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Fire Drum Ceremony 1 Shamanic & Tarot WORKSHOP for Stress 4 Yoga Management Series Yoga & 5 MUMs Sharing Circles with 15 Kirtan David Newman Yoga 16 Postnatal with Momilates® Challenge, Change 17 Chant, workshop Yoga & 21 MUMs Sharing Circles Matrix & The Gita 22 The workshop Childbirth 24 Lamaze Education workshop Relaxation: 26 Ultimate A Pre-Holiday Retreat


Renewal 2 Personal Group Series fOR MOTHERS Breathing 3 Better Series d’oeuvres for 7 Hors Easy Entertaining Flow & Live 13 Cosmic Music WORKSHOP for Labor and 14 Yoga Delivery WORKSHOP

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Yoga & 17 MUMs Sharing Circles Solstice 21 Winter WORKSHOP as Meditation: 28 Life Workshop for the Holidays Decade of Devotion: 31 ANew Years Eve Celebration



5 7 wednesday 8 beginner series for Weight 9 Yoga Loss Series Bitsy Yoga® 9 Itsy Series and Create Your 11 Visualize Ideal Life WORKSHOP SAturday 11 Beginner Series New Year’s Mini- Retreat: Reflect, 12 Refocus, Renew workshop Yoga & 14 MUMs Sharing Circles Beginner sunday Series Mommy & Baby Yoga with Momilates® SERIES

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