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Caring For Your Pets – Some Important Procedures

They wake you up in the morning with an affectionate lick. They keep you company at the breakfast table, and see you off to work at the door. Nothing gives them greater joy than seeing you back home after a long day at work. They are your best friends who love you unconditionally – your pets! Given how affectionate your pets are, it's only fair that you learn to properly care for them and love them the way they love you. Many pet owners are sometimes unfamiliar with the important operations that are needed for the care of their pets. So, in order to help you better look after your pet, given below is a list of some essential operations:

Canine dental care - Your dog may be highly prone to the formation of tartar as well as the build-up of plaque in its teeth. Plaque build-up also encourages bacteria to accumulate in the teeth, leading to periodontal disease. This can be prevented either by using an oral chlorhexidine-based spray or by frequent brushing. If brushing, you must use pet-specific toothpastes (NOT human toothpastes) as well as toothbrushes exclusively for dogs. Brushing should be done patiently and along the cheek-teeth below the upper lip. You could also give your dog a chew treat or biscuit which contains a safe, anti-tartar ingredient provided your dog finds it palatable.

Feline dental care - Cats suffer from similar teeth problems as dogs. However, cats may be less tolerant towards oral hygiene than dogs and will require more patient handling. You could try a variety of different methods (such as brushing, chlorhexidine gels and sprays, chew products, etc) and see which of these is best loved by your cat. Remember that cats are very particular about flavours, so your best chance of success will be with the mouth gel or toothpaste containing the cat's favourite flavour. .

Digital dental X-ray - A dental x-ray gives you an x-ray image of your pet's teeth, jaws and mouth. It also provides a clear image of the teeth's anatomy, including the roots and bone surrounding the roots. It is also a painless procedure, and there is minimal risk of radiation damage to your pet. Any minor or major problems occurring within the roots of your pet's teeth can easily be diagnosed. Your veterinary dentist may decide to conduct either full-mouth radiography, or only a section of the teeth, depending on your reason for presentation. . .

Canine pain management - There may be several reasons for which your dog may experience pain injury, infection or due to some surgery that it may have undergone. It may also be due to arthritis and old age. Signs that your dog may be in pain are that it may refuse to stand up when called, refuse to climb stairs and react negatively when picked up. It may also walk sluggishly or with difficulty. Pain in dogs can be effectively treated with either Opioids, NSAIDs, Nutraceuticals and Steroids. Feline pain management - As in the case of dogs, cats too may experience varying degrees of pain due to various physical trauma. Cats usually do not express their pain, but you should look out for altered heart rate, altered movement and hissing/biting behaviour as potential signs of pain. NSAIDs, Opioids and Corticosteroids, are usually used to manage pain in cats. . .

Canine spaying and neutering - Spaying and Neutering are important procedures which involve surgical removal of the reproductive organs of your pets. While spaying is performed on females, neutering is for males. These operations are important not only to ensure the physical but also emotional well-being of your pets. A spayed female will not cry and pace during heat, and will also not soil the premises. A neutered male is not aggressive and less prone to roaming. Neutering also prevents your pets from reproducing in large numbers. This procedure can be conducted at least by the 8th week of your pet's life. . .

In addition to those mentioned above, there are a host of other operations that you may have to carry out for your pet. Fortunately, at the Seattle Veterinary Hospital, you could get all the necessary procedures done at the most affordable rates in Washington. The doctors are highly qualified and experienced, with the added patience and compassion that your beloved pets require. So, if you are a proud pet-owner looking for the best care for your pet, bring them into Seattle Veterinary Hospital today! . .


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