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Home made Mothers Day gift ideas By:

Mothers day is celebrated in honor of mothers to appreciate them and thank them for all the pain and sufferings they borne throughout their life.

A small gift or something special done will surely bring a smile on her face and will make her feel important.

Home made gifts

There are many gifts available in the store which can be gifted but a gift which is made especially by you for her will make her happy mothers day 2014 quotes.

There are different gifts you can make at home and are not very difficult to do as well.

These gifts can be made from the materials which you have at home or easily available in the local stores.

You can start the day by serving her breakfast when she is in bed. Prepare something special that she would love to have for breakfast.

You can also make cookies, cupcakes and gift her on mothers day collection of quotes. Homemade candles can be a beautiful gift for mothers day.

Candle making is not very difficult and also they make great gifts. You can also make scented candles or colored candles. You can also make a flower hair clip for your mother and gift it to her.

The flowers look pretty on hair and if you have made a flower hair clip, definitely that is going to brighten her day.

Consider making paper flowers with colorful paper. May be you can make a paper flower bouquet with different types of paper flowers.

Mothers day cards are very easy to make and beautiful wordings, quotes or sayings written on the card will surely touch her heart.

You can use the special captured moments from your collection of photos you have in the house and make a beautiful photo frame and gift it to your mother. You can also use multiple photos in a photo frame.

Mothers day quotes can be written on walls or different places, from where it can be easily seen or read.

If you are good at painting, then you can make use of the coffee mug you have in the house and paint the coffee mug or maybe write something special about your mother on the mug.

In addition, you can stick a few sequins, ribbons or lace on the mug. If you are good at knitting, you can embroider a pillow cover or a table cloth, bed sheets, handkerchief.

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Home made mothers day gift ideas