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2014 BOLDS look book


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Today's { bolds } Like a early morning sunrise that fills the sky with intense blues, oranges and reds, today's bold colors awaken the senses and stir the soul. Not only have color combinations evolved, you will notice the mesmerizing way color is captured on the canvas of fine cotton and linen so that a print or weave becomes something radiant. To keep things simple, we have chosen to present three basic lookbooks which feature color grouped together by category for the bed, bath and table. Neutrals, pastels that swing from soft, warm pink to to subtle, cool green, and bold colors that include jewel tones as well as neons. Bold is often thought of as overwhelming. As you will see in the following pages, bold colors can be intense, comical, energizing and even stately. They can stand alone in a room for drama or they can be paired to create a unified theme. One thing's for sure, bold colors are never boring. This is our third color ideas look book. We hope you find helpful information and inspiring combinations that you can use in your quest for living beautifully and harmoniously with your soul. Live, | & Laugh Beautifully.



Victoria | Le Jacquard Francais

8 0 0. 55 4.3 69 6 | w w w.dewo ol fs on


Sinfonia | Schlossberg rra Filetto | Sfe

Zingaro | Le Jacquard Francaise

Chateau | Le Jacquard Francaise

d ile ( P er Sup

y | Ab ) a alhi


r ideco b a H | rsable e v e R

| (citronelle) e il P r e p u S


Fiore | Habidecor

Sheepy Fleece | Pine Cone Hill

8 0 0. 55 4.3 69 6 | w w w.dewo ol fs on

Ripple | Abyss

Spic e Ro ot | Pine C

one Hill

Supe in) mandar r Pile ( | Abyss



e ine Con P | e c e e py Fl


Ring | Pine Cone Hill

Vadim | Iosis

K yra | Stamattina

Kacho-ga | Yves Delorme

Jali | Yves Delorme

Varkala | Pine Cone Hill

GIFT Certificate for You

8 0 0. 55 4.3 69 6 | w w w.dewo ol fs on


Montego Stripe | Pine Cone Hill

Daydream | LuLu DK Matouk

Box in Box | Pine Cone Hill

Avery | Sferra

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Bath Towels | Abyss

Tanger | Le Jacquard Francaise

Cardigan Throw | Pine Cone Hill

Lignes | Iosis

A owels | T t s e u G na l i

8 0 0. 55 4.3 69 6 | w w w.dewo ol fs on

Alizee | Abyss Shapes | Le Jacquard Francais Lignes| Iosis Lily | LuLu DK Matouk Dot to Dot | Pine Cone Hill Super Pile (banane) | Abyss


GIFT Certificate for You

Sur la Branche | Le Jacquard Francaise Chants d Oiseux | Le Jacquard Francaise Mosaic | Habidecor Uma Resist | Pine Cone Hill

8 0 0. 55 4.3 69 6 | w w w.dewo ol fs on

Starlight | LuLu DK Matouk

Bloom | Schlossberg

touk Paloma| Ma

Surina | Pine Cone

Arco | LuLu DK Matouk

Super Pile (peppermint) | Abyss



e Cone Hill Sheepy Fleece | Pin

Fleurs Gourmandes | Le Jacquard Francaise

8 0 0. 55 4.3 69 6 | w w w.dewo ol fs on

c quard Fran

cquard Francais e

Electro | Y Le Ja

c lorals | Le Ja Curiosites F


Hemmingway | LuLu DK Matouk

Ring | Pine Cone Hill

Starfish | A n ali

A L qu

GIFT Certificate


ZigZag | Iosis

Super Pile (marina) | Abys s


zu s| ejo ac eJ ca n a Fr d r a ise

for You

ss aii) | Aby w a h ( e l i Super P

Madison | Matouk

Bloom | Schlossberg

8 0 0. 55 4.3 69 6 | w w w.dewo ol fs on June Stripe

| Pine Cone

Eliane | Schlossberg


Twiggie | Pine Cone Hill

Fiona | Sferra


natural. comfortable. home. DE WOOL FSON L I N E NS 9 452 N C H i g h w a y 10 5 S . B a n n e r E l k , N C 2 8 6 0 4 U. S . A .

Linens.c om w w wool f son down .c om

w w wool f son

80 0.554.3696

© 2 014 DE WO OL FSON D OW N I N T ’ L ., I NC.

DEWOOLFSON bolds look book  

Be bold! DEWOOLFSON's Bold look book with carefully chosen bed, bath and table linens from our outstanding assortment is sure to be eye-catc...

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