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Exclusive sink units and worktops in stainless steel.

BLANCO STEELART – Individual sink

Two STEELART product areas open up

and functional areas to suit every

new perspectives in planning: with hand-


made bowls and sinks and specially

STEELART stands for maximum design

made-to-measure stainless steel work-

Exclusive handmade individual ele-

freedom in the kitchen as part of the world


ments in stainless steel that enhance

you live in, from the design of worktops


the whole kitchen environment.

to preparation, cooking and washing-up.

STEELART is for anyone who values

From handmade individual elements

individuality in the kitchen. Because

through to complete custom designs,

STEELART’s programme depth offers

STEELART provides individual and inno-

more flexibility and functionality to suit

vative stainless steel product solutions

you – with a wide range of high quality

to suit every requirement.

single elements and matching details.

STEELART Creation Individual made-to-measure stainless steel worktop solutions; also in combination with wood and colour.


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Blanco - Main Catalogue Asia 2017  

Blanco - Main Catalogue Asia 2017

Blanco - Main Catalogue Asia 2017  

Blanco - Main Catalogue Asia 2017

Profile for dexterton