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1947 by Rufus McClure

The school now has a new head, the first change, as the school transitioned from its founder, Colonel Painter, to Major Hooker, who had a great working relationship with Clifford Schultz. Together, they would take the school to its next level. Incidentally, Hooker was the second and last military head.

There was a lot of nepotism in those years. Mrs. Ligon was secretary to her husband, Colonel Ligon, principal; and Mrs. Bradley was secretary to her husband, Major Bradley, athletics and admissions. Both women, however, were beloved figures who are now remembered with great affection. Nurse Anne Lewis will meet a tragic end, explained later.

The student center and canteen was the first new construction on campus. Donated by Clifford Schultz, Chairman of the Board, whom we have met previously, it was also known as the Clifford Schultz Canteen. It later was renovated by the Skinner family, 2002, and came to its demise in the summer of 2009, when it was replaced by a magnificent new edifice now named the Bent Student Center. The Bent family began its Bolles family history with James in 1955, and there have subsequently been children and grandchildren. In fact, the name appears on the roster for 2010.

Colmery is an important name for both scholarship and philanthropy. William was valedictorian of his class, and his daughter, Elizabeth Anne, is the only valedictorian in history to follow in her father’s footsteps. The Colmery Skills Center is a product of the family philanthropy.

Not all yearbooks included a history; hence the scattered histories.

Please note the awards are for the previous class, since they were not available when the 1946 book went to press.

In case you have forgotten, or never knew, this building started life as the garage for the San Jose Hotel in 1925.

Early on it was renovated as a gymnasium and still serves that purpose, although the Davis Gym later replaced it as the main gym.

Imagine using that billion dollar waterfront shoreline for docks and wharves! Today a Hyatt Regency stands just to the right of the bridge, and an office tower and the Jacksonville Landing (restaurants and upscale shops) and cultural venues are just to the left.

From what onceupon-a-time teenage cadets tell me, we should have had Arthur Murray on the payroll instead of the back of the yearbook.


1947 by Rufus McClure Incidentally, Hooker was the second and last military head. The school now has a new head, the first change, as the sc...

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