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Troubleshooting Dragon Medical Practice Edition Troubleshooting for Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 can include learning how to install the software, exploring how to customize the features to a specific EHR, searching frequently asked questions or learning how to integrate a dictation device. Regardless of what your issues with Dragon Medical Practice Edition may be, Certified eSupport has the resources and skilled staff that can fix any technical problems and answer all of your FAQs. The best Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 support is the kind that takes the hassle out of the initial set up and any subsequent technical concerns that may arise. If you are already using Dragon Medical technology, then you likely are already working with a value added reseller that can provide you with the kind of support services you need. Certified eSupport works closely with resellers to ensure they have everything they need to meet customer demand when it comes to technical assistance and Dragon Medical Practice Edition support. Certified eSupport is focused on providing resellers and their customers with dedicated online and on-site support with speech recognition solutions. From broad issues like installation of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 to more specialized inquiries about how to customize macros or how to add vocabulary, Certified eSupport technicians will know exactly how to provide the intelligent support you need. If you prefer to seek out information on your own, the Certified eSupport website features an extensive library of educational resources including video demonstrations, educational webinars, and user’s manuals among many other things. Live chat capabilities are also available online for registered users and resellers. If there is a question that we don’t have an answer for, we will go out of our way to find it for you. If you’d like to be connected with a reseller in your area that sells Dragon Medical speech recognition technology, Certified eSupport can be your connection. And if you’re a reseller interested in partnering with us, we can help you build a thriving business backed by industry leading technical experts.

Troubleshooting dragon medical practice edition  
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