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BLANCO sink centreadvice, product overview, colours + materials

Ceramic sink centres. The most beautiful combination of nature and design.

Ceramic PuraPlus™

or to match existing colours and shapes,

• Heat resistant

BLANCO PuraPlus™ makes

whichever is preferred.

• Suitable for food use and hygienic

sure that ceramic sinks stay looking like

Modern production methods, special

• Acid resistant

new for longer. The special PuraPlus™

manufacturing techniques and the

• Resistant to light – even direct

seal smoothes the surface. The water-

decades of experience of our skilled

repellent surface prevents deposits from

craftspeople ensure that the quality of our

settling (e.g. lime scale) and reduces

products remains consistently high.

Regular voluntary quality checks by the

staining. All that is required for daily

The greatest care throughout the entire

LGA confirm the high standards that

cleaning is a soft, damp cloth and a mild

production process helps to ensure the

we set ourselves, and guarantee you

cleaner. After the abrasive removal of e.g.

maximum precision, down to the smallest

products you can rely on.

metal marks, we recommend the applica-



tion of BLANCO PuraPlus™ Liquid. The special properties of BLANCO Ceramic

BLANCO Ceramic:

Sinks and bowls made of BLANCO

• Unbeatably easy to look after

Ceramic create a pleasant, homely

• Resistant to impacts and blows in

atmosphere. They appeal for their flowing

normal domestic use

lines and glazed surfaces.

• Resistant to scratching and stains

BLANCO Ceramic blends happily both

• Full-tone colours, matt or gloss

with traditional kitchens as well as mod-

• Manufactured with traditional

ern designs – either to provide a contrast


For stubborn limescale deposits please use BLANCO ANTIKALK. More information on BLANCO ANTIKALK can be found on page 360.

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After the abrasive removal of e.g. metal marks, we recommend the application of BLANCO PuraPlus™ Liquid.

Removes dirt and metal abrasion on ceramic sinks and bowls BLANCO CeraCare™


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Blanco - Main Catalogue Asia 2017  

Blanco - Main Catalogue Asia 2017

Blanco - Main Catalogue Asia 2017  

Blanco - Main Catalogue Asia 2017

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