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1944 by Rufus McClure

The stated theme is an excellent reminder of the maturing Bolles, now firmly implanted on the banks of the St. Johns River.

He really wasn’t as stern as he looks!

Lieutenant Octavio Garces, who actually signed on the year before, has now made his debut. Under his coaching the swimming team will become a perennial state champion. He will ultimately become athletic director and alumni director. He has long since joined the Bolles Pantheon where he lives on as one of many Bolles legends.

Although there must have been school physicians before, Dr. Tyler is the first known reference to such a one.

After his discharge from the army, Tom Horton returned to Bolles and taught math for a couple of years. More later.

A fuller explanation than the previous one.

The Alpha Society, thanks to Captain Hochheim, naturally, makes its formal debut. Intended primarily to recognize scholarship, it will become the preeminent student organization for recognizing those students who excel in every dimension of school life.

And the band played on. Everyone can affix his own favorite 1940’s melody.

The Dads’ Association, introduced earlier, is now a fully grown booster, which makes its presence known in every dimension of school life.

One wonders what the Non-Athletic coaching staff looked like.

Familiar names all, they will appear and reappear ‘‘as time goes by.”