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BLANCO ceramic. The loveliest combination of nature and design.

Unbeatably easy to clean

Scratch and cut-proof

PuraPlus™ coating

Due to its smooth surface, BLANCO

Thanks to the strong, hard surface,

The PuraPlus™ coating makes the surface

ceramic is naturally easy to clean, and

using the sink never leaves any marks

even easier to clean. Dirt finds it almost

little effort is required.

(exception: when ceramic knives are

impossible to adhere to the surface.




Heat and cold-resistant

High blow and impact-resistant

The colours of BLANCO ceramic

BLANCO ceramic sinks are fired at over

BLANCO ceramic is a strong, dense

products never change, even in direct

1200 °C, so hot pots and pans of up to

natural material that can easily cope with

sunlight, but retain their original beauty

280 °C can safely be placed in or on

the usual domestic sink activities.

for many years to come.



Hygienic and suitable for food

Certified quality

Whether vinegar, lemon juice or beetroot,


Regular voluntary quality tests by the LGA

standard domestic acids, lyes and other

The surface is hygienic and neutral in taste

confirm the high standards that apply to

substances leave no traces and cannot

and odour, which has been confirmed in

the material and design.

cause any damage.

tests by the ISEGA Institute.


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Blanco - Main Catalogue Asia 2017  

Blanco - Main Catalogue Asia 2017

Blanco - Main Catalogue Asia 2017  

Blanco - Main Catalogue Asia 2017

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