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What are some of your favorite classes & teachers?


Can you speak a bit about how your life has changed since joining Devotion Yoga?


One of my favorites is Eileen’s Yin Yoga class because she really helps with mindbody balancing. If I want more of a physical workout, I love Jay’s classes, as well.

When Devotion’s teachers open their class with lessons on compassion and love, and share stories about how to incorporate them into your life, I find myself taking those lessons out of the studio with me. I practice them in my daily life. I am becoming more mindful and even have an altar at home where I light my candles. I am much more patient with people and am able to come from a place of love, not fear. I am way more grounded, as well. Devotion Yoga as done all of this for me and I appreciate being here.

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What workshops stand out in your mind? The Reiki Healing Circle with James was amazing. I was able to really find deep healing from that while learning a lot about the chakras. I am also signed up for Eileen’s Yin Yoga workshop. I am excited for that!

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