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nitäiyera karuëä habe braje rädhä-kåñëa pä’be dhara nitäi-caraëa du’khäni When one receives the mercy of Lord Nétyänanda, one can attain Rädhä and Kåñëa in Çré Våndävana-dhäma. Therefore please hold tight to the lotus feet of Lord Nétyänanda.

Sri Krishna Janmastami 2011 Sri Sri Radha Giridhari Mandir Community Yearbook

Dedicated to His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Founder-acarya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness ISKCON of San Diego | 1030 Grand Ave., San Diego, CA 92109 | 858.483.2500 ||

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Temple Management

BadrinarayaĂŤ Dasa: Governing Body Comissioner and New Temple Project Director

Mahat-tattva Däsa: Temple President

Dayanidhi Dasa: Treasurer Vrindavana Vilasini Devi Dasi: Gift Shop manager

Vrajabasi Dasa: Vice President and Head Pujari

Dravida Dasa: Spiritual guide, poet & senior Bhaktivedanta Book Trust editor.

Yudhisthira prabhu & Radha devi dasi: Congregational Care 5



Message From the TemplePresident



armony is a quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole. It is a state achieved by tastefully arranging and aligning things, animate or inanimate, to achieve synchrony. Harmony is beautiful and pleasing—like music. Musicians tend to get absorbed in the pleasure of harmoniously playing different instruments, complementing one another, every musician existing simultaneously as an individual but also as part of the whole.

Therefore our lives need to be regulated, properly aligned and synchronized, so that we become a part of the harmony rather than a disturbing element. Vedic principles are the rules that govern people’s lives. The ignorant may perceive such rules as stifling. But they are meant to increase our freedom and safety. They are meant to harmonize us.

Harmony fosters freedom. Take, for example, traffic. If there were no rules to govern the movement of the many vehicles on the road, the freedom of movement of those vehicles would be compromised, and in extreme cases even made impossible. If the movement of those vehicles is harmonized, it allows for freedom of movement. For that important reason there are multiple rules that govern traffic. Those rules are there to increase, not stifle, the drivers’ freedom and safety.

Krishna is the natural center, the pivot around which everything revolves. An orchestra, traffic engineers, people working in a corporation, etc., are all small groups that strive for harmony, groups that each have their own pivot to align themselves with. But Krishna is the supreme and ultimate pivot for everything there is. Therefore to align oneself with Krishna is everyone’s ultimate duty, ultimate dharma, and ultimate religion. There is no greater good we can do for ourselves or others than aligning ourselves with Krishna and helping others do the same. As aligning ourselves with Krishna is the ultimate good, the ultimate bad is just the opposite—not aligning ourselves with Krishna.

Life is like traffic. None of us exists alone, separate from the rest of the world. Whatever we do, even the slightest thing, will impact others’ lives.

Since the dawn of creation, thoughtful people have been trying to find the natural pivot, the central point, that would harmonize, align, and synchronize the whole creation. The Supreme Personality of Godhead is that natural center. Playing the game according to Krishna’s rules constitutes the divine nature. The opposite constitutes the demonic nature. Divine is normal and natural. Demonic is 8

abnormal and unnatural. Divine leads to individual and collective goodness and well-being. Demonic leads to individual and collective pain. Sometimes demonic principles lead to a temporary selfish benefit, but the ultimate result is pain.

THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS Founder-Acarya His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

I hope that on this occasion of Sri Krishna Janmastami, the celebration of Lord Krishna’s appearance, we are more eager than ever to learn Krishna’s instructions and mold our lives accordingly.


Ignorance of Krishna’s instructions is no excuse for disobeying them. Fire will burn even the hand of an infant who does not know the nature of fire. Similarly, whether we know Krishna’s instructions or not, we hurt ourselves and others if we are out of sync with them. If one goes to a foreign country and breaks the law, one is still responsible and liable for his act. Everyone is expected to know the laws of the country one is in. So we too have a duty to acquaint ourselves with Krishna’s laws. Fortunately, that is not difficult. His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada has written many volumes of books in English explaining Krishna’s laws. Now it is up to us to have enough sense to learn the content of books such as the Bhagavadgita or books that simplify and explain the teachings of the Bhagavad-gita. A few among those titles are “The Science of Self-Realization,” “The Journey of Self-Discovery,” “The Quest for Enlightenment,” and “Sri Isopanisad.” These and many other valuable and interesting books can easily be obtained from your local ISKCON temple.

ISKCON San Diego 1030 Grand Ave. San Diego, CA 92109

Temple Contact Info Phone: 858.483.2500 Sunday Feast & Catering: 858.272.8327

I pray and hope that your lives become fruitful, prosperous, and harmonious by your accepting Krishna as the center of your lives. This is the true blessing you may get from Krishna. Other types of stereotyped so-called blessings are simply a distraction, or at best an enticement to get you closer to the point of studying Krishna’s instructions and molding your lives accordingly.

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krsne matir astu

Sastra Dana:

May Lord Sri Krishna manifest in your lives more and more, and may your lives thus become supremely beautiful and happy.

16 Rounds:

In service,

Krishna Lounge:

Mahat-tattva Dasa 9

Message From the Governing Body Commissioner


ear friends and fellow devotees:

Hare Krishna. On this most auspicious day of Krishna Janmastami, let me share with you an instructive riddle that Srila Prabhupada, the founder/acharya of ISKCON, once told. The background is that usually people come to God with material desires. They see the Supreme Lord as a type of transcendent ATM. We submit our prayers for mundane things, and then we expect that it is God’s duty to deliver to us what we have asked for. We find this mentality across the board. It is not unique to a particular practice or faith. The Christians pray to God for their “daily bread.” The Hindus sing “Om jaya Jagadhisa Hari” and think “Please give me a new car and a house by the sea.” Srila Prabhupada joked that a man beset by abject poverty is reduced by desperation to stealing to feed his family. As he sets out at night, he prays to God, “Please, O merciful Lord, I hope the grocer has forgotten to lock his back door.” Simultaneously, the shop owner, just as he is laying his head on the pillow, thinks, “Oh, did I remember to lock the back door to my shop? Please, O merciful Lord, let me have locked the door.” Srila Prabhupada joked, “Receiving these conflicting prayers, God is perplexed.” The fact that we are offering prayers indicates that we have faith that Krishna can hear them even when uttered silently within the core of our heart. Taking the logic a step further, if He can hear our prayers, He must also be able to understand all our desires and needs.

chooses to. Why would we pray to someone who had no ability to deliver the goods? Thus, it is logical to conclude that Krishna already knows what we think we need. He knows our prayers even before we offer them. He will fulfill them or not, depending on what is best for our spiritual growth and our long-term, permanent happiness. Therefore, why clutter up the communication channel with prayers for material things? To help make the point, here is the riddle Srila Prabhupada asked: A man was poverty-stricken, blind, and childless. Somehow or other he was granted one wish. What to do? He had three burning problems and the chance to remedy only one of these conditions via a single wish. The question is: What did he wish for? The answer is: He wished to see his children from the roof of his palace. Thus, he cleverly resolved his three problems with only one wish. We have so many desires and so many problems we would like help with. Even if we had unlimited wishes, even if we had unlimited answered prayers, we would still not be fully satisfied or happy. In spite of whatever temporary respite or satisfaction we might achieve, ultimately we all have to bow before the time factor and face the wheel of samsara with its cycle of birth, death, disease, and old age.

Our act of offering prayers also indicates we have faith that Krishna can fulfill those wishes, if He

Therefore, the question remains: What is that 10

one wish which with one stroke will solve all our problems and satisfy all our desires?

came streaming through the window, bathing only Srila Prabhupada in its warmth. Acknowledging the sweet scene, Srila Prabhupada remarked to the others in the room, “Yes, someday you will feel this sunlight like your lover’s embrace.”

The answer is: We should pray for pure devotion to Krishna. If we become enlightened by pure devotion, we will realize that we are not this material body but rather the eternal soul within. Thus, we will become fearless in the face of all things, including even death. Beyond removing the negatives of fear and anxiety, there will also be the positive experience of pure bhakti rasa.

Krishna says in the Gita, “I am the light of the sun and the moon.” For one who has come to the stage of pure bhakti rasa, full Krishna consciousness, he or she knows that Krishna is with each of us at all times and in all circumstances. Krishna is providing for all of us according to what we deserve, what we need, and what will help us grow spiritually. Krishna is “suhridam sarva bhutanam,” the best friend of every living being. He is “Karunasindhu,” an ocean of mercy.

Here is an example of that exalted state. Srila Prabhupada was once sitting with some devotees in his darshan room at our Los Angeles temple. It was a cold and overcast day. Then for a moment the clouds parted and a golden shaft of sunlight

If we do not clutter the communication channel with prayers for fleeting material things, we will instead be filled with deep realizations, peace, and satisfaction. Krishna says in the Gita (10.10): teñäà satata-yuktänäà / bhajatäà préti-pürvakam dadämi buddhi-yogaà taà / yena mäm upayänti te “To those who are constantly devoted to serving Me with love, I give the understanding by which they can come to Me.” Let us take advantage of the auspicious day of Krishna Janmastami and make that one prayer that will bring full and permanent happiness and satisfaction. Let us pray for pure devotional service, unmotivated and uninterrupted. Happy Janmastami Your servant,

Badrinarayan dasa


Sadhu, Sadhu! alas, alas!

a compilation of saintly poetry from our own Dravida Prabhu nama om visnu-padaya krsna-presthaya bhu-tale srimate bhaktivedanta-svaminn iti namine

gostha-raksana-krte giridhari lilaya jayati kunja-vihari When Indra’s sacrifice He stopped, He stole the deva’s pride By playfully uplifting Girigovardhan to hide His friends and cows beneath the hill for seven nights and days-All glories to the Lord who in Vrndavan’s forests plays!

namas te sarasvate deve gaura-vani-pracarine nirvisesa-sunyavadi-pascatya-desa-tarine


m I bow to A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada , Whose mission is to teach the art of purely serving God. To Krsna no one on this earth can be more dear than he, For at Sri Krsna’s lotus feet he dwells eternally.

raga-mandala-vibhusita-vamsivibhramena madanotsava-samsi stuyamana-caritah suka-sarisrenibhir jayati kunja-vihari

Obeisances to you, O prime disciple of your lord, Sri Sarasvati Thakur, wielder of the preaching sword. By preaching Lord Caitanya’s words you’ve saved the Western lands From voidism, impersonalist creeds, and all such shams.

Heartwarming warbling melodies adorn His flute, which sings of Cupid’s fest--to Him unending happiness it brings! The parrot pair His loving pastimes never tire to praise-All glories to the Lord who in Vrndavan’s forests plays!

Prathama Kunja-vihary-astaka

satakumbha-ruci-hari-dukulah keki-candraka-virajita-culah navya-yauvana-lasad-vraja-nariranjano jayati kunja-vihari

by Srila Rupa Gosvami

indranila-mani-manjula-varnah phulla-nipa-kusumancita-karnah krsnalabhir akrsorasi hari sundaro jayati kunja-vihari

His glist’ning garments steal the splendid glow by gold possessed, A perfect peacock plume bedecks His most exquisite crest, Vrndavan’s radiant girls rejoice to see His loving ways-All glories to the Lord who in Vrndavan’s forests plays!

His smooth complexion conquers sapphires--stunning to the eye! Kadamba blooms with fragrance full on each ear gently lie. His beauty’s greatened by His chest, where gunja garland stays. All glories to the Lord who in Vrndavan’s forests plays!

sthasaki-krta-sugandhi-patirah svarna-kanci-parisobhi-katirah radhikonnata-payodhara-varikunjaro jayati kunja-vihari

radhika-vadana-candra-cakorah sarva-ballava-vadhu-dhrti-caurah carcari-caturatancita-cari caruto jayati kunja-vihari

Most fragrant sandal paste anoints His limbs, so slightly blue. A golden belt adorns His handsome waist. He’s likened to An elephant bound by the ropes of Radha’s bosom raised-All glories to the Lord who in Vrndavan’s forests plays!

Cakora longing for the moon of Radha’s radiant face, A thief purloining patience from the cowherds’ wives apace, His expert rhythmic dancing winning Apsaras’ loud praise-All glories to the Lord who in Vrndavan’s forests plays!

gaura-dhatu-tilakojjvala-bhalah keli-cancalita-campaka-malah adri-kandara-grhesv abhisari

sarvatah prathita-kaulika-parvadhvamsanena hrta-vasava-garvah


subhruvam jayati kunja-vihari

His garments shine like reddish rising sun with lightning bolts endowed. With sandal paste enhanced with camphor are His handsome limbs replete . . . May Nanda’s son bestow on me the service of His lotus feet.

His fulgent forehead glows with golden tilak He’s applied, His playful pastimes swing His campak garland side to side, He meets the gorgeous gopis for their rendezvous in caves-All glories to the Lord who in Vrndavan’s forests plays!

2. ganda-tandavati-panditandajesa-kundalas candra-padma-sanda-garva-khandanasya-mandalah ballavisu vardhitatma-gudha-bhava-bandhanah svanghri-dasyado ‘stu me sa ballavendra-nandanah

vibhramoccala-drg-ancala-nrtyaksipta-gopa-lalanakhila-krtyah prema-matta-vrsabhanu-kumarinagaro jayati kunja-vihari

Upon His cheeks His shark-shaped earrings dance with quintessential grace. The pride of countless moons and lotus blooms is shattered by His face. The gopis bind His heart with hidden love that’s perfect and complete . . . May Nanda’s son bestow on me the service of His lotus feet.

Their work ignored, the cowherds’ wives are fairly paralyzed When dancing glances strike them from the corners of His eyes. Ecstatic hero setting love-mad Radha’s heart ablaze-All glories to the Lord who in Vrndavan’s forests plays! astakam madhura-kunja-viharikridaya pathati yah kila hari sa prayati vilasat-para-bhagam tasya pada-kamalarcana-ragam

3. nitya-navya-rupa-vesa-harda-keli-cestitah keli-narma-sarma-dayi-mitra-vrnda-vestitah sviya-keli-kananamsu-nirjitendra-nandanah svanghri-dasyado ‘stu me sa ballavendra-nandanah

The pastimes that the Lord enjoys in Vraja’s sylvan bowers Enhance this octave’s beauty and pour forth pure nectar showers. Whoever reads these verses soon acquires saintly traits And serves His lustrous lotus feet with love that ne’er abates.

His loving pastimes, youthful form, and gorgeous dress are always new. His cowherd friends delight Him with their playful tricks and joking, too. His splendid pleasure groves make Indra’s Nandana accept defeat ... May Nanda’s son bestow on me the service of His lotus feet. 4. prema-hema-manditatma-bandhutabhinanditah ksauni-lagna-bhala-lokapala-pali-vanditah nitya-kala-srsta-vipragauravali-vandanah svanghri-dasyado ‘stu me sa ballavendranandanah


Stava-mala madhuresa madhuri-maya madhava murali-matallika-mugdha mama madana-mohana muda mardaya manaso maha-maha-moham

Their hearts aglow with golden prem, His friends and kin expand His joy. The universal rulers bow their heads before that Cowherd Boy. He daily honors learned, truthful brahmans free of all conceit . . . May Nanda’s son bestow on me the service of His lotus feet.

O master of Mathura, lovely Lord of Goddess Sri, Who play such mad’ning melodies upon Your murali, O Cupid’s charmer, please redeem a life till now misspent By joyfully destroying my extreme bewilderment.

Sri Nanda-nandanastaka

from the Govinda-lilamrta, by Srila Krsnadasa Kaviraja 1. ambudanjanendranila-nindi-kanti-dambarah kunkumodyad-arka-vidyud-amsu-divyad-ambarah srimad-anga-carcitendu-pitanakta-candanah svanghri-dasyado ‘stu me sa ballavendra-nandanah His dark complexion mocks mascara, sapphires, and the blackish cloud.


5. lilayendra-kaliyosnakamsa-vatsa-ghatakas tat-tad-atma-keli-vrstipusta-bhakta-catakah virya-sila-lilayatma-ghosavasi-nandanah svanghri-dasyado ‘stu me sa ballavendranandanah

King Indra’s wrath, and Kaliya’s, and Kamsa’s life, and Vatsa’s too, He crushed with ease, thus raining down heroic pastimes, ever new. Like catakas, His devotees are nourished by that torrent sweet . .. May Nanda’s son bestow on me the service of His lotus feet. 6. kunja-rasa-keli-sidhu-radhikadi-tosanas tat-tad-atma-keli-narma-tat-tad-ali-posanah prema-sila-keli-kirti-visva-citta-nandanah svanghri-dasyado ‘stu me sa ballavendra-nandanah His rasa dance in sylvan groves delights Sri Radha and Her friends, Who drink the nectar of His clever, joking play, which never ends. The glory of His loving sports fills all the worlds with joy complete . . . May Nanda’s son bestow on me the service of His lotus feet. 7. rasa-keli-darsitatma-suddha-bhakti-sat-pathah sviya-citra-rupa-vesa-manmathali-manmathah gopikasu netra-kona-bhava-vrnda-gandhanah svanghri-dasyado ‘stu me sa ballavendra-nandanah His rasa dance displays intense devotion of the purest kind. His charming, wondrous form and dress enchant enchanting Cupid’s mind. His glances at the gopis hint at ecstasies supremely sweet . . . May Nanda’s son bestow on me the service of His lotus feet. 8. puspa-cayi-radhikabhimarsa-labdhi-tarsitah prema-vamya-ramya-radhikasya-drsti-harsitah radhikorasiha lepa esa hari-candanah svanghri-dasyado ‘stu me sa ballavendra-nandanah As Radha gathered flowers, Krsna touched Her--then He felt desire And jubilation as He saw Her face adorned with loving ire. Hari becomes the sandal paste on Radha’s chest whene’er They meet . . . May Nanda’s son bestow on me the service of His lotus feet.


by Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya barhapidam maulau bibhrad vamsi-nadan atanvan nanakalpa-sri-sampanno gopa-stribhih samvitah netranandam kurvan krsna tvam ced asman viksethah sarve kamah sampadyerann asmakam hrdy asinah Peacock plumes bedeck Your crown; enchanting songs with flute You sing, Wearing lovely ornaments while standing in the gopis’ ring. Dearmost Krsna, eyes’ delight, if You would kindly glance our way, All our heart’s desires would be fulfilled on this most blessid day.

Krsna-karnamrta 108 Stava-mala jaya jaya jaya deva deva deva tribhuvana-mangala-divya-namadheya jaya jaya jaya deva krsna deva sravana-mano-nayanamrtavatara All glory, glory, glory, Lord, all glory unto Thee, Who with Thy Holy Name bless all three worlds and set them free! All glory, glory, glory unto Thee, O Krsnadev, Whose nectar floods our ears and eyes and hearts in endless waves!

9. astakena yas tv anena radhika-suvallabham samstaviti darsane ‘pi sindhujadi-durlabham tam yunakti tusta-citta esa ghosa-kanane radhikanga-sanga-nanditatma-pada-sevane Exalted goddesses like Laksmi-devi rarely ever see Sri Radha’s lover, Madhava, but if a humble devotee Recites these verses, then Sri Radhika’s enjoyer, Sri Hari, Will pour the nectar of His service down on him eternally.




SIKSHA PROGRAM “A step-by-step approach to Bhakti Yoga”

Siksha Program Highlights: • A guided, no pressure, step-by-step approach to Bhakti Yoga. • Participation is free. • Experience the fulfillment of transcendental realization and spiritual progress. • New to Bhakti Yoga? Begin with a daily ten-minute mantra meditation. • Maintain your current practices or confidently move toward spiritual initiation. • Easy enrollment!


he Siksha program is an opportunity for you to increase your spiritual practices in a structured and supportive manner. There is no pressure and no fees; our desire is to serve you, encourage, facilitate and celebrate the spiritual milestones in your life. The program is a step-by-step approach to Bhakti Yoga. Upon reaching any of the six designated levels, you will be honored at one of our certificate award ceremonies at the temple.

There are no time constraints while progressing within the Siksa Program. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna states that Bhakti Yoga is joyfully performed and this is our mood. Our greatest satisfaction is to watch you, our respected congregational family member, dive into the ocean of nectar by applying the joyful practices of Bhakti Yoga in your life. Thank you for allowing us to serve you! For more information, contact: Radha Dasi:

“Our desire is to encourage and celebrate the spiritual milestones in the lives of our congregational members.” 16



he 33rd Annual Festival of the Chariots, hosted by the Los Angeles Hare Krsna temple, was a smashing success and a spectacular outing for members of our San Diego ISKCON Community. Also known as Rathayatra, the festival celebrates Lord Krishna’s return to Vrindaban and has been celebrated in Puri for thousands of years.

chariots towering over our heads and a sea of devotees chanting the Holy Names. A short while later, we were off, pulling on the long thick ropes, propelling their Lordships Sri Sri Jagannatha, Balarama and Subhadra on their way from Santa Monica to Venice Beach.

Over the years, the San Diego devotees and friends chant and dance in front of Balarama’s cart. This year was no exception, with the San Diego community lovingly chanting for the Lord’s pleasure, causing Lord Balarama to reciprocate with an unusual pastime. While the parade floated down the Venice Beach boardwalk, Lord Many members of our ISKCON Baladeva’s chariot came to a sudSan Diego family traveled to the den and complete halt. Loose bolts festival on a charter bus organized caused the chariot’s wheel to deby our own Bhakta Otto. Thanks tach, requiring devotees to move to Otto’s professional arrangeLord Balarama to Lady Subhadra’s ments, 45 devotees rode in aircart in the middle of the parade. conditioned comfort, enjoying Those chosen to hand carry the Vaisnava association and excellent Lord were ecstatic! prasadam prepared by our wonAs usual, the festival site was a derful temple brahmacaris and swarm of devotees, guests and the bhaktas. Special thanks goes to aromas of delicious prasadam ofBhismadeva Dasa and his tranferings. Venice Beach scendental sandwiches. During the trip, Bhakta Varun and Bhakta was literally transDario led an inspiring kirtan and formed into the spirDravida Dasa invoked deep spiri- itual world – which is no easy task! Each tual emotion while reciting his beautiful, transcendental poetry. year the Free-Prasadam Booth is manned Upon arriving in Santa Monica, by devotees from our we saw the three enorSan Diego Temple mous flower bedecked and community. Our 17

enthusiastic devotees distributed tens of thousands of plates, piled with prasadam, to the hungry guests at this wonderful festival. At the end of the day, those devotees who took the bus, climbed aboard with their San Diego devotional family, sporting smiles on their faces, lots of prasadam in their stomachs and a head full of unforgettable memories.

What is a Bhakti Cakra Group? “The Nectar of Instruction states that the six symptoms of love shared between devotees include, sharing prasadam, sharing confidences, and inquiring confidentially. This is what we do in our Bhakti Chakra Groups, . We enjoy the company of other devotees, recharging our spiritual batteries so that we may continue on our path of devotion. My week is filled with so many other duties, so I look forward to these groups every week, refreshing my mind with thoughts of Krishna and the Hare Krishna mantra.” Phanesvari Laxmi Devi Dasi,

[Phanesvari Laxmi, a disciple of His Holiness Jayapataka Swami,, is an Indian -born mother and wife who has been joyfully affiliated with the San Diego temple since she was a young girl.]

The Bhakti Chakra Groups are spiritually energized gatherings of devotees that meet weekly to support one another’s spiritual lives. Srila Prabhupada often expressed the significance of devotee association, describing it as a prerequisite to serious spiritual life. At our groups we socialize with practitioners of Bhakti Yoga and those interested in becoming practitioners. Temple devotees live with other monks residing in the ashram, but devotees living outside the temple also need like-minded associa-

By Yudhisthira Dasa

tion. This is provided by the Bhakti Chakra Groups. “Trying to fight Maya with scant association is a real struggle. So I look forward to these meetings very much and am always glad I went. Everyone should join one of

these groups.” Pavamana Dasa

[Pavamana is a disciple of Srila Prabhupada and long-time member of the New Govardhana family.]

Devotees with decades of experience, second-generation devotees, devotees born in India, and new members—all find these gatherings a vast resource of knowledge, support, and inspiration. Everyone adds to and receives spiritual blessings at these inspiring gatherings. “The Bhakti Cakra groups have really changed my life. I was brand-new to the temple and Krishna Consciousness, and I found that the groups really portrayed the essence of bhakti-yoga through their loving exchanges and an inspirational at-


mosphere. By attending the groups I have found that my knowledge has increased and I’ve grown so much in my spiritual practice. At the groups bhakti-yoga is performed in such a personal setting, in the loving atmosphere of one’s home, that one cannot help but become enlivened and inspired.” Jessica.

prasadam being out of this world!” Darla

[Darla helps manage her family’s business, is married to the wonderful Bhakta Neil, attends college, and still finds time to decorate the temple for major festivals!]

spiritually or materially. Now, after just a couple of months, I know what the goal of life is and I’m able to focus better in every area of my life. I am so thankful for the Bhakti Chakra Groups.” Bhakta Joe

“The Bhakti Chakra home program provides an excellent opportunity for new and senior devotees alike

[Bhakta Joe is a young musician who has been enthusiastically associating with devotees for a few months.]

to discuss Krishna Consciousness in a supportive environment. I’ve been able to express my views on sastric literature and ask relevant questions. These groups also provide a space to hear about others’ spiritual journeys and to gain a better understating of how to integrate Krishna Consciousness into everyday life.” Otto Sánchez Cocino

“A year ago I was persuaded to attend a Bhakti Chakra Group, and I must admit that I was thinking this would be just another program where I would be lectured to and become bored. I attended because Yudhisthira Dasa is so persuasive and hard to say no to. Much to my amazement, it turned out to be very inspiring. In the Bhakti Chakra Groups no one is preached at or lectured to. I found a loving and nurturing atmosphere, where everyone’s realizations are cherished and, no matter where you are at or what tribulations you are going through, you are respected. Like going home to see your family who loves you—I felt cared for and appreciated. I have been attend-

[Jessica is a young, certified massage therapist who has been attending temple functions for around six months.]

Every Bhakti Chakra Group begins with an enlivening 35-minute kirtan, and then we chant one round of japa (chanting on beads). Next, a passage written by Srila Prabhupada is read, followed by a discussion. Everyone’s input is welcome and respected. Last but not least, we share sumptuous prasadam and conversation. All of these fulfilling activities deepen our friendships while nurturing our personal spiritual growth. “For me the Bhakti Chakra Groups have enriched my life in many ways. I have learned a ton about Krishna Consciousness, which is something I have always been attracted to but previously did not understand at all! Best of all, these groups always end with a feast consisting of tasty vegetarian foods that have been offered to God with love and devotion and that delight the senses immensely. These groups teach Bhakti Yoga, a process that allows us to develop love and devotion for God. You can move along at your own pace while enjoying the association of others who are also hungry for spiritual knowledge and spiritual food (called Prasadam)! I highly recommend that everyone curious about spirituality come to one of these groups, even if only to understand what I mean about the delicious

[Otto holds a masters degree in nonprofit management and works in that field. He has been participating in temple functions for a couple of years and is always ready to serve the community.]

“I had known about Krishna Consciousness for a short while before coming to the groups, but before coming I felt like I had no focus 19

ing two groups a week ever since. My spiritual life has been invigorated greatly, because I now have a forum to share and get feedback on my realizations and personal struggles. I never fall asleep or feel bored at these groups. The quality of my japa has increased, I have many new friends, I appreciate devotees more, and I feel so much better equipped to deal with life’s daily struggles.” Krsnamurti Dasa

[Krsnamurti is a disciple of Srila Prabhupada disciple and has been a loved and respected member of our San Diego Community for decades.]

“What I enjoy most about the Bhakti Chakra Groups is the association of newer devotees. Their level of enthusiasm, faith, appreciation for Krishna consciousness, sincere desire to understand

bhakti-yoga, and service attitude are like an elixir for older devotees like me. The weekly meetings offer us all a great opportunity to help each other strengthen our resolve to serve Srila Prabhupada and make the world a little more Krishna conscious.” Dharmasetu Dasa

[Dharmasetu is a disciple of Srila Prabhupada, an all-around wonderful person, our community priest, and a Vaisnava scholar. He has been a revered member of the San Diego temple community for many decades.]

“Not only have they taught me how to engage myself in devotional service, but how to engage my family as well. My rounds have steadily improved, and my service has grown with enthusiasm!” Bhakta Bobby Hartman

[Bhakta Bobby is a painting contractor and family man who has been an active member of our New Govardhana community for 16 years. Bobby is always ready to serve in any way possible.]

cific schedule and thus always end at a reasonable hour. Our humble goal is to facilitate Bhakti Chakra Groups every night of the week. We welcome guests with open arms, so please join us! If you are interested in taking part in these exciting groups, call Yudhisthira dasa at 760-449-0469 or email him at We look forward to serving you and associating with you.

In closing, I will leave you with the words of Her Grace Kanchanbala Devi Dasi, who is a deeply respected member of our community. Kanchanbala was initiated by Srila Prabhupada during the earliest days of our movement and is an We currently inspiration to us all. “The whole have Bhakti Chakra Groups mood is one of appreciating and encouraging one another in devomeeting on tional service, no matter what one’s Tuesday, present situation is. We always Wednesday, look forward to attending.” and Saturday evenings. Thank you for allowing us to be of The groups service to you! are suitable for weekdays because they follow a spe20

Cooking With Indira


By Bhakta Otto Cocino

ith so many wonderful new devotees joining our congregation this year, there was an obvious need to find the best cook to teach these eager students. Who else but ISKCON San Diego’s own long-time friend and supporter, Indira Duvvuri? Everyone loves Indira, who has been expertly practicing the culinary art of South Indian cooking since childhood. She enthusiastically accepted the challenge, agreeing to teach 16 classes, covering the preparation of a full meal in every class. And the best part is, we were able to feast on these tasty treats at the end of each class! Indira’s course covered several dishes, including sambar, halavah, idli, an array of chutneys, and many main dishes. All dishes were prepared with Krishna in mind, and students learned how to properly prepare sanctified food for the Lord. We learned that while cooking for the supreme person, Krishna, we should strive for optimum cleanliness – only the best for the transcendental cowherd boy! And, as delicious as the food may look and smell, we refrain from tasting the food until it has been offered to Krishna. We also always remember to keep cooking utensils separate from utensils used for eating. Finally, and most importantly, while cooking we meditate on Krishna and chant Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna, Hare Hare/ Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare. Our next set of classes will cover a variety of ethnic foods that are suitable for offering to the Lord. These will soon be announced – so stay tuned and you too can participate in these tasty classes! The following sample is just one of the many exotic preparations we learned from Mother Indira:


This recipe serves about 10-12 Ingredients Bunch Green Beans, diced ¼ cup Chana Dal (small garbanzo beans) ¼ cup Urad Dal ½ tbsp Mustard Seed ½ tbs Cumin Seed 8 appx. Fresh Curry Leaves ¼ cup Olive Oil 1 cup Water 1 tsp Turmeric 1 cup Sesame seeds (Til) 3-5 Whole Red chilies Cooking Instructions 1. Begin by roasting sesame seeds and chilies over medium heat until golden brown, set aside. 2. Wash green beans and cut into small pieces. 3. In a heated saucepan combine: oil (olive, sesame, or coconut), chana, urad, mustard seeds, and cumin. Fry until golden brown, turn off heat. Add 3 fresh curry leaves. 4. Add green beans, 1-cup water, 1 tsp turmeric, 1/3-cup salt to mixture from step 3 and cook to covered until beans are tender. Continue adding water as necessary until beans are tender, but do not add too much water, evaporate water by cooking beans uncovered if too much water remains. Check frequently to make sure that beans do not burn. 5. Grind sesame seeds and chilies to powder. 6. Add ground sesame seeds to green beans once green beans are cooked. 21

New Govardhana 2011

Family Picnics!

By Yudhisthira Dasa

A variety of subjis, fancy rice, cinnamon rolls, and more, are carefully put together and offered to Lord Krishna by such culinary luminaries as Krsnamurti Dasa, Bhismadeva Dasa, Bhakta Ryan, Lokajit Dasa, Nitya Gaura Dasa and many others. There are all-day bhajans, special guest speakers, and the picnics would not be complete without Dravida prabhu reciting his beautiful, devotional poetry. There are ongoing


or the second year running, the San Diego temple is proud to host three New Govardhana Family Picnics. The picnics have proven to be memorable events for the congregation and temple devotees alike. On the day of the picnics, in the wee hours of the morning, Bhakta Bobby and his stalwart crew venture out at 3:30 a.m., laying claim to the most beautiful spot on Mission Bay. After the

fire-yajnas, expertly conducted by our respected, New Govardhana family priest, Dharmasetu prabhu. There are volleyball games, sack races, badminton, a jumpy house and, perhaps the biggest hit of all - the tug-owar tournament! It is a wonderful sight to see our devoted bramacari’s, in a surrendered mood of pleasing

sun rises, shimmering across the water and the day progresses, the festive mood builds and a bouquet of transcendental recreation blossoms. There is unforgettable, fresh tamale prasadam prepared by the ever-blissful, Bhakta Canella prabhu. 22

their congregational family, diving head-on into the sack races and tug-o-war competitions with spiritual enthusiasm. The best news is that you don’t have to feel left out if you missed this year’s first two picnics. And, if you were so fortunate to have attended the first two picnics, you don’t feel as if you have already experienced it all. Because, although our May and July picnics were beyond reproach, these events were simply teasers for our grand finale, Rama Vijay Picnic scheduled for Saturday, October 8th! This picnic is the crème-de-lacrème of picnics. The Rama Vijay Picnic begins at 12:00 pm and lasts well into the evening. After a day of festivities, when night approaches, the crowning event begins. Anxious attendees are given a paper and pen to confidentially write down any unwanted habits, thoughts, or memories they wish to be freed of. These papers are stuffed into a ten-foot tall effigy of the demon Ravana. The demon is then shot with a burning arrow, instigating flames to dance high into the evening sky, causing jubilation and loud cries of “Hari Bol! Hari Bol!” from the ecstatic crowd. In this way we celebrate the Divine King Rama’s slaying of the


Ravana demon! Rama Vijaya ki-Jai! Needless to say, at all cost, you do not want to miss this grand event! See you at Mission Bay on October 8th . . .

Temple Supporters 2011 Aditya Shah Aditya Shah:Ajay Gupta Ajay & Anu Gupta Ajit Kumar Chourasia Alan J. & Sandra Franks Amar & Preeti Doshi Amarnath Gupta Americas Best Value Inn Amit Garg Amit Gupta Amit Mahahajan Amit Pandya Amit Patel Amita Bharati Amita Kumar Amkur & Nitasha Chuudhary Amoolya Inapurapu Amrish Goel Amy Holte Amy Robinson Anandiben Raj Anasuya M. Strasner Anasuya Pyne Andrew & Anasuya Strasner Aniel Chopra Anika Khanna Anil Kadakia Anil Ohri Anil Patel Anil R Samanta Singhar Anila Parikh Anirudh K Chadha Anisha D Dalal Anjali Bera Anjali Yudhbir Anjan Chakraborty Anjan R Dani Anjani K Didwania Annie sperline Annu Ajay Annu Gupta Anonymous Anthony Maynard Anup Desai Anup Patel

Anup Pramod Anuradha De/ Subrato K De Anuradha Kanungo Or Aparma Vemuri Aparna Thyanarajan Apoorv Raghuvanshi Apoorva Chauhan Arcana Chavhan Archana Kapoor Munshi Arun Rawalji Arun S Vaswani Arun/Purabi Datta Arunava Chaudhuri Arunoday Bhattacharya Arup Kumar Basu Asesh & Rupal Patel Asha Prasad Asha/Manoj Raj Ashavani Singh Asheesh Kumar Ashish Tawari Ashok & Smita Shah Ashok Garg Ashok Kaul Ashvani Singh Ashwin Asher Ashwni Arya Asok Raut Atmavana dasi ATS Financial, INC Avani Rana Gupta B Guha B Ramesh B. Lall and H. Lall B. Zaveri Babita Jetly Babita Nautiyal Babubhai Patel Badri Prasad Baidya Nath Chandhuri Balasubramaniam Ramaswamy Bangalore Prakash Banikumar Maiti Bansri N. Bhatt Baweja Family 24

Benjamin Astudillo Bhakta Bobby and Family Bhaktin Shane Bharat & Alka Shah Bharat Mehta Bharat Parkhani Bharath Ramaswamy Bhargavi Prasad Bhargavi Vijayaraghavan Bhashyam Ramesh Bhaskar Peesapati Bhavani Peesapati Bhavani Yamani Bhavesh Trivedi Bhupen Zaveri Bhupendra Khandeshi Bhupendra Panchal Bipin Patel Biren Patel Biswaroop Guha Biswarup das Blanche Marsden Boomi Bar Bradford Werner/Hema Senapati Brajamandala dd Brajendra & Anjana Varma Brij/Manju Gupta Brittany J. Drey Carlen J. Diaz-Wong Central Sewing Chanchal Chatterjee Chand Cronado LP Chandra & Namita Srivastava Chandra Kantamneni Chandrasekar Hariharan Chandrasekhar Sundarraman Chandrashekara Sastry Chetan & Bela Tanna Chetan & Trupti Diwanji Chiman Patel Chirag Mehta Chirag Purohit Chittur Viswanathan Cimi M. Hu

Temple Supporters 2011 CSI Technologies,INC. D.T. Dickson Daksha Dave Dalal Engineering Corp Dario Leyva/Sinai Mosqueda Darpan Oza Deba C. Nayak Debaditya Ray Debasis & Chandra Chaudhuri Debbie Nieto Debra Siegelman Deepak Chandani Denish Gangasingh Devang Shah Dhaksina Raju Dhansukh R Patel Dharam Chauhan Dharmasetu Friend Dharmishtaben Salvi Dhiru & Mukta Tantod Dhruven & Rupal Patel Dileep Koleti Dilen Ganatra Dilip B. Patel Dilip K Parikh Dilip Ranjana Vishal Dinesh Patel Dipak Gupta Dipak Patel Dipendu Saha Disant & Ashima Gupta Dr. Aloke Raj Banerjee Dr. Archana Kapoor Dr. Chandel DR. Dipak & Sumitra Gupta Dr. Madhuri Inamdar Dr. Ram S. Bhatt Ed Kane Eternal Hills Cemetery and Mortuary Federation Of India Association-SD Frank Orlando Ganesh Hariharan Gangandeep & Rupan Singh

Gautam Bandyopadhyay Gautum Banyopadhyay Geetha Subramanian Gil & Louise Giri & Malini Durbhakula Girish Amin-Parul Amin Gita Ajmera Gita Singh Gitanjali Spencer Gloria Chappell Gonzalo Rivera Goura Perey Govind & Ila Shah Govinda Pandadia Greenwood Memorial Park Gujarati ASSN of San Diego Guzal Gomes Gyan Prasad Haimanti Basu Haiquan Zhao Hariharan & Pooja Iyer Haripada Khatuya Harsh/Nayana Sangani Harshadrai Vora Hashu Waney Hetal & Jay Babla Himansu K. Upadhyay Hitesh Patel Hugh & Chandrika Kelso Ilene Tibbitts Indira Devi Duvvuri Indira Sharma Indrani Dewanjee Isvara Puri & Puspanjali J. Sanghani Jagdish Khatri Jagjivan Sanghani Jai Kant Sharma Jaime J Berndt Jaimin Barot Jaiteerth Kinhal Janardan Garikipati Jane Hoover Janeshbhai Patel Jash Jaiswal 25

Jason Rotman Jatin Kadakia Jay P. Mandal Jay Prabhu, INC. Jayant & Nimisha Amin Jayanthy Ponniah Jayati Ganguly & Robert Marshall Jeanette Flores Jeffrey M. Cornia Jeganathan Venkitasamy Jennifer Stoeckley Jenny S Parikh Joao Gomes Jogendra Vyas Jotika Bajpai Joy Garg Joy Gosh Judith Ann Swanick Jugal Thakur Jugesh Saxena Julianne Bredestege Jyotsana Patel Jyotsanaben Patel Jyotsha Narang Kalpash Rathod Kalpavalli Yalamoori Kalyan Roy Kamal M Parekh Kamala Vasanth Kamla Singh Kamlesh Mungekar Kanaksinh Vaghela Kanal/Gita Ghosh Kantilal Patel Kanwal Nadir Kapiladev Jagitani Karen Ferguson Karl Lieberman Kathleen Fotiadi Keshava B. Prasad Kevin M Comar Kevin Smith Khesauti Sharma Kinjal Patel

Temple Supporters 2011 Kiran Randery Kirit & Leena Jariwala Kirit Naik Kirit Shah Kishorkumar Sheth Krishna & Sujana Gummi Krishna Arya Ventala Vijayram Krishna Kamlesh Mungekar Krishna M Bhat Krishna Murti das Krishnapria Kashyap Kulin & Sraddha Tantod Kunal Raval Kunal Srivastava Kunda S. Naik Kuruvadi Family Ladali & Mahabharata Laguna Congregation Laina Venezia Laksmana Swaminathan Lalita & Vipin Gupta Lalitha Kasthurirangan Laurel Romney Barile Laurie Sheahan Loretta Therese Geddis M. K. Patel M. Ofelia Alvarado M.S. Thirumurthi Madan family Madan M Bera Madhavi Patwardhan Madhu Arya/ Ramesh Goel Maharshi Khandeshi Mahendra & Devi Pandya Mahendra Hazari Mahendra Lad Mahendrasinhji M. Gohil Mahesh Shah Makund Bhai Makund Bhai Patel Malathi Srinivasan Malcolm S Perey Man Comar Mangal L. Mankar Mangalore Geetha

Manilal Govan Manish D Adhiya Manish Raval Manju Kundu Manmohan Nayyar Manohar Chhasatiya Manoj Rawalji Manorama Reddy,MD,INC Manubhai Patel Manuel Cabezas Manwendra Sinha Marc Merchant Marc R. Bennet Margaret Kribs Marie Shaft Maritta Matveeva Mark /Weenu Adams Mark Davis Mark Rutley Martin C Bugala Mary Galperin Maureen V. Witter Meenu & Vaneet Pathak Megan Anderson Mehul V Rawal Melissa Edelman Meryl Hunter/Andrew Hunter Michael Blumert Michael Jani Michael T. Whelan Milan Jani Minaxi Patel Mitesh Soni MNR. Real Estate Investment,LLC Mohan Kumar Ayyasamy Mohan Padmanabhan MohanBhai G Bhakta Mohit & Sharmila Bhushan Monica Bhatia MSR3,LLC Mukul Raj Mukunda Datta das Mukunda mataji Munish Chawla 26

Nagraj Kashyap Namita Khosia Namita Sinha Nandini V. Katre Naran B Patel Narayan Shah Narender Reddy Gunna Narendra Patel Narendra Rathod Narendra Soni Naresh Kumar Jaidka Naresh Soni Nasin Visvanth Natalie Thomas Natwarian Patel Natwarlal Chauhan Navani Real Estate INC. Naveen Kumar Verma Navichandra Sangani Navin Jani Navinchandra P Sangani Navneet K Boddu Neetu & Sanjay Agrawal Nehal Kamlesh Dalal Neil and Darla Neil Bhatia Nila M. Morrill Nilesh & Yamini Patel Nilesh Bhakta Nilesh Parekh/Beena Parekh Niloy Das Nina Patel Nipulkumar Shah Nirali Soni Niranjam Krishnamoorthy Nirav Parikh Nirav Patel Niryben P Bhakta Nisha Goyal Nishant Kumar Nitin Mittal Nitin Pant Norman Yaggie North Park organization Nrsimha

Temple Supporters 2011 Nrsimha das Omdata Maharaj Otto Cocino P.Gupta P.N. Greenfield Palash/Aprarajita Bandyopadhyay Pandurangam Muthyala Pankaj V Rahate Papaiya Naidu Parag Agashe Parameshvari & Sivani Paramita Dolvi Parbhubahi K. Patel Parmanand Sheth Parmela Sawhney Parthasarathi R Majumder Paul McCloud Paula Gentsch Peter B Stephens Phani Avadhanam Phani Peesapati Phyllis Greenfield Pia Kanekoa Pijush K Dewanjee Piyush & Seema Khatri Power Magnetics Consultancy Prabha Pyati Pradeep Koneti Pradeep Patalay Pradeep Tyagi Pradip/Chandana Sur Praful Doshi Prafulchandra Patel Prakash Kotak Prakash Prakash Prakash Sangam Prakash Suvarna Prakash Yadhav Prakashsinh Yadav Pramob B. Parekh Pramod Jojhi Pranab Dutt Pranav Jaiswal Pranavkumar Jaiswal

Prashant Pawar Pravin Lade Preeti Chada Preeti Mehta Prem Goyal Priyavadan J Lad Probir K Paul/Reba Paul Purnima M R Puru & Kavita Kumar Purushottam Goel QSV,INC R Seenu Reddy R.S. Parikh Radha Damodara Investments Radhapriya dd Radhika-Shyam Inc Raghunadha Gottigundala Raj-Paramesvari Raj Chadha Rajeev Argawal Rajeev Shrestha Rajendra K Pardeshi Rajendranandana das Rajesh G. Rajesh Patel Rajib Goswami Rajkumarie Bechtol Rajni Garg Rajnikant Parikh Rakesh/Asha Patel Ram K. Sreekakula Ram M Ohri/Asha Ohri Rama Bakshi Ramakant Asaravala Raman Calla Ramana B Muthyala Ramapriyan R Pratiwadi Ramasita Ramineni Ramdyal l Khosla Ramesh & Varsha Rakholia Ramesh Chandra Ramesh Chauhan Ramesh Patel Ramia Sabherwal Ramsinh and Kalpana Tantod 27

Randi F Beckman Ranjan Raha/Suparna Dutta Ranjana Priya Kalale Ranjit Ranjit & Kashimira Patel Raquel Sonera Rashmin Ranjan Mohanty Rasiklal Vyas Rathod Yogesh Ratnavrnda devi dasi Ravendra Aeron Ravi & Associates Ravi Chenna Ravi Jyer Ravi Marla Ravi S. Prasad Ravi Yogesh Rathod Ravindra Hanumara Ravindra Prabhu RB tax & Financial services,INC. Rebecca D Cornia Regina Rekka Kothari Renee J Buchenroth Richard Marc Silva Riju Madan Rishi Kumar Rita and Milan Talsania Ritvik/Preeti Metha Robert C Transpota Robert Martin Robert Melville Butler Rockey Bandlish Rohit R. Saraiya Rohit Sethi Ronald Nicolson Rose SanChez Neuberger Roshan L Gupta Rukmini Priya Rukmini Priya devi dasi Rupali Chadha Rupanuga das Rupesh Khosla Rupesh Konda

Temple Supporters 2011 Rupsi C. Burman S & Oil, INC S.C.Dass Sabrina Strings Sachin Naik Sagarika Ray Sage & Coral Sai Bhupalam Saikat Sam Rogers Sam Trust LTD. Samir & Geeta Kagalwala Samiran Consulting Sandeep Shah Sandeep Varma Sandip K. Datta Sandip Sarkar Sangeeta Singh Sangin Entertaiment Sanjay Gupta Sanjay Jani Sanjay Khurana Sanjay Kuruvadi Sanjay Madan Sanjay Pandey Sanjay Parmar Sanjay Popat Sanjeev Agarwalla Sanjiv Sood Sankaran Kumar Santoshkumar D Pal Sapna Gundurao Usha Sarit & Crystal Roy Sarita Mittal Sathya & Kantha Kuruvadi Satish Dharni Satya & Mridula Prakash Satya Bansal Satya Singh Satyanarayana Chetan Rao Chavan Scott A Cerny Shane Parmely Shankara Dash Shivagana Shanta Banerjee

Shantanu Bose Shanthi Desikan Shanti Desikan Sharad Patel Sharadbhaj Patel Sharmila Bhushan Sharmila Chatterjee Sharmistha Acharya Shashikant Patel Shawm Spire Shebel Hariharan Sheela Gupta Shefali S. Dutt Sheila C Gohel Shelley Dutt Shemi Amarsi-Sallis Shilpi & Saugata Ray Shirali Patel Shivram Swaminathan Shrijayaa Jewelers Shukdev Tantod Siddhart Budhraja Simon Ali Syed Sinai Mosqueda Smhale Omer Sneh & Anjani Didwania Sona D Dalal Sonja R Wilson Soojayhindra Kanhye Soundararajan Kannan Sridhar Kidambi Sridhar Kotamraju Sridhar Raman Srinivas Awari Srinivas Vemuri Srinivas Vuppala Subadhra Jagannathan Subal Goswami Subbaraman Narayanamurthy Subhash & Aruna Patel Subramanyan Srikumar Subrata Chakraborty Subrata Datta Sudata Debchaudhury Sudhakar Bollapragada 28

Sudhakar Devulapalli Suganthi Sundararajan Sukamal Raychaudhary Sukomal Roychowdhury Sukumar Banerjee Sumedha Kamarajy Sunanda Ivengar Sunil Kumar Sunil Thadani Sunil Walia Surendra & Daksha Mahida Surendrasinh A Yadav Suresh & Jayshree Patel Suresh & Kusum Parekh Suresh & Pragna Mehta Suresh Chintalapati Suresh Madan Sureshbhaj Patel Susan A. O’Neill Susheela & Sam Narayanan Sushil & Reen Israni Sushma Tandan Swabhos,Inc. Tanya Dantus Taylor Estes Tekumalla Somasekhar Teri L Rose Terry Ann Scavezze Newfield Thakkar family Theresa Banerjee Tiffany Prachachalerm Tirthankar Bhowmick Tobin,Assoc,And realtors INC. Tony Maynard Trevor Olson Trilochan & Anuradha Sahoo Tulsidas D. Sojitra Tushar & Sangita Shah U.S. Circuit Udaya Rath Udayabahnu Chamarthy Udipi Shettigar Ujjal Sarkar Ujjayan Banerjee Umaan & Sri Dhanvi Krishna

Temple Supporters 2011 Avvari United Way Usah Usha Madan Utsav Manpuria Vaikuntha Murti dd Vaishali Sulkar Vakula Srinivasan Valerie J. Barbour Vamsi P. Damalcheruvu Vaneet Pathak Vani Palukuri Varun Verma Vashanth Vaidyanathan Vasuden Pandya Ved P. Sawney Ved Pathak Veda Foundation Vengata Guruswamy Venkata Kamaraju Venkata Vuppala Venkatesh Munukutla Vera & Anil Kripalani Victoria Taylor Vidya Sagar Vijay Joshi Vijay Kumar Khanna Vijay Navani Vijay Patel Vijay Solanki Vijay Talwar Vijay Varadarajan Vijayanand M. Kallianpur Vijayram Gopu Vijendra Apsingekar Vikas Sharma Vilash Raj Vinay or Minaxi Patel Vincent Bova Vincent Dominic Ball Vinod Kuruvadi Vinod Patel Vinodbhai Patel Vinode Sasidhavan Vinu Manubhai Patel

Vipal & Gayatri Patel Vipan Gupta Vipin Chaturdevi Vipul Bahety VIRASUB CORP Virendra Sood Vishal D. Patel Vishal Sujan Vishva & Vnila Babbar Visvanathan Vivek & Rakhi Manpuria Vivek Mehrotra Vrajabadhu dd Vyas Reesaul Vyomesh Joshi Yagay Nand Sinha Yashawantray Upadhyaya Yashoda Bajpai Yatin Patel Yayati Khandeshi Yogesh Nagindas Rathod Yogesh Patel Yudhisthira & Radha Priya


New Temple / Escondido Project Status Update / Janmastami 2011 The problem: How to raise $9.3 million? $8 million grading and construction plus $1.3 million for the City’s bonding fees

The Solution: “Vedic Village” created as Phase One •

Gets the project out from under heavy City requirements

Creates an achievable financial starting point

• Moves the project towards the long term goal in a realistic, phased approach •

Creates support and involvement by using the land now

What the “Vedic Village” vision includes •

Large attractive hall for festivals, special events, seminars, and retreats

“Goshala” for cows

Guest housing

Beautiful gardens and meditation areas

Large professional kitchen


Play area

Camping area

Organic farming area

The option for a beautiful stone temple is still open when the funds become available 30


















Sri Krishna Janmastami 2011 Offerings and Ads



Final start  

2011 Janmastami Book for ISKCON San Diego. (Part.1)

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