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to deal with what was in the NOW - which were a bunch of untrue concepts that I, for some reason, believed to be true. Kelly made me realize my greatness! I started to see myself as love, and within that love I saw perfection. I had never dreamed that I would be able to heal myself. It seemed like it would take years of therapy and hard work, but with Kelly, it was simply about letting go and surrendering to the flow of life. Reiki poured through me weekly and l came out stronger and clearer after each session. I soon began to realize myself as a healer, as well. I felt a calling to Reiki and to helping others find the same emotional freedom I did. My journey truly began at that moment.

“I let go, surrender myself to God, and live peacefully in the flow.” This became my daily mantra. With this new quest to fulfill my dharma as a healer, I was pushed even more towards healing myself at a deeper level of consciousness. I became a sponge, reading every book I could get my hands on, taking workshops, seminars, yoga classes, and finally, Reiki Level 1 training. I found a teacher, Thomas Capshew, with whom I felt a great connection; through his teachings and guidance I was truly able to realize the healing power that was trapped within me. Not long after my training, I found out that my dear Kelly Pipper had passed away. She died of brain cancer that even John Of God could not cure. The woman who had so lovingly guided me toward spiritual

elevation was laid to an untimely rest. This news made me realize that I must carry on her lineage and continue to do the work she set out to do! I threw myself into my Reiki training, put aside all my fears, and eventually started to take clients. It amazed me to see the same changes in my clients that had happened within me. Each session brought me back to the first day of the rest of my life - my first meeting with Kelly and my introduction to Reiki healing. It gave me such pleasure to be on the opposite side of the table. I knew that because I had dramatically changed myself though energy healing, I was better able to relate to my clients. I understood exactly how they felt and knew what to do to help them release these feelings. Any time I feel alone or out of balance, I simply place my hand upon my heart. I allow the Reiki energy to fill me, inch by inch. I do not stop until I am so full of love that it radiates out of me and onto all who surround me. The best part about becoming a Reiki healer is that you can administer healings to yourself. It becomes a lifestyle, really; a beautiful way to conduct yourself within this lifetime. “Just for today I will not choose anger”, “Just for today I choose JOY”! These precepts have become a big part of my life and are the building blocks of Reiki. I dedicate my practice to all those who were once told that they are “not good enough”, and to the memory of Kelly Pipper.


ames Bene, Wellness Director of Devotion Yoga, is an intuitive Reiki Master and meditation/metaphysical teacher certified Usui and Karuna Reiki. He believes strongly that he has been placed on this earth as a healer and offers his clients a safe place to let go and begin their journey to a better life. Using Reiki as a backbone, James takes his clients on a meditative journey. Each Reiki session restores balance and harmony within all who lie on James’ table. He works through the chakra system and “unclogs” negative, non-beneficial energies trapped within. Using inner-child as well as past-life regression techniques, James brings his clients to a better understanding of their depression or fear. In doing this, clients are able to forgive, observe, and finally, LET GO! Check Devotion’s schedule for weekly classes and upcoming series & workshops that James is hosting. James is also teaching Reiki Certification Training – Level 1 in February at Devotion.

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Devotion Yoga's URBAN SANCTUARY Magazine  

Our inaugural URBAN SANCTUARY magazine that offers something for everyone! Within these pages you will find a directory of workshops for bot...

Devotion Yoga's URBAN SANCTUARY Magazine  

Our inaugural URBAN SANCTUARY magazine that offers something for everyone! Within these pages you will find a directory of workshops for bot...