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“I’ll wear your granddads clothes.” Devan sang and rhythmically played the guitar while people put money into his black hat. He smiled as he saw £1 and £2 coins dropping onto the big pile that was already there. He was at Parrs Wood Metrolink station with his greyhound Jeff on a summer morning in 2013. After he had collected a lot of money, he shoved the coins and the hat into his backpack and jumped onto the tram. He ducked under a table as the ticket collector came past. When the ticket collector had gone he started to sing the same song. It made people laugh and they gave him even more money. He saw lots of people at the next station and jumped off, then began setting up to perform again. He sang another funny song and people gave him even more money. He left the station and went to wander round the streets of Manchester. He liked Manchester because there were a lot of people and there were hundreds of stalls with cheap, fun things to buy like jokes and toys. Devan was at McDonald’s on his iPhone one night. He started looking at pictures on Bob’s Facebook page. There were pictures of Zayd, Bob and him at school, messing around and pulling funny faces. Some pictures showed his Mum and Dad. He thought about how much he missed them and the good times that he had with his friends.

But sometimes he cried, because he didn’t like what his Mum and Dad used to do. They hit him with a cane because they were mentally ill and very angry. As soon as he was 16, they threw him out. “You’re old enough to survive on your own now, so here’s £200 and go.” He took his guitar and his dog, his sleeping bag and his torch and left and never went back. He spent £100 on a pop-up tent. He spent the rest of the money on food and water. When his money went he thought to himself, “I have a good voice, a guitar with me – and my hat, so why don’t I start busking?”

“Hey you,” called Mr Jokeyjolley, “do you want a job? I own the Metrolink”

Devan replied with a yes. “But how much am I going to get paid?”

“£50 per hour and you can keep your hat.”

“That’s fine,” said Devan. “Can I sleep on the trams?”

“Nope. That would not be safe.”

This meant Devan had to sleep on the street in the miserable weather, but he didn’t mind very much because it was an adventure.

That night Devan was getting ready to check his lottery ticket. He was in his sleeping bag in the doorway of McDonald’s. The Wi-Fi was still on so he could check the lottery on his iPhone.

For weeks he had been checking the numbers and saving them into Notes on his phone. He discovered the most popular numbers which were 11,4,8,36 and 35.

The next day he bought a ticket and chose those numbers, then he went to his job, busking on the tram. He didn’t get very much in his hat, but at least he got £50 from Mr Jokeyjolley.

That afternoon he went to KFC and bought a fillet burger. He saw the Wi-Fi password on the desk and while everyone was cooking he snatched it. He quickly ran out of the door.

After KFC closed that night he sat in his sleeping bag in the doorway. He typed the wifi password into his phone and chose the lucky numbers on the Lotto App.

“Lucky number 11” said the presenter.

“Come on!” thought Devan . The presenter said the rest of the numbers. They were Devan’s numbers.

“ Yeah!!!!” he yelled. The next day he put his ticket in an envelope and sent it to the lottery people. He knew they would send the money to his Mum and Dad’s house so the next day he waited in the alley way until he saw the postman. Devan watched with binoculars and he could see his name on the envelope. He quickly scrambled to the front door and quietly fiddled with the keys. Fortunately his Mum and Dad were out and he snatched the envelope from the floor like he was stealing a yoyo off a kid.

He ripped open the envelope and jumped up and down as he looked at the cheque inside. It was for one hundred million pounds.

He went to the bank. He felt very excited waiting in the queue. He didn’t usually like banks because they had a weird smell, but today he didn’t mind. When he got to the counter the woman looked at the cheque and said “you’re some serious dude.” “I won the lottery!” said Devan The next thing Devan did was to buy a house for his parents. He did this because he still loved them even though they had abused him. He bought a beautiful Tudor style house which had 11 bedrooms and was in Prestbury. It had robotics with

voice control which would do things like water the plants and do the dishes. It cost half a million pounds. He gave three million pounds each to Francis House, Oxfam and the Red Cross. He gave a million pounds to each of his friends, Zayd, Safia and Bob. The next day Devan got a taxi to the Trafford centre where he bought the iPhone 5 s, and lots of clothes from his favourite designers, such as Hollister, Hugo Boss, and Ralph Lauren. Because he needed another cheque, Devan went back to the bank. This cheque was to buy his own house which was a 3 bedroomed modern house in Wilmslow. It was a tall 3 storey house painted in bright colours so everyone noticed it, because the previous owner liked to show off.

Using his i-phone app, Devan searched for a vintage Bugatti. He found a fantastic zebra print 1955 Bugatti racing car. He had to go all the way down to London on the train to pick up the car. On the way back he drove very slowly so everyone could see him and then zoomed rapidly down the motorway.

In the new house Jeff did not like it. He was howling and whimpering because it was a new environment. Devan felt sad and lonely because his friends had gone to live in America. In the new house Devan didn’t like the weird noises because he had never heard the noises before, not even in his old house when he lived with his Mum and Dad. Every time he could hear

the noises he jumped and yelled out and made Jeff the dog bark. When it was time to go bed he stayed up because of the noise. When the wind blew the curtains, it made shadows like scary faces and witches fingers.

The next day he went to a homeless shelter and said “I have a nice 3 bedroomed house and I don’t want it. Do any of you want it?” The homeless people said “yeah me yeah me!!!!” And then one man popped up and said “why don’t you want it?” Devan said “because I don’t feel right in it and it makes me jump!” Devan spotted a young man who was sitting quietly at the back of the room. He walked over and said, “would you like my house?” “Y-y-yeah, if that’s ok with you,” replied the young man. Everybody was looking at the young man, whose name was Nelson, because he was the chosen one. One man piped up and said “why him?” “Because he is a lovely young man and I know he will take care of my house.” Everybody else groaned. “Come with me,” said Devan. Nelson said, “OK, 1 minute”. They walked to the parking lot and Nelson said, “Nice car. How much did it cost?”

“A million pounds,” said Devan. “Woah,” said Nelson, and they zoomed off to the house. At the house, Nelson said “Thank you so much for everything and the opportunity to live in this beautiful house.” “You’re very welcome,” said Devan. Devan went into the house and got some of his fancy new clothes, his iPhone, his guitar and Jeff his dog. He handed the key over to Nelson and then said goodbye, and sped down the street in a flash. Two months later, he got a phone call from his friends in America. “Would you like to come and live in America, because we know you don’t have anywhere to live?” Devan said “no.” A second later he rang back, “Actually I will come, but only if I can bring Jeff” His friend said “yes, course you can but he has to have injections and a certificate.” Devan said, “I will take Jeff to the vet and sort all that out and then I will come right over.” The next day Devan went to take jeff the dog to the vets and then went off to a shop that sold suitcases. He went on the internet to a shipping company to send his car over to the U.S.A. After that, he went to Thomas Cook and bought a one way flight to America F.A. then he remembered he had to get a visa so he could stay in America for ever.

Finally he made it to Florida where he met his friends who took him to Zayd’s house. Devan decided that with the left over money he should buy a mansion for him and his friends to live in. That afternoon they went to the estate agents and they found a medium sized mansion. It was a big white house with pillars which had 10 bedrooms. It was empty so they moved in right away. The next day they got a removal van to bring everyone’s stuf from each house. They lived happily in the mansion. Devan felt very comfortable with his friends and didn’t mind the noises ad Jeff slept in the same room as Devan and Zayd so he was happy too.

Devan and Jeff go Busking  

A story about not needing money to be happy.

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