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Devon Square Orthodontics Equality & Diversity The approach of Devon Square Orthodontics to equality and diversity is to work with individuals to meet their needs and provide the care and treatment most appropriate to them. The following statement applies to all Patients, Carers, staff and contractors: Devon Square Orthodontics will not discriminate against anyone because of:

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Age Gender Sexuality Race Nationality Health Size Religious belief Disability Social class Caste Marital status

The aim of Devon Square Orthodontics is to achieve a diverse culture where staff learn from all experiences positive and negative and achieve personal growth and continuous development through questioning, generating ideas, learning new skills and changing behaviour to enhance their working environments.

OUR PLEDGE Devon Square Orthodontics will ensure that the treatment needs of patients are met by continuing to develop support systems which may help to overcome difficulties. Devon Square Orthodontics will meet individual’s treatment and care needs. Practice documentation will be designed to be free from racist, sexist and other discriminatory assumptions.

Equal Opportunities Policy Principle Statement

Devon Square Orthodontics has an equal opportunities policy in respect of discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, disability, age or religion. The organisation is committed to working towards equality of opportunity for all. Devon Square Orthodontics is committed to ensuring that our services are open to all individuals and groups equally. Any exclusion will be determined on the basis of NHS criteria. We believe in the human rights for all those associated with the centre, both patients and staff. No action will be taken against any individual by any person connected with the centre which could lead to a loss of self-respect. We will endeavour to create a positive environment in which people feel safe and everyone is treated with dignity and respect. We will not tolerate harassment or bullying or any other behaviour which is intended to hurt or upset others. Patients and staff are able to ask for help and support when needed and make mistakes without being ridiculed and personalised unnecessarily. However we believe in order and social discipline within the centre. We reserve the right to request a standard of behaviour and dress appropriate to the circumstances and safety required for the working environment.

The Policy Devon Square Orthodontics recognises that discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, disability, age or religion is harmful and in many cases illegal. By implementing this policy, through training and by example we wish to demonstrate that we will not tolerate discrimination by anyone connected with the centre. Our policy states that:

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We are committed to ensuring that all patients have fair and equal access to treatment and care. We will not carry out any forms of unlawful discrimination (direct or indirect) or unethical discrimination We will challenge discrimination wherever it occurs We will carry out positive action to redress any traditional shortfalls or imbalances in the use of our services We will ensure that staff are regularly updated with changes in legislation, highlighting how changes may impact on the centre We will actively foster an ethos of equal opportunities and tolerance within the group and in all our contacts with patients and their carers We will monitor equal opportunities throughout all areas of our services and rigorously investigate all complaints in accordance with our Grievance and Disciplinary Procedure.

Additional Information Religious Discrimination is where a person is treated less favourably because of his / her religious belief The Right to Equal Pay provides equality in the terms of an employee’s contract where he/she is employed to perform work which is rated equivalent to that performed by a member of the opposite sex or work of equal value to that of a member of the opposite sex. Disability Discrimination is where a person is treated less favourably because of disability. Occasionally a disability can limit a person’s suitability for some forms of treatment. Will not tolerate - means that Devon Square Orthodontics will take disciplinary action in accordance with the centres’ Grievance and Disciplinary procedure, against anyone who breaches this policy. This statement is in line with current legislation (Equality Act 2010). To clarify our policy we include the following definitions: Discrimination: Any form of unfavourable treatment (Equality Act 2010) Sex Discrimination: Any form of treatment which is unfavourable and which is related to gender, sexuality or marital status. Discrimination according to sex is illegal under the Sex Discrimination Act 1995 and Equality Act 2010. The Acts apply to both men and women Victimisation: Is when a person is treated less favourably than others are or would be treated, because they have brought or have threatened to bring proceedings or give evidence or information against another person with reference to the Sex Discrimination Act, Race Relations Act or The Equal Pay Act. These provisions do not apply if the original discrimination allegation was false or was not made in good faith. Harassment: Is a form of discrimination where a person is made to feel uncomfortable because of their sex, sexuality, race, disability, age or religion. It may involve action, behaviour, comments or physical contact which is found objectionable or intimidating by the recipient. Both men and women may be the subject of harassment

Equal opportunities policy  
Equal opportunities policy