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1941 by Rufus McClure

In as much as this is the year that Pearl Harbor catapulted us into the greatest war of all time, this appears to be an appropriate dedication, particularly the last paragraph.

Major Hooker would be recalled to active duty shortly after Pearl Harbor.

Following his discharge in 1946, he returned as head of school and remained in this position until the military program was terminated and he retired in 1961.

Captain Vaino Nelimark enters the scene. Captain Nelimark was another man of many talents. In addition to heading up the Naval Unit, he also headed the math department for many years and was involved in all kinds of athletic activities.

Colonel Elvin Ligon signed on in 1940. In 1942 he succeeded Colonel Clemens as academic head and retained this position until his retirement in 1953.

Mrs. Elvin Ligon arrived with her husband, whom we met earlier, and served as her husband’s secretary until she retired with the Colonel in 1953.

MacKenzie Miller is a unique fellow. He raised race horses, one of which, Sea Hero, won the Kentucky Derby in 1993.

In case you have forgotten the geographic orientation, “A� Company is facing west toward the river.

The Athletic Council appears to be new. Judging by its small membership, it must have exerted a good deal of influence. My guess is that Hochheim, third from left, was the instigator.

Long before there were “talking heads,� there were athletic heads!!

Here is Nuckols again, but he now has some company.

These are names to remember.

They will be community, corporate, and professional leaders in a few years down the road.