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ZLATOROG’S BOOK OF ACTIVITIES AND RIDDLES With zlatorog along the fairy trail.



Dear children, if you wish to preserve the beauty of nature, remember that you are only its visitors ... ... and visitors should comply with good manners – the rules of DECORUM.

Dear children, BIRD “What you bring is what you take back!”

You have entered the Zlatorog Fairy Trail. Along the trail, there are seven fairy tale characters and you can collect stamps of each one of them for your brochure. To receive the last two stamps, you and your parents will visit the Savica Waterfall and Vogel (see the map). The trail takes its name from the main character – Zlatorog. All fairy tale creatures live somewhere near Ukanc.

ROE DEER As elsewhere in nature, two important Zlatorog rules apply on the Zlatorog Fairy Trail. 1. Love nature and protect it! 2. Be kind to all the living creatures that you meet along the trail!

“Follow the marked trails. Thus, my home will remain intact!”

Each fairytale character board gives you advice on how to fully experience the NATURE. If you have problems with reading, ask your parents to help you. They too shall follow the rules. Experiencing the trail together is much more fun! You’ll need a pencil and crayons for some tasks in the brochure. Don’t worry if you haven’t brought them with you. You can do the tasks at home.

CRYSTALS “We don’t want to leave this place!”


“Have nothing but respect for the world of nature!”

“You can take photos. But please do not take us with you!” 2


BOHINJ FAIRY TALES Along the fairy trail in Ukanc you will find characters from local fairy tales. Each character is presented at a special site - there are seven in Ukanc, one on Vogel and one at the entry point to the Savica Waterfall.

( SLAP SAVICA Trail to the Savica Waterfall, the home of the White Fairy.


FAMILY ADVENTURES IN NATURE There are numerous activities that can be played along the fairy trail. They can also be played during family trips elsewhere in nature.


COLLECTING STAMPS In your booklet, a space is dedicated for collecting stamps next to each fairy tale character. Stamps can be found at presentation boards of each fairy tale character. Children collect stamps if they pass the tasks written on the boards next to the fairy tale characters.

Podrta gora



Children experience different feelings while listening to fairy tales. Some are good and other less pleasant, but they all are very beneficial and important.


SEVEN FEELINGS Activities along the fairy trail are designed to encourage the use of the seven senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, feel, balance and kinaesthetics. Each fairy trail site focuses on one sense, however, this does not mean that you only have to use that particular sense.

Govic Dragon Zlatorog



The journey along the fairy trail also stimulates various forms of movement. It mostly emphasises the natural forms of movement like walking, running, jumping, climbing, spinning, swinging and crawling.

White Fairy ( Savica Waterfall

Velikan Teleban He lives on Vogel, 1535 m. 4



YELLOW FLOWERS As legend has it, the healing yellow flowers, mentioned on the boards, have grown from the dust of Zlatorog’s horns. Together with other beauties of nature, they represent the treasure of Zlatorog.



PHYSICAL EXERCISE WALKING Walk the path alternately taking long and short steps. Try to walk backwards. It would be great if you tried walking barefoot. Be careful not to trample the high grass.

YELLOW FLOWER Which flower is the great yellow gentian?

The Zlatorog tale – about a hunter and a legendary animal – has been preserved as a reflection of the interconnection between man and nature and their destined interdependence. The Lakes Valley and the rocky Komna Plateau were once a mountain paradise. White fairies of legend, graceful and kind-hearted beings, lived there. They helped the poor in distress and women giving birth. They taught herdsmen how to find medicinal herbs and use their powers. And if anyone dared to approach the Upper Valley they would drive them away with rock slides, downpours and hail. In the mountains, white fairies herded their white goats led by Zlatorog, a beautiful gold-horned white chamois buck. The white fairies made him invulnerable. If you hurt him, a special healing flower grows from the drops of his blood. By eating it, all Zlatorog’s wounds heal instantly. 6

This flower is called a Triglav flower or Potentilla nitida. The golden horns of Zlatorog hold the key to the treasure hiding in the Bogatin mountain protected by a dragon with hundred heads. But to take the gold, one must slay Zlatorog. A young hunter from Trenta once tried to get the gold but lost his life. Human greed greatly offended Zlatorog and so he rooted up all pastures and left the Lakes Valley. The paradise was turned into a screecovered landscape. White fairies and white goats departed as well. Even today, you can see traces of their horns in the rocks. Gradually, nature has recovered and we ask you to keep it that way and enter the “Zlatorog kingdom” with respect.

RIDDLE He jumps the mountains back and forth, His golden horns pointing south, pointing north. Who is he? (GOROTALZ)

Adapted from: Jakob Kelemina: Bajke in pripovedke slovenskega ljudstva





Draw with your finger and then with a crayon.

Connect the dots ... What is it?



PHYSICAL EXERCISE CRAWLING When was the last time you laid down on the grass? Would you like to crawl on the ground and experience the gently caress of the blades of grass?

YELLOW FLOWER Which flower is the coltsfoot?

Some people talked about Perkmandeljc, a small dwarf who teases the miners living in the Rudnica hill. Others insisted that Perkmandeljc was seen only in the Rudno polje where iron ore was mined. The dwarf liked to annoy the miners if they dug too deep, claiming that this was his world and there was nothing for them to find so deep in the earth. He liked to boast, and came out of the tunnels only to quickly disappear so they could not dig.

RIDDLE Burrowing the black soil day in, day out, hidden from the eyes of every scout. Peeking at the sun, His mound of earth reveals his whereabouts to everyone.

Adapted from: Marija Cvetek: Naš voča so včas zapodval (ELOM)






Draw with your finger and then with a crayon.

Find the right shade for the fairy tale character!



PHYSICAL EXERCISE JUMPING How does a fisherman jump when he is angry with Jezernik? Try to jump as he does. Jump forward, backward, to the left, to the right and jump over a natural obstacle on the ground.

YELLOW FLOWER Which flower is the primrose?

Jezernik was a dexterous water man, from whom no fish escaped. He caught fish in Lake Bohinj and took his catch to his underwater castle. In a small shack in Ukanc, there lived a poor fisherman. Each day, from dusk till dawn, he would wait to catch fish in his trap but rarely with any success for the water man always made such a commotion that drove all the fish away. As the fisherman could not stand this any longer he decided to catch fish at night. But at night, too, his net caught no fish. The fisherman’s heart was filled with hatred for the water man. He went home to fetch his spade, returned to the shore and started to dig a ditch. The water man was curious and asked what he was doing. The fisherman told him that he was digging a ditch to drain the lake and 14

leave the water man without any food. The water man screamed out of fear so that the echo resounded from Mount Pršivec. He begged the fisherman to stop digging and in return gave him a fishtrap* which would always catch fish. Now the poor fisherman from Ukanc had enough fish to eat. Every time he threw the contraption into the lake, there was enough fish for all the people of Bohinj. After his death, the contraption disappeared without a trace.


Adapted from: Lojze Zupanc: Zlato pod Blegošem; original title: Jezenikova vrša.

No shoes on, No legs needed to move along, Flapping its tail left and right It shoots through water day and night.

JEZERNIK’S FISH TRAP (a wicker basket-shaped contraption to catch fish)






Draw with your finger and then with a crayon.

Draw with your finger and then with a crayon



PHYSICAL EXERCISE CLIMBING SWINGING If you walk the fairy trail with an adult, climb on their back. Playing horses and riders is such fun. Then climb a tree or a rock nearby. Of course, don’t forget to try out the swing.

YELLOW FLOWER Which flower is the auricula?

A half human-half goat creature, all hairy and with a horned forehead – that was Čatež, a mountain dwarf, who came to Komna at night and broke into the pens to steal the sheep. Once, as he was stealing sheep, a young herdsman discovered and caught him. Čatež promised the herdsman that he would stop preying on other people’s sheep and bring him the fairest of lake fairies to be his wife in return for freedom. After releasing him, Čatež instructed the herdsman to be at Komna at dusk. In the morning, Čatež came hopping to the shore of Lake Bohinj and waited for the mist to thin. After a lake fairy emerged from the thinning mist and 18

entered the shore to comb her golden hair, Čatež grabbed her and carried her towards Komna. However, Čatež did not keep his promise. He had no intention of giving the fairy to the herdsman, but rather to take her to his den and keep her for himself. The herdsman was fuming. He grabbed a stone, threw it at Čatež and thus chased him away. Since the fairy still wept, the herdsman let her go. In return, she filled his heart with love for the mountain world. Adapted from: Lojze Zupanc: Zlato pod Blegošem

RIDDLE I don’t like being sheared But a farmer needs wool for his warm bed.






Draw with your finger and then with a crayon.

Find the intruder.



PHYSICAL EXERCISE RUNNING Run along the trail. Begin running fast, then slowly, continue zigzagging and try to run backwards.

YELLOW FLOWER Which flower is the lady’s bedstraw?

Once there was a dwarf who fooled around in the Bohinj hills. The people of Bohinj named him Polesnjak since he liked to hide in the woods. He used to sit in a dark, inaccessible thicket away from people and wild animals. Those who were lucky enough to see him described him as a humpy dwarf with a red hat. One night, a farmer was on his way from the Blato mountain pasture to Srednja vas. He left the forest path and went off into a thicket. He heard Polesnjak talking to himself and moaning about his wealth not helping him to get a wife ... and that he would give a chest full of gold to anyone who could get him a wife. The farmer went home and brought back a bag full of oatstraw. 22

He said to Polesnjak that he had brought him his daughter to be his wife and that Polesnjak should give him gold in return. The dwarf kept his promise. But once he discovered the fraud he decided to get even. He kidnapped the farmer’s daughter and took her to his underground cave. The farmer begged Polesnjak to give him his daughter back and Polesnjak promised to do so after the farmer had returned all the gold. However, the farmer had to return gold coins one by one. Before the farmer managed to bring back all the gold, he died. That is how Polesnjak took vengeance on the man who tricked him to get the gold. Adapted from: Lojze Zupanc: Zlato pod Blegošem

RIDDLE In spring he wakes up from sleep, Walking from his den deep, Slouching and grouching irritated: “Instead of my warm fur I’d rather be naked.” (RAEB)





Draw with your finger and then with a crayon.

Which object belongs to each character? Paint it.




PHYSICAL EXERCISE SPINNING Spin and dance. Spin together with your partner. An adult can pick you up and spin together with you.

YELLOW FLOWER Which flower is arnica?

Every mountain used to have its spirit and its dragon who fought each other. The clash was so fierce that it made mountains crumble. Even today, fallen rocks and stones can be seen all over Bohinj. A long time ago, in the days of yore, a mountain behind the lake wanted to be higher than Mount Triglav. Its spirit expanded it, while the dragon raised it up and made the rocks bigger. However, the God did not allow all this. When the mountain was almost as high as Mount Triglav, it burst with a bang and collapsed. Hence the name – the Fallen Mountain.

RIDDLE Red ring and white eye Bring you safe to the mountain top high. (NOITAKRAM)

Adapted from: Marija Cvetek: Naš voča so včas zapodval.






Draw with your finger and then with a crayon.

Circle the things you need for walking in the mountains. Paint all the objects.



PHYSICAL EXERCISE STRETCHING When a sleeping dragon wakes up, he must stretch his limbs. Take your time and give your body good stretch! Whose arm is the longest? And the leg? The neck? Who can bend over with straight legs and touch the ground with their fingers?

YELLOW FLOWER Which flower is the klamath weed?

RIDDLE The PrĹĄivec mountain stands to the north of the lake. There is a cave with a lake inside. A dragon sleeps on the lake shore. In heavy rainfall, the water wets his belly and wakes him up. He gets very angry and starts to slap his tail so hard that the water splashes all around and the Govic Waterfall bursts from the mountain. This happens maybe once a year or even once every few years. Local oral tradition


It quenches the thirst of soil, Cleans roofs and roads like shiny oil. All the frogs merrily croak: “Let it pour for days on end the earth to soak. (NIAR)





Draw with your finger and then with a crayon.

Connect the lines of a droplet and lines of circles that emerge when the droplet falls into the water; you can count the circles and paint the drawing.



PHYSICAL EXERCISE WALKING THE STAIRS Walk to the waterfall. You won’t regret it. By climbing the steps you will strengthen your leg muscles.

YELLOW FLOWER Which flower is the European goldenrod?

THE SAVICA WATERFALL Please ask for the stamp at the cash desk to the Savica Waterfall.

If a girl had very fair hair, people used to say: “Her hair is white as a fairy’s.” People said that fairies had light and long hair like yarn. This was not something to be proud of since people were afraid of fairies. They used to say that you never knew what came to their minds when you met them. Poachers said that they saw sometimes a woman who climbed over the rocks like a mountain mist. When they did, they quickly withdrew and thus avoided the accident. The old people used to say that white women lived in the mountain rocks and would herd their chamois in the mountain cracks. It is not known whether they were fairies or something else. Tales about Zlatorog were also told, describing him rubbing his horns against the rocks to produce clouds of golden dust. From the golden dust, medicinal yellow flowers grew. 34

If someone got injured in the mountains, people believed that fairies had pushed them over the rocks or that Zlatorog had gored them. If a man disappeared, they used to say: “Polsnjak took him.” In quarters (a specific four weeks of the year) it was also forbidden to walk up the mountains since it was the most dangerous time. But the mountains still beckoned some. People said that they were summoned by ill times. Red haired people were also in danger of disappearing in the mountains. Medicines were made from this kind of people. But who made the medicines – fairies or someone else?! In some places you could simply disappear and never be seen again.

RIDDLE It is second to bloom in spring, After the breeze makes the white snowdrops swing. Dressed in yellow It calls out in the meadow. (ESORMIRP)

Marija Cvetek: Bohinjske pravljice; original title: Ima tako bele lase kot ena vila.




Draw with your finger and then with a crayon.

Paint the flower with a corresponding colour.







5 1

3 4

2 6




PHYSICAL EXERCISE STRENGTH EXERCISES To be a strong as the rowdy giant, you must develop all your muscles. You can do that in the children’s park.

YELLOW FLOWER Which flower is the kidney vetch?

VOGEL Please ask for the stamp at the Vogel Cable Car cash desk.

Once upon a time a poor mother lived with her son on the mountain by Lake Bohinj. The boy was slow-witted and liked to eat. Thus, he quickly grew into a giant who could easily eat seven loaves of bread and drink seven jugs of milk a day. After his mother passed away, the rowdy giant was alone and often hungry. The people of Bohinj took pity on him and often invited him to their homes as a guest. To give something in return, he helped them with their logging. One day, during his work in the forest, he woke up a hare which ran into the woods. The people of Bohinj promised him a roasted lamb if he caught it. No matter how hard the rowdy giant tried, he could not catch the hare. He returned empty-handed. But the people were gone. He called them and they cried from the trees where they were hiding from a bear. They asked the rowdy giant to save them and he obliged and fought the bear. He gave the bear a good hiding so that the beast’s fur fluttered in the air. 38

After the bear ran away, the people of Bohinj climbed down the trees and thanked the rowdy giant for saving them. The people of Bohinj told the story to the baron. He promised him two roasted lambs if he would carry his horse. The rowdy giant lifted the horse and carried it on his shoulders with ease. The baron then said: “Rowdy giant, you are really strong, but I think that I am even stronger!” He then mounted the horse and without rewarding the rowdy giant rode to the valley. The cheated giant could only stare in silence. Nevertheless, he admitted that the baron was stronger than him for he carried the horse on his shoulders, while the baron took it between his legs. That was what the giant of Bohinj was like.

RIDDLE It grows high, touching the sky free, Up and up, it is a green t.... (EERT)

Adapted from: Lojze Zupanc: Zlato pod Blegošem; prvoten naslov Teleban.




Draw with your finger and then with a crayon.

Paint the circles from the smallest to the biggest one with corresponding colours.

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FLOWER “Leave me to grow as I stand!”


Vogel - by cable car to high mountains.

Polluted air is harmful

CRAYFISH “I need clean water to live!”

Savica Waterfall


Jelka Godec Schmidt (fairy tale characters) Urša Rožič (tasks)


Peter Skoberne (yellow flower) Mitja Sodja (last page)

Text and adaptations of fairy tales

Irena Cerar Andreja Jensterle


Urša Rožič


Verbum Doris Sodja s. p.

Tasks and riddles

Andreja Jensterle Tanja Smukavec


Nežka Božnar


Medium d.o.o.

Copies 6,000 Published by


Turizem Bohinj Bohinjska Bistrica, 2017

FISH “Do not disturb me – I don’t like it”

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U KONC' SVETA SO PRAVLJICE DOMA The most beautiful weekend in may

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