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NEWCASTLE BUSINESS SCHOOL & LEARNING DEVELOPMENT GSBS6001 CASE STUDY PLANNING Preliminary Plan: sections and word budget Work out how many ‘bits’ there are, and then allocate a proportion of the total words. Word limit: 2000 words




WORDS (approx.)


Executive summary

Summarises key points of the argument and the recommendations made

Summarises the whole report in 1 page summary so that busy executives can decide whether they really need to read the details

Up to 1 page (250300 words. Not counted in word limit.)

Cannot be written until the body & recommendations are completed (WRITE IT LAST);


Explains the context of the report, why it is being written, and outlines its structure; (do not simply repeat the task instructions; write it in a way that provides some real information)

Orientates the reader to what the report is about, how it is organised, and the circumstances in which it was produced.

5-10% 100-200 wds

Written after the body & recommendations are completed. This is a summary of the context. You should assume you are writing for the ‘intelligent reader’, who shares a general background with you, but may not be familiar with the specifics of this situation

Body sections

Sections (with headings & sub-headings) are based on topics/issues you consider relevant to the decisions of X perspective

You are providing the reader with a logical organisation of your ideas about the case

70-80% (how many topics/issues can you discuss in 14001600 words?)

Each report creates its own structure; the sequence of headings & subheadings should tell a logical story by themselves (see examples)

Key points of the whole discussion

Summarises the important points for the reader

5-10% 100-200 wds

Strategies for some/all of the relevant characters, and/or the organisation, to improve decision making;

You are providing the reader with a solution for better decision making

10% 200 wds



Do not include any new ideas here – it’s a summary of key points to link the discussion with the next section, the recommendations. It should be very clear from the preceding discussion as to why these particular recommendations are being made. Perhaps 1 or 2 actions/processes are immediate priorities, with others following later. 1


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