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1938 By Rufus McClure

These awards were not announced until graduation of 1937 and therefore could not be included in the 1937 yearbook.

Huston will join Andrews as one of the most revered teachers of the early years.

Mrs. DeWitt R. Searles, house mother, makes her first appearance. She would become one of the four or five most important ladies during the military era. Her son, DeWitt R. Searles, 1939, retired from the USAF as a major general.

Searles, bottom, becomes the General Searles, son of Miriam Searles, mentioned earlier.

This threatening and mean-looking bunch will one day direct the destiny of The Bolles School!

George Varn was the first day-boy to become Battalion Commander. He was also the eldest of two pairs of brothers to be so honored.

His younger brother, Lester, was Battalion Commander in 1942.

Interestingly, the two brothers would later serve as Chairmen of the Board of Trustees. The name Varn is indelibly linked to The Bolles School. Varn children and grandchildren would later attend, and they would also play distinguished roles in their own Bolles experiences. In fact, there are Varn children in attendance today, 2010. The Varn Board Room bears the family name.

The fact that there could be a Dads’ Day as early as the fifth year bodes well for this family involvement.

In fact, this first festive occasion launched one of our most enduring traditions: The Bolles Family. In 1965 under the leadership of Mrs. J. E. Davis a group of moms, determined not to be outdone by the dads, organized and launched the Mothers’ Club, which later merged with the Dads’ Club to become the Parents’ Association, which is so vital to today’s success.

This squad certainly boasts names to remember.

It is interesting to note that the coveted B was originally limited to the three MAJOR sports. But there were simply too many cadets engaged in too many OTHER sports to allow the B Club to remain exclusive. In 2010 , along with the Student Council, it is the oldest surviving student organization, as vital today as ever. And the big B is as coveted today as ever. In fact, it begins our most enduring cheer: “Give me (Gimme) a B!�

Minor sports?

What a way to become a mariner/sailor! The water tower, seen in the background, was a challenge to generations of students, both military and civilian, just came down in 2009. If you perchance met the challenge, please let me know, and I will recognize you.

Little did they know that Camp Foster, directly across the river from the Bolles campus, would, during World War II, become the NAS (Naval Air Station) that has subsequently played such a major role in our nation’s defense.


1938 By Rufus McClure These awards were not announced until graduation of 1937 and therefore could not be included in the 1937 yearbook. Hus...