canopies

• Reach & Wash

Security Services

Security Services

Andron works closely with clients to deliver a comprehensive security service to address their particular needs and suit the environment in which they operate. The benefits of our bespoke service can be seen during day-to-day operations. Advances in technology enable us to increase the services we provide. We have the capability to utilise security technology to provide constant, reliable and economical service alongside trained and dedicated security teams who are highly visible and effective.

We enable our security guards to embrace every aspect of their role, from observation to protection, safeguarding to customer service. All members of the security teams undergo training and development to ensure they fully understand the different aspects of their role and are equipped to act as an ambassador for the clients. Our security teams quickly integrate into existing employee structures to offer a seamless and effective service. Integrity and professionalism are of the utmost importance to us and we make the pre-employment vetting process our main priority. We understand that our security teams, as front-line employees, represent our clients and often provide support to users of and visitors to the buildings in which they work. We look for a commitment to customer care and an approachable personality in addition to adherence to our strict vetting standards. Every potential employee undergoes a series of checks to ensure they can meet the requirements of their role. For example, referees are always contacted and asked to supply a written reference, career history is evaluated and their own personal licence status is verified through the Security Industry Authority (SIA). We operate to the standards BS 7858, for Security Screening and Vetting and BS 7499 Manned Security Services Code of Practice. Andron is also certified by the SIA Approved contractor scheme. Andron Contract Services Limited trading as Andron Facilities Management holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of security guarding and CCTV monitoring services.

Manned Guarding Services

Andron can supply any number of trained security guards, for any setting and for any period of time. When building up a team, we take into account the operational nature of a client’s business to ensure we provide the most appropriate solution for the specific location, whether it is standard or more specialised.

The security we provide fits seamlessly into a client’s existing infrastructure, resulting in an amalgamated, responsive service and personnel who know their role. Extensive induction training, regular refresher courses and the continuous identification of skill gaps against role requirements and legal compliancy delivers a team equipped with relevant, practical abilities.

Sometimes, a particular setting requires a certain type of security personnel and we are experienced in finding the right person for the individual needs of the business. In security, one size does not fit all and we always bear this in mind when matching security guards with clients. Andron’s teams of security experts work hard to protect not only the premises they work in, but the reputation of their clients too. Our security guards act at all times as ambassadors and every individual is well-presented, well-mannered and well-trained. Andron’s security personnel are licenced by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and we are proud to be in the ACS’s top 5 per cent of accredited suppliers through its Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS).

• Car Park Management

• Emergency & Accident Management

• Contractor Management

• Reception

• Concierge

• Fire Alarm Testing

• Property Locking & Unlocking

Security Solutions

Advances in technology enable us to increase the services we provide. Alongside the traditional approach of providing a team of trained personnel, Andron also has the capability to utilise security technology to offer a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week secure and cost effective service. With our experience and by utilising new developments, we find ourselves in the perfect position to advise clients on the most effective security solutions for them.

We can utilise mobile patrol teams to inspect premises at agreed times, providing visible and effective protection. We also offer remote monitoring from our control rooms for complex environments. No matter what time of the day or night, we can deliver uninterrupted security solutions for any location.

All of our security personnel are trained and qualified to effectively use the technology we install and we are able to quickly mobilise contracts and supply the supporting equipment and technology.

• Access Control

• Key Holding


• Patrol Monitoring Systems

• Alarm Systems • Control Room

• Mobile Patrols

• Remote Monitoring

Facilities Management Services

Facilities Management Services

Mechanical & Electrical Services

Andron is a highly effective, successful and reliable organisation offering a comprehensive range of facilities management services. We are proud that our clients entrust us to successfully deliver the many disciplines needed to ensure the functionality of any building.

Nearly everything within the built environment relies on mechanical or electrical installations to function. Andron understands how important it is to have a correctly designed, installed and maintained base system of equipment to enable a business to function properly at all times.

By mixing functions and tailoring services to meet the needs of our clients, we offer a unified approach based on experience and a successful track record. We work closely with trusted and reliable supply chain partners, utilising their expertise to fulfil contract requirements.

With this in mind we work closely with supply chain partners to offer a full design, implementation and management service. We maintain equipment with minimum disruption to our clients, to reduce potential faults and enhance its overall lifespan.

Addressing and delivering all aspects of facilities management can be a complex undertaking but with more than 30 years of experience and a reliable, dedicated team, Andron is perfectly placed to give clients the peace of mind so that they can carry out their business unhindere

If a breakdown does occur, our teams react quickly and with minimum disruption to our clients’ business functions. All work we undertake meets current statutory requirements and undergoes necessary testing and maintenance procedures. Andron helps clients to meet environmental requirements and to function safely and efficiently at all times.

• Electrical Maintenance • Energy Management

• Fabric Maintenance

• Life Cycle Maintenance

• Mechanical Maintenance Services (Heating, Ventilation & Plumbing)

Waste Management Services

Andron understands that every business has a commitment to sustainable waste management, not only to help clients reduce environmental expenses but to support the wider environment too. We recognise the importance of reducing landfilled waste and we work closely with clients to adopt, as far as possible, ecologically sound and environmentally sympathetic methods of waste management.

We actively adopt processes and services that prevent pollution and optimise the use of existing resources and we strive to re-use or recycle materials where practicable. Each waste management contract we undertake is audited to ensure that where materials have to be disposed of, it happens in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. We employ a tried and tested waste movement, collection and disposal system which helps to reduce clients’ landfill waste and taxable landfill fees.

• • • • • •

Bulk Waste Collection Cardboard & Paper Recycling Commercial & Industrial Waste Glass Recycling Hazardous Waste Removal Metal Recycling

• • • • • •

Plastic Recycling Secure Destruction of Confidential Waste Trade Waste Waste Balers Waste Compactors Wood Recycling

Pest Control Services

Keeping buildings clear of unwanted visitors is an area of maintenance that requires expertise and experience; Andron has both of these assets and can protect premises from pest problems all year round. We provide effective and long-lasting pest control solutions by identifying the issue, applying the best solution and, after removal and elimination; we offer advice about preventing reoccurrences in the future.

Working hand-in-hand with trusted supply chain partners, we make sure that the most effective and efficient pest control substances are used, strictly in line with pesticide regulations. Treatment is administered safely and humanely with as little disruption as possible. Any work undertaken in this area is done so in ways that minimise damage, contamination and impact on our clients, their employees and the wider environment.

• Bird Proofing • Carpet Cleaning • Fly Control Units

• Control of Rodents, Pigeons, Cockroaches, Ants, Moles & Squirrels • Rabbit Prevention • Wasp Nest Treatment

Landscaping Services

Hard and soft landscaping is an integral part of many building complexes, carefully planned and delivered to create a pleasant yet functional environment for employees and visitors. Andron has the ability and experience to deliver a full landscaping service from the initial design stage, through to installation and year-round maintenance, to meet any budget and to reflect any vision. Whether clients wish to create a festive feel or embrace an all-year image that reflects the outside environment, we can source, deliver and offer continual care for products tailored to specific requirements.

• Christmas Product Hire • Ground Maintenance • Snow Cleaning & Gritting

• Interior Plant Design & Maintenance • Soft & Hard Landscaping • Tree Work, Safety & Environmental Surveys

North Scotland Head Office

South Scotland Regional Office

North England Regional Office

Midlands Regional Office

South England Regional Office

Andron House 2-3 Howe Moss Avenue Kirkhill Industrial Estate Aberdeen AB21 0GP

Unit 11, Cumbernauld Business Park Southward Park Industrial Estate Wardpark Road Cumbernauld G67 3JZ

3 Greenwood Court Taylor Business Park Risley Warrington WA3 6DD

Cornwall Buildings, 45-51 Newhall Street Birmingham B3 3QR

Unit K104, Biscuit Factory 100 Clements Road London SE16 4DG

T: 01224 723233 F: 01224 723237 E:

T: 01236 451143 E:

T: 01925 767389 F: 01925 766011 E:

T: 0121 213 4743 F: 01708 344310 E:

T: 01708 344971 F: 01708 344310 E:

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