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Ramazan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. Month for fasting, praying, reciting Quran and charity; Ramazan is holy month, would you not like to wish other Happy Ramazan

Sending them Messages for Ramazan. I am sure you would have thought, that you should send Messages for Ramazan to others.

In this article you will find Messages for Ramazan which you can use to send to your family members and friends.

During the Ramazan month Quran was gifted to Muhammad and the night on which the Quran was gifted is considered as holy night.

Let’s all together welcome the Ramazan 2014 and share the enjoyment and joy with others by sending them Messages for Ramazan.

Best Messages for Ramazan. I pray to Allah that he showers his Blessings on you and your family. Ramazan Mubarak.

I pray to Allah today, that happiness and peace, knock your door early and leave behind, happiness, peace, joy, prosperity, success, good health, fortune and all that you desire. Happy Ramazan.

May this Ramazan bring you peace and prosperity, May this Ramazan brings you happiness and love and you receive the rich blessings from Allah. Happy Ramazan.

May the festival of light, which we celebrate throughout the Ramazan month, show us the right path of peace and social harmony. Happy Ramazan.

During the month of Ramazan Bayrami 2014, Allah sent Quran to mankind through Gabriel, so that we can lead our life to right path by following the Holy Quran.

Allah is one God, creator, maker, almighty, in whom we can put our trust and faith and find peace and prosperity.

Quran has the key of the family happiness, key to success, I pray to Allah that he gives us guidance to understand the Holy Quran and live our life happily.

These are few beautiful Messages for Ramazan you can send to your loved ones and friends and share your happiness towards the holy month. Happy Ramazan.

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Messages for ramazan