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spring 2016

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Ahh, the sounds of songbirds and the glimpses of fresh greens emerging from a long winter's sleep. These are just some of the things to look forward to in this Spring season. You too can take part in this season of surprise by changing up your home's interior. Reinvent your space with a change in color perhaps. Replace warm woolens and sateens with cool and crisp cotton and linen fabrics. Switch from a throw pillow decorated with winter scenery to those filled with light and airy geometrics and floral motifs to welcome the outdoors inside. As we witness nature's rebirth, we gather together images for our latest look book. The imaginations of our designers has us oohing and aahing yet again. Beautiful bed and bath linens fill the pages and evoke the beauty that can be seen all around. From the beginning, we realized that a lovely and oh-so-comfortable bed was founded upon perfectly filled and stitched down and silk fillers. That's why we strive to make the best down pillows and comforters along with DEWOOLFSON'S signature duple silk bedding. Click on any item within this look book to be taken to that page on our merchant website - where you can discover more. We hope you find our Spring look book inspiring your own reinvention.

Live & Laugh Beautifully. The Staff at DEWOOLFSON 2

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Twill Bath Towels |

Abyss & Habideco r Super Pile Towels | Abyss & Habidecor

Mineral Rug |

Abyss & Habidecor


Super Pile Towels |

Abyss & Habidecor

Abyss & Habidecor bath towels, rugs and robes are exceptional in quality, performance and

Habidec or

utter beauty. All made with European cotton or a wonderful cotton

Abyss &

blend and woven in Portugal. Our top selling Abyss Super

Bath Ma t|

Pile towels, made with Giza70, are available


in a kaleidoscope of 60 hues.

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Mosaic Rug | Abyss & Habidecor 800.554.3696

It's the right time to be


Air |

Yves Delorme

Gypsy Stripe Denim/Navy Woven Rug |

Dash & Albert

Merlin Pillow | Iosis Air | Yves Delorme 6

Bicycle Linen Guest Towels |


Brussels Coverlet |

Pine Cone Hill

Anna Duvet Cover | Schlossberg



Idylle | Yves Delorme 8


| P und ine ere Co d L ne ine Hi n T ll ick i


Th ro w

Belle Vie Pillow | Iosis



Bijou Pillow | Iosis


Tree Duvet Cover |

Watercolor Dots Duvet Cover


| Pine Cone Hill


Tyler Quilted Coverlet | Pine Cone Hill

lbert A & ash ug | D

A Luxembourg Hand Towel |

Le Jacquard Francais


R icking T a u na Aq

Boyfriend Coverlet |

Pine Cone Hill

Watercolor Dots |

Pine Cone Hill Borla Pillow |

Pine Cone Hill

Veva Pillow |

Pine Cone Hill

Ines Linen Duvet Cover | Pine Cone Hill Boyfriend Throw |

Pine Cone Hill

Stone Soup Tote |

Dash & Albert


Terina Pillow | SFERRA

DEWOOLFSON速 comforters, pillows, and featherbeds are individually filled and sewn from the finest materials and shipped from our North Carolina factory within 48 hours. We use only hand-select European white goose down or feather fills, covered with some of the world's finest European downproof fabrics, including your choice of cotton cambric, batiste, sateen, silk, and an eco-friendly organic cotton. Our comforters are available in up to five warmth levels, and can have additional down added anytime within a year of purchase. Our down pillows are fully adjustable for firmness within a year of purchase (charging only for shipping and the cost of the additional down, by the ounce).



As always, orders for custom sizes and fills are gladly accepted.



DEWOOLFSON速 brand fine down products for the home for over 30 years. 12

Duple Silk comforter

Silk-filled comforters are the perfect addition to DEWOOLFSON's line of fine sleep products. Silk, a natural insulator that stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter, is one of the oldest known textile fibers and the preferred fill for sleeping comfort in many countries. Duple is DEWOOLFSON's term for double silk. Silk filled and silk covered. Our summer weight is covered with a lightweight (13 momme weight) silk habotai cover and stitched in a traditional butterfly pattern. The winter weight is covered with a heavier silk satin (19 momme weight), sometimes described as "buttery smooth", and sewn in a box stitch pattern. Both are filled with the finest hand-pulled mulberry silk floss. Naturally hypoallergenic. Eggshell white.


Cassidy Bed Linens |

LuLu DK Matouk

Fabino Throw | SFERRA 14

A Vitta Throw | SFER R



Caprio Bed Linens |




Corsini Pillow |

Fra nca Qu ilte d

Co ver let |S


Tobiano Pil low |


Caro Bed Linens |



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Enfleur | Yves Delorme

Athena Bed Linens |

Yves Delorme Enfleur | Yves Delorme

Towel | Herboriste Hand

is Le Jacquard Franca


Au Jardin Tea Towel |

Enfleur | Yves Delorme

Le Jacquard Francais

fields of

flowers Ferns Bed Linens | Pine Cone Hill


killin' the


Lowell Percale Bed Linens |


Midnight Stripe Tote |

Dash & Albert

Minerva Bed Linens |

LuLu DK Matouk

Vague Pillow | Iosis 18

Vent | Yves Delorme Stanza Linen Towel |

A nali

Zigzag Bed Linens |

Yves Delorme


Vitta Throw |



natural. comfortable. home.


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2016 DEWOOLFSON spring lookbook  

As we witness nature's rebirth, we gather together images for our latest look book. The imaginations of our designers has us oohing and aahi...

2016 DEWOOLFSON spring lookbook  

As we witness nature's rebirth, we gather together images for our latest look book. The imaginations of our designers has us oohing and aahi...