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February 2008





Iam continually enthralled

by the support provided to our Police Activities League Supporters (PALS) organization, be it the voluntary involvement of the Board of Directors adding up to thousands of hours of effort at meetings and behind the scene fundraising efforts or support of the City and State in the form of monetary grants and in-kind donations of materials and labor. We have enjoyed great community support at our PALS Golf Tournament, annual Monte Carlo Night fundraiser and other outreach. Remember to put on your calendar, the next PALS Golf Tourney at Porter Ranch on July 14. It is a great tournament with many nice prizes based on skill and also those that anyone can win like raffles. Additionally our Devonshire Explorers and PALS Youth also help out that day and would love to meet their supporters. These fundraising opportunities are vitally important to the mission of building a new PALS Youth Center breaking ground soon, bringing a dream to life for many in the community. However, the support for this

2007 was an incredible year for Devonshire PALS. There isn’t space to list all of our wonderful accomplishments, but let me share a few with you. • The number of program volunteers helping in our youth center grew significantly enabling us to serve even more children. • A new tutoring program was introduced helping PALS kids make great strides in reading and math. • Thanks to the Barbara McIntyre Memorial Foundation we awarded six college scholarships to deserving PALS members. We also helped PALS teens make choices about colleges by sponsoring their participation in the Life After High School Conference. • We received a special grant from the LA Times to underwrite additional fun and educational field trips.

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McIntyre Scholarship Program




Growing Up With PALS


PALS Toy Drive


Jennifer’s Essay


Learning to Protect & Serve


Capital Campaign Update




St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church


Kennedy High School Toys for PALS


Board Officers & Advisors


PALS Awards Banquet


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TOY DRIVE DONORS St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Osh Hardware-Granada Hills


Western Bagel-Plummer/Northridge Subway-Devonshire/Northridge K Bee Toy Store-Northridge Fashion Ctn.

Each year, during the holidays,

Devonshire PALS Annual Toy Drive celebrates the spirit of giving. With the support of the schools, churches, chambers, women’s clubs, local organizations and merchants, more than $ 2,500 was collected in donations. Wishes came true when over 3,000 toys were distributed to the needy youth of our area . Each gift, no matter the size, made a tangible difference in the life of a child. A reception was planned following the distribution and families were invited to attend with their children. Guests were entertained with Christmas carols from the Tinsel Toons Caroling Group. Santa Claus (Porter Hudson) made a special appearance and handed out candy canes as he talked to each child. The generosity of this community has continually made the Devonshire PALS Annual Toy Drive a success year after year. The toys collected benefited hundreds of disadvantaged children throughout our community. On behalf of Devonshire PALS I would like to thank this wonderful community, and all the dedicated volunteers for your generous donation of toys, time, talent and cash to make this one of the most successful DEVONSHIRE PALS ANNUAL TOY DRIVES ever ! ■

TOY DRIVE DONORS Learning Center Starbucks Coffee- Reseda/Northridge

Northridge Mall Management - NFC Tinsel Toons, Caroling Group L.A.P.D. Federal Credit Union-Van Nuys Hope Christian Church-Northridge

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• Thanks to our expanded fundraising efforts, 15 PALS kids attended a week of YMCA mountain camp—for many this was their first time away from home. • Our annual PALS Golf Classic was better than ever and produced record funds to support our programs. PALS activities are always free of charge to kids. • The 2007 Monte Carlo Night was the event of the year and produced $100,000 for our capital campaign. • The capital campaign has now raised $3 million and construction is slated to begin this spring. Very soon a new youth center will be in place for the kids of our community! All of this was accomplished through the hard work and generous gifts of our PALS Board of Directors and a very long list of community supporters. 2008 promises to be even more exciting and fulfilling. Thanks to you we are helping at-risk youth to develop positive relationships with the LAPD and gain the skills and confidence they need to become productive members of our community.■

Starbucks Coffee - Plummer/Northridge “The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer







Explorers Post 660

The second annual Gals for

As a young officer on the Department you are rarely given the privilege to work with a unit that incorporates so much of the surrounding community in your day-to-day job. Normally, your interaction with youth in the area tend to be limited to negative incidents that may sometimes alter an officer's opinion of the city he or she is working for. I am so proud to be the newest addition to the Devonshire area Explorers and meet so many young men and women who inspire and promote the positive influence we project when a community and local police entity work together. During my first days here, I met a young man named Gabe Whitman, whose dedication and command of the Explorer Post was extraordinarily impressive. He was well liked and respected by every individual in the post, Gabe Whitman and was the most organized person I had ever met. In the past few years, Gabe had become the Post's Captain and had grown to be an exceptional leader. Last month, Gabe turned twentyone, and per the Department's policy could no longer be an "official" Explorer. Gabe had no hard feelings in the matter, because on December 10th, 2007, he joined us as a recruit Officer In the Los Angeles Police Department. I, as well as my colleagues and other Explorers are extremely proud of Gabe and will be excited to see him out on patrol in only a few short months. We send out best wishes and hopes that he may find great fulfillment in his new career as a Police Officer and stay safe out in the streets.■

PALS luncheon was held on November 29, 2007. It was a smashing success. Several thousand dollars was raised from the luncheon itself, and a single donation of $10,000 came from the Symonds Foundation. It was donated right there at the luncheon. Several vendors had booths at this exciting event. There were trendy clothes from My Fair Lady, upscale costume jewelry and Pampered Chef just to name a few. Beautiful, assorted gift baskets were raffled off along with Dream Dinners and other items. We had wonderful entertainment provided by special choirs from Granada Hills Charter High School. PALS purchased and occupied three tables. Everybody had a delightful afternoon. We certainly appreciate those great ladies from the Granada Hills Women Club.■

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CAPTAIN SEAN KANE huge undertaking can not take a back seat to the ongoing efforts to provide guidance, mentoring training and enrichment opportunities to the youth involved in PALS now. Involvement of these young people has continued seamlessly with scores of success stories due to the involvement of officers, mentor, tutors and many role models that take the time to become involved. These are the unsung supporters that put their heart and soul into making a difference. Regularly they are not the ones in the front of the celebratory photo and are happy to work behind the scenes relishing in the thanks and successes of their youthful learners. To volunteer or to receive more information please visit our PALS website, at I am honored to be associated with everyone involved in PALS.■

LAPD DEVONSHIRE PALS 29TH Golf Invitational, Monday, July 14, 2008 Porter Valley Country Club Singing Hills Dr. Northridge This tournament provides the means for all the PALS Youth Center programs. Please save the date and join us for this great event.

Sally Barnes (818) 349-1706 3



Hazard’s Woodworking Technology class at Kennedy High School decided to donate wooden toys to the Devonshire PALS Toy Drive for at risk kids. Combining community philanthropy, classroom problem solving, and the academic skills required to compete in the basic industries of manufacturing and construction, the students created ( lead free, by the way ) wooden trucks and cars. The project was headed by two students, Kevin Sorayazadeh and Brian Rivas. It is so moving to see a generation of teenagers who are aware of our social problems, and who are really reaching out to help. How good can it get ? “ KIDS HELPING KIDS “ Officer Elizabeth Sandoval from the Devonshire Los Angeles Police Department and PALS president Lorraine New awarded the two students a certificate of appreciation for their donation of the toys and their outstanding workmanship. Officer Slater and I were present also to honor the students. The novel wooden toys were the hit of the toy drive. In fact it generated an interest in woodworking with some of the PALS kids. Industrial technology education is so essential to the social and the political well-being of our democracy. The basic industries of manufacturing and construction is the backbone of American society.

Instructor Robert Hazard & Students

“Billions of dollars are spent annually on products manufactured from wood in this country, and yet the top concern facing secondary wood products in manufacturing firms today is lack of a skilled workers and management force. Where can we find skilled employees.? “ Margaret Fisher

“There is a growing consensus in society today that industrial and technology education should be enhanced in our educational system and that these programs have demonstrated, beyond question, bringing coherence to our fragmented academic world while enhancing student performance in other academic disciplines. Students are asked daily to engage in learning activities which require use of higher-order thinking skills like analysis, synthesis and evaluation.” Instructor Robert Hazards ■

Kevin Sorayazadeh with Officer Sandoval & Lorraine New


Devonshire PALS Awards Banquet

Barbara McIntyre Memorial Foundation Scholarship



n December 11, 2007 over 100 guests attended the annual PALS Awards Banquet at the Porter Valley Country Club. This successful event proved to be exciting for all. President Lorraine New welcomed the guests after the flag salute, led by Sandy Halter. Captain Kane acknowledged the dignitaries and Father Anthony Savas gave the invocation. Each year Devonshire PALS pays tribute to the achievements and contributions of the members, volunteers, supporters and police officers who have made a positive impact on the youth of our community. Two PALS members were presented the President’s Award. This high honor went to Greg Baker and Mitch Englander for their dedication and outstanding leadership. The exceptional Chair Awards went to Sally Barnes, Stan Bryant and Nancy Cartwright. President Lorraine New received the American flags that flew over the California State Capitol and the United States Capitol in Washington DC. Captain Kane and Lorraine New received the prestigious Police Badge award encased in a velvet shadow box commending both of them for their leadership, and extraordinary accomplishments. One of the highlights of the event included a DVD video created by Explorer Post Captain Whitman. This presentation included several images of the Explorers in training. and on duty. Many Explorers continue on to the Police Academy and choose a career as police officers. Thank you to all our volunteers, to PALS photographer Gary Washburn and the police officers who helped to make this event such a success ! ■

Lorraine New presenting the Presidents Award to Greg Baker & Mitch Englander



the Devonshire PALS scholarship program has consisted of the awarding of two five-hundred-dollar scholarships each year to the two outstanding Devonshire Explorers selected by the Devonshire Explorers Officer-in-Charge (OIC). Recently, these two scholarships were named to honor two individuals who contributed greatly to the PALS and Explorers programs. One was named to honor the memory of the late Reggie Beltran, who served on the PALS Board of Directors and contributed many hours of her time in support of the PALS program, as well as actively participating in the Chatsworth Neighborhood Watch since the early seventies. The second scholarship was named to honor Captain Joe Curreri, former Area Commander of Devonshire Area, LAPD, and current Area Commander of Foothill Area, LAPD, for his overwhelming support of both the PALS and Explorers programs. These two scholarships are typically presented at the Devonshire Explorers annual awards banquet held in November of each year. In 2006, the PALS scholarship program was significantly expanded by creation of the Barbara McIntyre Memorial Foundation Scholarship by Leo McIntyre, to honor the memory of Leo’s late wife, Barbara. Barbara McIntyre was a Los Angeles Police Department uniformed reserve officer who actively supported and participated in the Devonshire PALS and Explorers programs. She could often be seen manning the front desk at the LAPD Devonshire station, with her winning smile and caring disposition. Each year, the Barbara McIntyre Memorial Foundation’s President, Craig Pfefferman, coordinates the accumulation of sufficient funding to provide substantial levels of scholarship support for the qualifying recipients. Devonshire PALS was selected to administer this program and accordingly established a PALS Scholarship Committee to conduct the appropriate screening activities and produce the short list of selected recipients. PALS Board members comprising the committee are Sophie Barcy, Mary Ann Conron, Sandy Halter, Judy Nutter, and Dick Beltran as Chairman.■

Greg Baker & Mitch Englander Lorraine New presents the President’s Award



Devonshire PALS enters 2008 still enrolling, engaging and educating local youth from seven to seventeen. It is business as usual, all systems go. Reaching out one by one, face to face, heart to heart, hand to hand. In current quarters so cramped, superior organization and maximum collaboration are critical to smooth daily operations, LAPD brilliantly staffs this Youth Center with one of its best. Role models come no finer than LAPD Officer Elizabeth Sandoval. Be sure to read her column; page two. At PALS, she is the conductor extraordinaire. Some say she is the wizard behind the curtain. Apparently motivated by her passion for saving and transforming lives, she brings big energy, invaluable intellect, experience, and double devotion to PALS. Is it obvious to You, yet? It is clear to me, there is a lot of something something very special happening inside, around and through this tiny Youth Center. I would like to introduce You to every PALticipant. For now, please meet one Jennifer Rodriquez, an outstanding eleven year old with the wisdom of sages. You may recall her from Issue 1, "Testimonials from PALS’ Kids." She recently submitted a winning entry into the December Disneyland field trip essay competition. “IF YOU HAD ALL THE POWER AND MONEY IN THE WORLD, WHAT WOULD YOU DO TO HELP PEOPLE?” was the question posed. ■


Iwould help the poor people by giving them money, food, blankets, toys and other essential items. I would help schools by donating school supplies. I would build more schools. I would also build homes. That would give people more pride in themselves. It’s better to be helpful to other people because they don’t have a lot of money to buy stuff. It is a good idea to help other people because they don’t have many places to go to. I love helping other people because I feel so sad to see others without food, homes or blankets. I would be happy if they had clothes, homes, blankets, food and other happy stuff. I would build more hospitals and clinics so more people will be healthy and safe. People wouldn’t have to travel long distances. The hospitals won’t charge a lot so they could afford it . By giving essential items to kids they will be more healthy and will learn more. They will be warm and have a good time. They will be able to go to school and meet new people and make friends. By building schools kids will get a good education and get a good job. The poor people are so kind to us. If we don’t give them money or food they will die.■



GREG BAKER & STAN BRYANT Capital Campaign Co-Chairs

New Youth Center Campaign Update

Our dream of creating a new PALS youth center is just around the corner! In fact, we expect construction to begin this spring. Plans for a groundbreaking celebration are in the works and you’ll be hearing more about this in the coming weeks. Won’t that be a spectacular day! Thanks to the efforts of so many, we’ve taken huge strides toward achieving our goal. Our campaign now stands at $3 million from more than 520 supporters. Included is a $1.3 million Community Development Block Grant secured by Councilman Greig Smith. Greig’s Chief of Staff Mitch Englander and Legislative Deputy John Lee, along with many other staff members, have played a critical role in our success. Devonshire PALS and our community are indeed fortunate to have such effective and inspiring city leadership. Our architect Luckman Partnership submitted construction drawings to plan check in December and we are working our way through the building and safety approval process. Our project manager Danny Kaye is streamlining our efforts and making our construction project as cost effective as possible. The bidding and selection process for a general contractor will soon take place. Once a general contractor is on board, we will know what our project will ultimately cost. In the meantime, we anticipate the need for up to another $400,000 to support construction and start-up of the new center. We are continuing to seek generous gifts from foundations, service organizations, businesses and individuals. We are deeply grateful for such widespread community support. We look forward to keeping you posted on our progress.■

Thank you to Father Anthony Savas, Father Haralambos Fox, Father Spencer Kezios, Maria Janios and the children of the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church for donating gifts & toys to the Devonshire PALS Toy Drive and making this past Holiday Season a bright one for so many needy children in our community. 7



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Greg Baker ■ Stan Bryant

Vice Presidents Greg Baker ■ Sophie Barcy ■ Sally Barnes

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PALS Newsletter Jan 2008 1  
PALS Newsletter Jan 2008 1  

2007 was an incredible year for Devon- shire PALS. There isn’t space to list all of our wonderful accomplishments, but let me share a few wi...