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SPARKLE PLENTY: Crystals may be tiny and shiny — but they’re certainly not for wimps. That’s the message from Swarovski, whose latest corporate ad campaign broke Monday in Love magazine. Created by Ronnie Cooke Newhouse of House + Holme in London, and shot by Nick Knight, the campaign features lots of glitter — but no specific product. It features model Candice Swanepoel in a variety of poses with crystalencrusted objects including a motorcycle helmet, a baby barbell and ski goggles. Other images show pink and lavender flowers in full bloom and dripping with crystals like raindrops. “We wanted the campaign to capture the essence of the cool, contemporary woman,” said Nadja Swarovski, a member of the executive board, Swarovski Crystal Business. “Beautiful, healthy and strong, she is in charge and can compete in any way. She is also fun and kind of humorous. Nick catches her spirit perfectly. But more importantly, this is an overarching corporate campaign celebrating the modern woman and Swarovski crystal as a design ingredient supporting creative expression.” Cooke Newhouse said about her springboard for the campaign: “I saw a common thread between the natural beauty of flowers, which need light in order to grow and be seen, and the finely crafted beauty of crystals which come alive in the light.” The campaign will also appear in the March issues of titles including the British, American, and Chinese editions of Vogue; British Harper’s Bazaar, and Vanity Fair.


Entry #1 Women’s Wear Daily Swarovski Crystal Business has released their corporate ad campaign in Love magazine today- but for what? Known for its crystal coated jewelry, Swarovski has created a spread with Ronnie Cooke Newhouse of House and Holme in London and photographed by Nick Knight of seemingly random objects covered in the glitter. The advertisement has Candice Swanepoel, modeling most known for her work with Victoria Secret, holding seemingly random objects glazed in crystal covered objects. It is probably one of the first barbells, motorcycle helmets, and goggles ever to have been dipped in crystals in the fashion world. The ad also pictures lovely pink and pastel colored flowers in bloom with crystals cradled on the petals like morning dew.

Swarovski said they wanted to show off the modern, strong, and contemporary woman in their campaign. Cooke Newhouse explained how she saw her campaign having a, “common thread between the natural beauty of flowers, which need light in order to grow and be seen, and the finely crafted beauty of crystals which come alive in the light,” and the spread does just that. Swanepoel looks cool, contemporary, strong, and shines just as brightly as the crystals, but soft and feminine as the flowers alongside her. One complaint I have personally is I wish for one of the photos she would have had her hair down, or at least not pulled back and shows a different style. Wavy locks would be a nice way to show the feminism side of womanhood and compliment the flowers well.


Entry #2 Wall Street Journal “IN SEARCH of the perfect dress for this summer, Carolina looked to her past.


The designer is reissuing six prints from the last decade in four stretchcotton styles in a capsule she calls the Archive Print Collection. The ladylike silhouettes are about as simple as Ms. Herrera gets, but that's all the better to shine a spotlight on the charming patterns, which range from beach chairs to painterly daisies on a sky-blue background. Prints are what make a collection distinctive, said Ms. Herrera, who has been designing for three decades. "You see it and say, 'Oh, that's a Carolina Herrera,' " she added. Many of Ms. Herrera's prints, including most in this capsule collection, are inspired by casual moments during her travels—think of them as very stylish snapshots. The clover print grew out of a trip to Austria, where she came across a tiny heart-shaped paperweight with a fourleaf clover inside. An elephant ride in India led to the elephant print (pictured above), while the idea for the beach chairs (pictured) struck her during one of her annual visits to the resort town Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Then there are designs that come from her own flight of fancy. "I love radishes!" she said of the stylish print (pictured) featuring the root vegetable. Why over think it? The eminently easy-to-wear dresses can be paired with a cardigan for work and all but beg to be invited to a garden party. Ms. Herrera hopes that women who are accustomed to wearing solid colors will consider these new frocks. "It's a very feminine instinct to change from one day to another and say, 'Now I love prints.' "

Enjoy the full article here


Carolina Herrera has looked back to her past using her Archive Print Collection as a throwback to moments in her travel- a “stylish snapshot� of her time in different places. A few of the prints radishes, tiny heart-shaped leafs of a four-leaf clover, an elephant, and beach chairs are a few of her key prints. These easy to wear dresses can be paired with a cardigan for work or bright leggings during the weekends. She comments that these prints are great for women who are accustomed to wearing solids and she now loves prints. These stretch-cotton styles are $1,290.00 each from I personally do not like the prints Herrera has chosen, but I do like her color scheme. I think the colors go very well together and are great stand alone outfitsminus the designs on them. I also am not a fan of the shape or price. I think a lot of customers who might be browsing online would see and think they are cute, but after seeing the price would be turned off by the price.


Entry #3 Vogue “IN LONDON, it’s all about the coats. On day three of fashion week alone, Phil Oh spotted many species of toppers: the double-breasted overcoat, the fuzzy fur jacket, the tartan trench, the metallic slicker, and the leather moto-jacket, to name a few. Of course, you don’t need photographic training and a pair of super binoculars to spot these beauties—the world’s best outerwear-watching is only a click away!”

London has a great variety of crazy coats as well as the classics. Anything from crazy bright blue metallic (you

would never lose your friend again!) to Russian style double breasted overcoat with fur trim, to classic navy blue and black jackets. One fabric I saw multiple times is black leather, center front zippers and either very clean styles or with multiple studs and pockets. One that sticks out though is the metallic blue double breasted jacket going to the knee with black pointed shoes. It is so outlandish that I can’t help but love it.


Entry #4 Spring Observation

An observation I’m made is the sense of ‘


that has been going around not only fashion, but movies and video games. I think it comes from Captain America: The First Avenger being reinvented in 2011 with Chris Evans and making Captain America cool again. Spring 2011 was still using a lot of white fabric, but another similarity is the high waist pants/short are becoming more and more popular it seems. A difference I’ve noticed though is that this year’s colors are much more watered down and pastel colored.


Entry #5


Entry #5


Entry #6

Entry #7 Three Fabric Swatches

Floral lace with a large scalloped salvage

Medium weight cotton denim in a powder blue

61% Nylon, 39% Viscose




Light weight wool blend knit with a printed pattern. Soft and smooth handed Acrylic-77% Polyester-15% Wool-8% Italy

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