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Morning Session Descriptions Making Thinking Public: Facilitation Techniques That Help Students Do More Thinking and Interacting in Reading and Writing Classrooms Presenter: Peter Brunn This session will share techniques for helping students to share the deep thinking they do around their reading and writing. Participants will also look at ways to help students collaborate in ways that deepen their learning experience. Reid Hall #2308 Creating Writing Communities in Every Classroom Presenter: Tabatha Scharlach How can school leaders create a common vision and language for effective writing instruction? Participants will observe classroom video demonstrating effective writing instruction and discuss ways to help all teachers motivate and engage students as writers. An instructional framework for supporting K–6 teachers will be shared. Reid Hall #3319 Building Vocabulary in a Caring Environment Presenter: Linda Rourke How can schools help students develop and expand their vocabulary while sharpening their skills for content area word use? Participants explore how to help teachers move towards more active and engaging vocabulary instruction. This session provides a model for vocabulary instruction grounded in read-alouds. Participants discover activities and strategies to help students learn and apply new words while developing an interesting and appreciation for word learning. Reid Hall #2309 Decoding Intervention: A System for Developing Word Recognition and Fluency in an RtI Model for Tiers II and III Presenter: Kelly Stuart Participants explore a research-based developmental sequence, learn to use an assessment tool to place students into small intervention groups, and to provide specific, targeted instruction. The workshop emphasizes a mastery approach with on-going assessment and placement to ensure that all students rapidly develop skills to unlock words and read with fluency. Reid Hall #2321


Afternoon Session Descriptions Individualized Daily Reading: Helping Students Apply Comprehension Strategies When They Read Presenter: Susan Young This session examines the research supporting a structured daily routine for independent reading and describes the active role teachers must play to maximize this instructional time. Using observational video and group discussions, participants explore how administrators might support classroom practices that provide students and teachers with recommended structures, resources, and instruction needed to establish a strong Individualized Daily Reading (IDR) component. Reid Hall #2308 Supporting Comprehension Instruction in K–6 Classrooms Presenter: Linda Rourke Participants explore how administrators can support teachers in implementing effective practices for deepening reading comprehension and increasing student engagement using explicit instruction in both strategies and cooperative structures. Participants examine their own building’s challenges and analyze classroom video. Reid Hall #2309 The PLC Journey: Creating a Climate and Culture of Student Achievement Presenters: Lino Rodriguez and Sue Wilder Participants in this session learn about and discuss strategies for building the adult learning community and developing a culture of professionalism in which the teachers continuously seek and share their learning and then act on what they learn, with the goal of enhancing their effectiveness as professionals to the benefit of students. Reid Hall #3319 Assessment Planning for Writing Instruction Presenter: Julie Gagne, Instructional Coach Participants in this session will learn ways to develop an assessment plan to guide instruction during a writing unit. Participants will examine ways to find evidence of their teaching in student work while looking through the assessment lens. Also discussed in this session are ways to determine what criteria to assess during various points in each unit, how to develop a system using rubrics which support teachers in generating authentic grades and assessments in writing. Reid Hall #2321


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