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ARTISAN CHARM Featuring: Claire Corley & Amanda Bell Melrose Market graced Capitol Hill's presence in 2012, a place known for its eccentric nightlife rather than local produce. In 2010, Scott Shapiro and Lizz Dunn acquired two buildings on Melrose Avenue with a vision to create a collective market based on the ideals of community. Previous to the retrofitting of the market, the space was an auto warehouse. What now occupies the entire triangular block of Melrose Avenue is a fine collection of unique artisan vendors who cohabit the space harmoniously.

Melrose Market Seattle, WA


Contrary to Seattle's

chaotic poster child Pike Place Market, Melrose Market is low-key and easy to navigate, which explains why it is so cherished among the locals. Melrose Market is ideal for a tourist who wants to see Seattle's greatest food and crafted goods without having to bear the mayhem of Pike Place on a Saturday morning. The vendors beneath the vast exposed mahogany beams are small, locally owned shops that sell anything from succulents to raw meat. The culinary experience of Melrose Market is definitely the its proudest accomplishment. Homegrown sells affordable organic sandwiches, butchers who look straight out of the Cascades provide locally gathered meats at Rain Shadow Meats, and Anthony Bourdain claims Sitka and Spruce to be "a forager's wet dream." The Market masters retail as well with shops that sell all things beautiful, making Melrose Market a hard place to walk out of empty handed. I talked to Amanda Bell, a Seattle native who works at Butter Home. Butter home is a tiny shop featuring a curated selection of lovely and functional items for the home. People often don't like to mix work and play, but the lovely atmosphere at Melrose Market has made it remain one of Amanda's

Up the narrow flight of stairs wedged between the

coffee bar and cheese shop is a loft Amanda can be found spending her days interacting with enthusiastic customers, maintaining the shop's appearance, and resisting the urge to buy everything. On this particular Sunday afternoon, Amanda assists a group of elderly women as they swoon over charming products in the shop. As the group files down the store to marvel the flower shop, Amanda pulls out a portobello sandwich with pesto and goat cheese made from the shop downstairs. Amanda is a photography student at PCNW and native 206'er. She has been living in Capitol Hill for almost three years and has been working at Butter Home for almost one year. She loves cats, photo collages, and sandwiches (especially from Homegrown).

FAVORITE PRODUCTS: Treasures from Butter Home can be found around Amanda's 1990 Victorian

WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO SEATTLE? My parents moved here and I never wanted to move away. It's also a great place to study photography with a great diversity of people in my classes.

WHAT DO YOU FIND UNIQUE ABOUT MELROSE MARKET? The fact that everything is artisan. Melrose Market has good meat, good wine, and good cheese. And I like to tell people I know butchers. I would bring someone from out of town here for an authentic Seattle experience.

about opening up my own little place someday incorporating vintage and handmade items. It didn't seem doable until we found the space at Melrose Market. The rent was totally reasonable and it seemed like a to-good-to-be-true environment to be in. Where does the name Butter Home I WOULD BRING SOMEONE FROM OUT come from? The family auction house was called Butterfields. OF TOWN TO MELROSE MARKET FOR That is my Mom's maiden name. AN AUTHENTIC SEATTLE EXPERIENCE. So it is a nod to my family. Also, Most of the products are local thus Butter is the best food ever. bringing the best of Seattle into one What makes Melrose Market an place. appealing place for a tourist? What is your favorite weekend I feel like when you are traveling you getaway? want to visit places that really give you Being a huge Twin Peaks fan, I an idea of the pulse of the city. The wanted to see where the show was filmed. Last summer I went camping in vendors on Melrose market, food and otherwise, really reflect the awesome North Bend. During the night I could look up at the sky and see the stars that artisan products and ideals coming out of the Northwest right now. I normally don't see in the city. How do you curate the products in your I was also lucky enough to speak with Claire Corley, the owner of Butter shop? We try to find well made and well Home. She is also a Seattle native who priced products that are useful. It's knows a lot about where to go and always been important to me to love the what to do in the city. space I live in otherwise it's too hard to When and how did you start Butter relax, your mind is always reeling. So, Home? I guess I aim to find functional products We opened in December of 2010... So a little over 3 years ago. My family that inspire lovely spaces. had an antique auction house in SF so I Claire’s favorite weekend getaways grew up with an appreciation for well are The San Juan Islands, Methow made things. After working a lot of Valley, and The Cascades for camping. retail and customer service, I dreamed

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