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NO.SLEEP.TILL.BEDFORD Pop-Up store and exhibition space BEDFORD has opened it’s heart and doors in Utrecht’s Jansveld 39 for you from May 4th till June 23th. BEDFORD will be the place for young cultural tendencies in the wide and unruly range of art, music and fashion. The store is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 12h, and you are welcome to drop by and ease your craving for the new. BEDFORD offers art, furniture, books, T-shirts and edgy fashion designs. Also, every Fridaynight from 17h till 22h, you're invited to a duet exhibition of young artists that will take place. Since BEDFORD likes to have a good time, it goes without saying that good music and some sweet Bombay Sapphire Gin provide the backdrop of these events.

Event tekst We welcome you to the OPENING CEREMONY of BEDFORD A Pop-Up store and exhibition space in Utrecht’s Jansveld, will open its heart and doors for you from May 4th till June 23th. We welcome you with open arms to come and celebrate the opening of the first duet exhibition at BEDFORD. WHEN Friday, June 3rd from 18h – 22 h After Party at café ‘t Hart WHERE Breedstraat 57, Utrecht WHAT ELSE Good music and a drink or two WHY Because you are essential

BEDFORD THIS FRIDAY Stickit presents 'Line and Surface': a book presentation, containing more than 250 photo’s of the abstract geometric style of worldfamous street artist Eltono. Also, next Friday May 18th, check out artists Garlic Myth and filmmaker Daan de Bakker. For this exhibition in Bedford, The Garlic Myth shows a series of 4 portraits of homeless / drug addicts in Utrecht over the years. Tunes by DJ Freek Fabricius. Stickit & Eltono book presentation "Line and Surface" Friday May 11th From 17.00 - 22.00 Stickit publishes 'Line and Surface': a unique overview of 250 photo’s of Eltono's work over the last twelve years. Eltono (1975) worked in Madrid for the last decade, and since 2010 lives in Beijing. He started with his abstract geometric style of street art in the late nineties. Eltono grew up on the outskirts of Paris and started his street art career with the usual tools of the trade spray paint cans. After ten years of bombing, in 1999 his practice diverged as he evolved his artistic style using acrylic paints and tape to develop an abstract geometric language. Now, the paintings of Eltono can be found on the streets of more than seventyfive cities. He has shown his works in many world-renowned galleries and museums, including the Tate Modern and Fundacion Miró.

Daan de Bakker & The Garlic Myth dj: Freek Fabricius Friday May 18th From 17.00 - 22.00 Daan de Bakker sees beauty everywhere, and wants to share this. Therefore, he makes films. The Garlic Myth (Daniel Roozendaal) is a born and raised in Utrecht illustrative artist. He has worked both as a standalone application to his drawings and paintings, often produced with traditional material, in combination with post-processing on the computer. Topics covered in his work are humor, Utrecht,

timeliness and annoyances. For this exhibition in Bedford, The Garlic Myth shows a series of 4 portraits of many prominent homeless/drug addicts in Utrecht over the years. The fact that these people are often known to everyone as they do not know of each other inspired him to create this series, also the aesthetic value of the weathered, signed heads played a major role.


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