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2014 Definitive

Wedding Registry Lookbook


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LET US HELP CUSHION YOUR NEST Just got engaged? Congrats! Now what, you ask? How about creating your gift registry? We've been in the business of helping couples such as yourself for 30 years create their dream home. We can help inspire and educate you on the finer things to look for in choosing the right bedding basics and beautiful, luxury linens. When you're finished the two of you will have your linen closets and kitchen sideboard beautifully arranged with the things you will both love now and through the years. When you see an item on any of the following pages that speaks to you, just click on it. You will be taken directly to that page on our website, where you can learn more and add it your registry once you've signed up. How do I sign-up, you ask? You can do that by clicking here. The process is simple. Create a username and password (if you haven't already). Once you've answered a few questions about you and your 'significant other' , you can add all the things that you both want in one place that you and your guests can browse and purchase when the moments strike. This is our first registry look book. We hope it's helpful and inspiring for this next big chapter in your lives. Live, Love & Laugh Beautifully.

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Registry absolutes  sheets  blankets  sleeping pillows  bath towels & rugs  bath robes  gift certificate  kitchen towels  placemats & napkins


Essentials 1. bedding a given: mattresses  Next, the cushioning {sheets and blankets to bed pillows and comforters}. 2. bathroom a given: tub or shower  Next, great towels, bath rugs, robes, tissue & toothbrush holders and trash bins. 3. kitchen & dining givens: sink and dining table  Beyond those, the fun and fabulous { washable kitchen towels, placemats, runners and napkins } then tablecloths and coasters.



Understand bedding 1. fundamentals to a great night's sleep a. Changes according to the seasons  summer to winter b. Sheeting basics - how to choose - when to change - how many sets will we need?

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Cushion your Bed-Rooms


Create/Furnish your Spa-Rooms


Host a Dinner Party with panache Start w/ color or not!  placemats  runners  cocktail napkins  dinner napkins  candles  glass bowls & vases


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{ registry absolutes } ABYSS & HABIDECOR Super Pile Towels

SFERRA St. Moritz Cotton Blankets Assorted colors

PEACOCK ALLEY Soprano Sheets Assorted colors

must haves

 sheets  blankets  sleeping pillows  bath towels & rugs  bath robes  gift certificate  kitchen towels  placemats & napkins

DEWOOLFSON DOWN Sleeping Pillows


MATOUK Lowell Placemats & Napkins Azure LE JACQUARD FRANCAIS Delices & Douceurs Tea Towels Marshmallow




Gift te a c fi i t r Ce


YVES DELORME Invited Assorted Colors

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{ essentials } other

Vienna Fashion Duvet Cover & Shams Corsica European Shams Moutauk Coverlet Soprano Sheets PEACOCK ALLEY

bedding 3 bath 3 kitchendining

Mandalay Duvet Cover & Shams Riviera Blanket Lyric Sheets Majorca Pillow PEACOCK ALLEY 6

Satin Noblesse Sheets SCHLOSSBERG

Elements Bath Towels SCHLOSSBERG

Super Pile Bath Robes ABYSS

Accidents happen, friends and family come to visit for awhile, and/

or the party never ends. It's nice to have enough 'extras' on hand to accomodate. That's why we suggest having extra bedding like sheets, blankets and pillows and extra bath and hand towels, washcloths, robes and bath rugs available. Extra stock of kitchen towels, tablecloths, napkins and placemats too, just in case. Oh so practical and just perfect !

Coshmere Bath Towels SCHLOSSBERG

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Batiste 750 fill White Goose Down Comforter DEWOOLFSON

Duple Silk Comforter Summer weight DEWOOLFSON

{ bedding

knowledge }

How to get achieve a great night's sleep As in nature itself, we experience ebbs and flows, ins and outs, ups and downs. Nature's natural cycles of night and day, spring and fall, summer to winter radiate through us. In order to make these transitions easier, so we can live to our full potential, sprint our miles, have our babies and climb ladders, our bodies need nurturing. When we sleep our body works to restore peace and harmony within. This process works best when we experience deep sleep. By adjusting the temperatures in our home including the bedding we sleep under, we sleep and perform better. Chatham woven Blanket Summer weight MATOUK Grant Blanket All-season SFERRA 8

Villetta Cotton Flannel winter SFERRA


Scallop Percale MATOUK

Fun Facts:

1. Percale and sateen are terms for

cotton weaving patterns. Percale weave makes a cool and crisp sheet. Sateen results in a warm and silky feeling sheet. 2. A set of sheets will last longer if changed once a week and allowed to rest a week. 3. Weekly rotations of two sets of summer sheets and two sets of winter sheets on your master bed each season makes for a healthier bed and longer-lasting bedding.

Originel 100% Linen summer YVES DELORME

Oh, the fun you’ ll have choosing your favorite!

Lycella® Luxury Linens Tencel® Lyocell winter DEWOOLFSON

Soprano Sateen PEACOCK ALLEY

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{ summer


coverlets } opt for a summer-weight blanket or

coverlet instead of a down comforter

Triomphe New Quilting Style YVES DELORME



Sullivan MATOUK 10

{ winter

duvet covers }

insert your down or silk comforter and forego the blanket





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{ cushion } your Bed-rooms  Enjoy sitting up in bed to read, write, or watch TV? Then you know that your back needs a comfortable surface for which to rest. Our own down and feather blend European pillows are the perfect answer. Available in several fill combinations as well as sizes, you're sure to appreciate these! Small pillows for chairs, sofas or even the floor can add so much. DEWOOLFSON can make any size down or down-blend pillow to suit your needs. If you are looking for a small boudoir-size pillow, we offer a variety of covers to coordinate with your decor. Decorative pillows in a variety of covers are also available on our site. Just click here to browse.

Sometimes a throw is all you need while curled up in your favorite reading chair. Throws are one of those very versatile items. Drape 

one over the end of your bed just in case your toes get cold, or hang one over the arm of a sofa or chair for you or your guests to wrap up in. Dress up a favorite chair or hang several over a blanket rack in your guest bedroom. Luckily, we have a vast selection from which to choose from a rainbow of colors to a variety of materials, weaves and fills, we have you covered.

Like to jump out of bed and just throw on a robe? Try our robes in cotton seersucker for summer and cashmere 

for winter. Check out our cozy selection.

Do you love a soft bed that you can sink into? The best way to achieve 

that feeling with a firm mattress is to use a featherbed. See the diagram or click here to visit our website for more information. Filled with a combination of down and feathers, place it on top of your mattress and then cover it with your sheet or a protector. Oh, what an opulent feeling!


Everyone has small items that they carry around with them or collect over time which need a home whether temporarly until one's pockets need refilling again or permanent. Schlanser makes beautiful glass ď ­

bowls and vases just perfect for such items. If trays are more your style, we have those too.

{your create } Spa-rooms

Can one really have too many bath and hand towels? We think not! White is always in ď ­

style and a towel can last for years if treated kindly. Like towels, bath rugs and washcloths are staples of any well-furnished bathroom. If colored or embellished towels and rugs are favored, do we have a selection for you! We still suggest you have on hand a few sets of pure white. Guests love white towels, it makes them feel pampered and everyone can tell if the towels are clean or not. { The same can be said about sheets for your guest bedroom(s) - white is the way to go! } Decorative hand and guest towels are not a must, but they add character to any powder room and can instantly add a smile to your guest's face. That leads us to the topic of bar and liquid soaps. Soap may seem out of place on your wedding registry, but think again. A box of Rance soaps are a treasure in themselves. Made in France using only locally harvested herbs, these soaps can be savored for when you want to impress your guests or when you and your spouse deserve a special treat.

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Host a dinner party with panache! Here are a few questions

to help you find the best tablecloths, runners, napkins and placemats that fit your personality and style as a host. Be sure to include candles and vases in your decoration. Our beautiful unscented FlashPoint Candles make the right statement in any setting. NEST candles can add the right ambiance by choosing scents that speak to your soul.

{ host } a Dinner Party with style


Prefer your dining table

dressed in color?

Gift Certificates make gift giving easier for your guests.

They are able to give you exactly what the two of you want and you two get exactly what you need. Click here to learn more. 14



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begin here

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Sferra Acanthus Le Jacquard Francais Diamant

Le Jacquard Francais Pivione Yves Delorme Invited Yves Delorme Menu

Matouk Lowell Sferra Festival Le Jacquard Francais Pivione Le Jacquard Francais Deauville Le Jacquard Francais Tivoli

Sferra Classico Matouk Lucerne Yves Delorme Diner




p size

Gathering style

Âť casual


Matouk Lowell Sferra Festival Sferra Orchard

Sferra Juliet Matouk Savannah Gardens Yves Delorme Diner Sferra Chatham Sferra Festival Le Jacquard Francais Bosphore Matouk Savannah Gardens

Le Jacquard Francais Esprit Coutour Sferra Festival Le Jacquard Francais Manege

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2014 DEWOOLFSON Wedding Registry Book  

2014 Definitive Wedding Registry Look Book from DEWOOLFSON. Find out why DEWOOLFSON is your trousseau source.

2014 DEWOOLFSON Wedding Registry Book  

2014 Definitive Wedding Registry Look Book from DEWOOLFSON. Find out why DEWOOLFSON is your trousseau source.