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Light my fire A beautiful fireplace can transform a home and boost its desirability. We offer some expert insights and inspirations to fuel your imagination



IRSTIE ALLSOPP’S husband chose the large sandstone fireplace in their Notting Hill home while she was out of town. “It’s mad and it’s way too big – but I’m very fond of it now,” she has said. Property experts know that a well maintained or carefully restored fireplace can set the tone for an entire property: “At Dexters we specialise in the sale and rental of period houses in Central London. They are steeped in history and the architectural features tell much of their story. There remains strong demand for authenticity, particularly door and window design, ornate plasterwork and especially fireplaces which are the focus of main rooms,” explains Andy Shepherd, Dexters Managing Director.

CENTRE STAGE Fireplaces need not be period pieces to create the desired effect on a room. Modern fireplaces can have just as much impact: “On the more contemporary side there’s currently a strong trend for unusual materials such as unique, veined marbles like Portoro, which is a black marble with a golden thread running through it, or Fleur de Peche, which has a creamy coloured background with a stunning peach or violet vein,” says Paul Chesney, of Chesney’s of London. The current styling suggests these materials should take centre stage against relatively simple surrounds.

STATEMENT PIECES A fireplace such as The Roxburghe (pictured left, £13,800) becomes a signature piece in any room because of its scale and the intricacy of the carver’s art. On the interiors that provide the backdrop for such pieces, Paul Chesney suggests less is more: “We see fireplaces with strong presence often being chosen for their impact in otherwise minimalist interiors.”

Dexters Magazine Winter 2017  
Dexters Magazine Winter 2017