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1954 by Rufus McClure

Obviously, the Class of 1954 decided that they had seen enough of the EAGLE in flight.

Although I was present at the time, I have no recollection why the change.

We now know that the eighteen-yearold who wrote this bold dedication could not know that we don’t necessarily know ourselves best, but the staff certainly followed through with their pledge.

A stunning frontispiece!

Here you observe the last time you will see those civies for a while. He will lead you back through the registration line at the end of which he (and You) will be a cadet.

Remember those four stations along the way?

There I sit on the far right conversing with my scholarly friends. We have previously met Captain Harold Walker and captain Nicholas Canaday, Class, 1946.

There sits Casey Ball whose hundreds of history students recall with trepidation.

Major Bradley is the gentleman who combed the backwoods of Florida to fill the dorm in order to put food on the table.

Which of you sailed that paper air plane out the window?

Another fabulous picture which has become an unforgettable icon.

Some of you may recall that the word at the top is the easiest word in the military lexicon to misspell.

In case you may not recognize it, that’s AWOL Road just outside my classroom window at the bottom right.

We have a new tennis coach, Joe Whalen, former champion, who will bring great prominence to the tennis team. Watch for the tennis tournaments that follow.

In the military, it is always hard to know if Sunday is the first or the last day of the week.