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4-row self-propelled carrot harvester with elevator

Revolutionary in its class The Dewulf ZKIV is a 4-row self-propelled frontal top-lifting carrot harvester with elevator that can harvest in a range of conditions, with maximum capacity and with respect for the carrots and the soil. Thanks to this concept, the harvester stays within a width of 3.5 m. • Guaranteed carrot quality • Harvesting in any condition • High capacity - up to 120 ton/hour • Easy to handle

Unstoppable The ZKIV is always ready to harvest, be it in dry or wet conditions. Two 900 mm tracks guarantee minimal soil compaction which give a maximum respect for the soil. One rear axle gives the ZKIV unmatched maneuverability which keeps the turning circle as small as possible.

Accurate intake, guaranteed quality The picking elements work independently from each other, which guarantees an accurate intake. The harvester is equipped with a double automatic steering. The first set of sensors allows a coarse steering of the rear wheel, the second set makes a lateral movement of the 4 elements possible which guarantees an intake of 2 cm accurately. The ZKIV is equipped with 12650 mm long super-grip profile belts. These ensure high travel speeds, efficient cleaning and product handling.

Easy maintenance The Dewulf ZKIV has been designed for low maintenance. The harvester has an open and very accessible chassis, and uses quality standard components that are available worldwide.

Harvesting with a difference The Dewulf topping mechanism No wear Whenever moving parts are exposed to dust and liquid, excessive wear will be a direct result. The bearings of the topping blades are therefore hermetically sealed off. Thanks to a labyrinth sealing with several protection layers, even the smallest dust particles or liquids can’t gain access.

Less maintenance A central and automatic lubricating system for the greasing of the knives significantly reduces maintenance time.

Delivering quality products In contrast to conventional chain drive systems with a chain fastener, two large heavy-duty sprockets within the gearbox ensure a perfect synchronization between the knife blades at all times. As a result, carrots can’t be chipped off at the top and the knife blades will last longer.

No jams Foreign objects such as wood will not obstruct the harvesting process, because the topping blades are sprung loaded and therefore always return to their original position.

Haulm is evacuated at a safe distance from the topping blades

Gentle crop handling Inclination picking belts A low inclination angle of 23° ensures a smooth and gentle crop handling.

Elevator The 1650 mm wide elevator is your guarantee for large capacity and gentle crop handling. Maximum discharging height is 4m.

Even spread The ZKIV is equipped with conveyors after the knives with different lengths. As a result, the carrots are spread evenly on the elevator and will not scrub against the side plates.

Divider It’s possible to have a divider at the end of the elevator as option to switch easily from first to second box. This facilitates the unloading on the move.

Harvesting in comfort all season round With the ZKIV, Dewulf has created a comfortable environment that stimulates the operator to be productive. All instruments are ergonomically integrated in the user-friendly Traction Display and Harvesting Display.

Harvesting Display Thanks to the Harvesting Display, you are able to change your settings for depth control, automatic sideshift, rotary cleaners, knives, elevator...

Traction Display Thanks to the Traction Display, you are able to see/change your automatic steering, field gear, speed, maintenance hours, counter with working hours and number of hectares. There’s more comfort in the ZKIV that operators will value. Take for example the ZKIV’s cruise control and automatic air-conditioning. Last but not least, the ideally positioned cabin provides a perfect view on the picking elements, the topping mechanism and the elevator.

View from the cab on the topping knives

Traction Display - Harvesting Display - Joystick

View from the cab on the picking elements

Efficient power. Day in, day out. The Scania DC09, 9.3l, in-line 5-cylinder generates a massive 400 horsepower. The engine is equipped with a Scania developed Engine Management System in order to ensure the control of all aspects related to engine performance with low exhaust emissions, good fuel economy and a high torque.

Technical data

ZKIV Belts

4 (or 5 on 60 cm) 12650 mm, super-grip profile



Lengthwise web

Harvesting unit

Inclination angle



6 topping bars, double bearings with labyrinth sealing, 4 grease nipples


Maintenance-free gearbox for perfect synchronisation

Synchronized running of the belts

• • • •

Rotary cleaners underneath the belts


Automatic belt fasteners

Rotary torpedoes Depth control with skids Reversing of the belts

Number of belts

4 (or 5)

Width (mm) Elevator filling

320 Different lengths for dividing in the elevator



Max. discharging height

4000 mm


1650 mm


Double cam, pitch 40


Scania DC09 9.3l, in-line 5-cylinder / EU stage IIIb compliant

Output RPM

294 kW (400 hp) 1250 rpm on the road 1450 max rpm on the field


Fuel tank (l)



12128 mm


3500 mm


3990 mm


23500 kg


2 x Claas tracks (900 mm x 2950 mm)

Rear wheel

Continental 1050/50 R32 (1902 x 1060)

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4-row self-propelled carrot harvester