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Stationary Bike Reviewer Helps With Winter Fitness Goals A stationary bike review site is helping people make the right decision for their indoor exercise needs this coming winter. Upright Exercise Bike Reviews is an expert on name brand Schwinn and Stamina bikes for all levels of cardiovascular and leg toning workouts. When looking for a stationary bike, one wants to make sure that it will withstand constant and pounding use. The review site rates the top five best-selling indoor exercise bikes to buy this season:     

Schwinn-Airdyne-Evolution-Comp Schwinn Airdyne Stamina 5325 Upright Exercise Bike Schwinn A10 Upright Exercise Bike Schwinn 140 Exercise Bike

All of these stationary bikes are rated four to five stars (out of five) according to buyers and reviewers. Stacy Klein of Upright Exercise Bike Reviews says these bikes are all good quality and offer great savings at a reasonable price range from $185 to $622. Of course Schwinn’s Airdyne series is comparable to none and for this reason it is the most popular and gains the highest recommendation. One reviewer, Neville Orchard said the Schwinn Airdyne stationary bike helped him stay in shape after heart surgery: “I was so impressed with its ability to rebuild my health and fitness that I felt compelled to buy one of my own, and have not regretted it for one moment.”

Schwinn Airdyne While the Airdyne series maintains its top quality over the years, Schwinn has developed and introduced a more economic model that is also superb in quality. The Schwinn 140 Exercise Bike is an alternative option as the more traditional stationary bike without moving arm handles. It’s a great buy according to Exercise Bike Reviews: “These retail at $499 but are available on Amazon at over 40% off the retail price, or $299.”

Schwinn 140 The Schwinn 140 stationary bike offers 17 workout programs, including 8 course profiles, target heart rate, two user profiles and also comes with custom workouts. It’s a great value and is very durable according to Matthew Deroller: “I'm 6 foot, and weigh 240 pounds . . . This bike feels very sturdy for my size and weight,” he said, “No loose parts, or creaking noises.” Overall, any exercise bike reviewed by Upright Exercise Bike Reviews will become a home-stay for years to come, as they are professionally reviewed and tested by the experts. For staying in shape, easy access, and no excuses one will want to visit this stationary bike review site for all the details on the upcoming exercise bikes this fall. Contact: Name: Alan Meurs Company: Market4all Corp Address: 333 Deans Lane, City: New York State: New York Zipcode: 10011 Tel: 914-902-1129 Website:

Stationary Bike Reviewer Helps With Winter Fitness Goals  

Guide for choosing the right exercise bike for fitness this coming winter