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Top designers share the latest kitchen and bathroom trends inspiring some of London’s most stylish homeowners

Stunning kitchens FENG SHUI FLOW

Phillip Ozorio, Design Director at Connaught Kitchens, says: “We’re sometimes asked to collaborate with specialists to assess the feng shui aspects of the kitchen design. Incorporating large central islands tends to meet their approval.” MARVELLOUS MARBLE

Ozorio: “Quartz worktops that look like marble, with the same material running up the walls in continuous veins are in high demand.” While Sheena NotleyGriffiths, Head of Studio at Helen Green Design, says: “Many of our clients are asking for unusual marbles. Increasingly we’re installing kitchens that use statement marble with paredback cabinetry.”

Dexters Magazine Winter 2017  
Dexters Magazine Winter 2017