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Examples of Pupils’ Work

Devonshire Infant School, according to Ofsted,2 May 2010

Dear Parents, It gives me great pleasure to welcome your family to Devonshire Infant School. This prospectus is intended to help you know more about our school and how we can work together to ensure your child makes the best possible progress. We are very proud that Ofsted (2010) graded our school as OUTSTANDING, finding that ‘there is a constant buzz of learning, energy and enjoyment, throughout the school every day’. The staff and I will do all we can to give your child a successful start in education and we know that this can be best achieved by working together in partnership.

We believe that all aspects of your child’s development are important and we hope that you will share the opportunity with us to make this a happy and successful period in your child’s life. We hope you will find this prospectus informative but please feel welcome to contact school at any time if you have any enquiries.

Yours sincerely, Miss S. Philpot Head Teacher


Our Mission Statement

Imagine a school where: Children are safe, happy and secure, Creativity is the key to success, Learning and fun go hand in hand, Every child matters‌

Welcome to Devonshire Infants!


Governing Body Mr Gurinder Josan


Cllr Bawa Dhallu

LA Governor

Mrs Jane Ellis

Community Governor

Ms Jane Garner

Community Governor

Mrs Biljinder Hayer

Staff Governor

Miss Janice Hobday

Community Governor/Vice Chair

Mrs Ann-Marie Hunt

Parent Governor

Miss Claire Mills

Staff Governor

Mrs Marija Nadzmi

Parent Governor

Mr Matthew Northall

LA Governor

Miss Sharron Philpot


Mrs Helen Watson

Associated Governor

Ms Margaret Zglinski

LA Governor

Ms Tresha Costa

Parent Governor

Mr John Masih

Parent Governor

Clerk - Miss D. Howard


STAFFING LIST Miss. S. L. Philpot Mrs S Gibson

Headteacher Deputy Headteacher

TEACHING STAFF Mrs J. Wilson - Assistant HT KS1 — Cream Class Mrs L. Guest - Assistant HT Early Years — Pink Class Mrs J. Farooque Miss C Mills Mrs J. Turner

YR— Rainbow Class YR— Red Class Nursery Manager

Mrs S. Mattoo Mrs E Bartlett Mrs R. Jones

Y1—Blue Class Y1—Violet Class Y1— Green Class

Mrs K Johal Mrs D. Taylor Mrs M. McNulty

Y2— Yellow Class Y2— Orange Class Y2— Orange Class

Mrs S. Dey Miss J. Hackwood


NON-TEACHING STAFF 2012 LEARNING SUPPORT PRACTITIONERS Mrs A. Johnson Miss L Cutler Mrs M. Anderson Mrs B Amatt (p/t) Mrs J. Parkes (p/t) Mrs M. King Mrs I Lane Mrs J. Webb Mrs M. Rai Mrs S Green Ms L. Shilton Mrs S Hammond

SEN Support Mrs D. Murch Mrs B. Atwal Miss R. Meades Mrs N. Kaur Mrs J. Chan Mrs N Mahmood Miss S Mountain



Mrs A. Bailey Mrs M. Gowing Mrs D. Hope Miss R. Harrison Mrs K. Kaur Ms S. Rogers Mrs J. O’Connor Mrs J. Hughes Mrs B. Hayer (Learning Mentor) Miss H. Wallace (Learning Mentor) Mrs S. Uppal (Learning Mentor)

Mrs S Cox -Office Manager Mrs S. Elliot - Administrator Mr B. Camden Site Manager Mr S. Grosvenor P/T ICT Technician


We are a 3 form entry, non-denominational Infant School providing for pupils aged 3 – 7 years. The majority of our pupils transfer to Devonshire Juniors, with which we are federated, sharing one Head Teacher and having a single Governing Body . The school site is bordered by Auckland Road and Stony Lane Park and access is possible from both. The facilities include the following: ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗

Large hall with full sized stage for drama and special assemblies Large ICT suite Sensory room Secure outdoor area for outdoor learning activities with purpose built story telling areas Forest school and allotment Enclosed outdoor classroom in Early Years Direct access to the facilities for Stony Lane Park Large Community room for Parent groups and After School Clubs Breakfast and After School Club provision 7.45am—5.45pm


School Hours Morning school begins at 8: 50 p.m. and finishes at 12:15 p.m. Afternoon school begins at 1:25 p.m. and finishes at 3:15 p.m. For Children in Nursery, morning sessions are from 8.30am – 11.30am and afternoon sessions are 12.15pm – 3.15pm. You child will be allocated either a morning or afternoon place. Unfortunately we are unable to provide full time nursery places at present. We are now able to offer an optional snack and social time for the first 30 minutes of each session. Parents are encouraged to be in the playground before the bell is rung at 8.45 am. Staff will collect the children at 8.50am and will take them into school through their year group door in an orderly and calm manner.

Arriving on time / absence School doors are open from 8.50 a.m. Parents must wait with children in the playground as there is no supervision before school begins. Registration is at 8.55 a.m. and any late arrivals are asked to come in through the red door and sign our late book. If your child is ill please let the school know on the first morning of the absence between 8.30 a.m. - 9.30 a.m. If your child has been absent for a time please let us know the reason so that registers can be marked correctly. For safeguarding reasons, we operate first day calling so any unexplained absentees will receive a phone call or text from the office to ensure that families and school are aware of the circumstances if a child is absent. Absences that are unexplained are reported to you weekly and on your child’s report at the end of the year.

Our office staff. 9

Pupil Attendance Unauthorised absences at this school last year – 1.5% Total attendance at this school last year – 93.5% The total number of registered pupils of compulsory school age on roll during 2010-11 was 178 (Years 1 & 2) We ask that your child attends school every day. If they are unwell, please telephone school to inform us. Each day your child misses school they miss an important part of their education. Holidays in School Time There is no entitlement to holidays in school time, and our Governing Body DO NOT allow any holiday or family trips during school time. Parents are asked to complete a Leave of Absence Form if your child needs time off school, these are available from the school office. Holidays will only be granted in exceptional circumstances as children do have thirteen weeks holiday from school and it is expected that family holidays are booked during these times. Each day a child misses school, they fall behind their classmates. The Governors of Devonshire Infant School will NOT authorise holidays of more than 10 days on any occasion. Your child will be taken off roll if you take extended unauthorised leave. School Uniform All children are asked to wear school uniform. This ensures that they feel part of our school community. The school uniform is Royal Blue with grey skirt or trousers. When your child enters full time school in Reception they will also need a pair of pumps for PE activities, these are also available at the school office. These may be purchased from A E Oakes in Langley or from DPP Print & Promotion (contacts available from the school office) As all our children wear uniform it is very important that it is labelled with your child’s name.


CURRICULUM Content and Organisation of the Curriculum The curriculum taught at Devonshire Infants is in line with Government requirements and follows the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum for children in Nursery and reception, and the national Curriculum for children in years 1 and 2.

Ofsted (2010) stated “The school provides an original, exciting and imaginative curriculum, which is particularly successful in developing literacy, numeracy and ICT skills in every subject.� The core subjects of Literacy and Numeracy are given high priority within the Curriculum, as is Information Communication Technology and Science. The other foundation subjects of Design & Technology, History, Geography, Music, Art, Physical Education and Religious Education are taught through topics to ensure a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum. Personal, social and moral education, health education, gender and multicultural issues are catered for within the context of our cross-curricular themes. Our children learn through topics or themes to ensure that learning is meaningful, practical and fun! We want learning at Devonshire to be Irresistible Learning!


Religious Education Religious Education is taught in accordance with the requirements of the Education Reform Act, and is based upon Sandwell’s Agreed Syllabus. The school is non-denominational and has a range of religious backgrounds so a variety of religious festivals are celebrated in school. Our Collective Worship takes into account this variety, also the age of the children and their level of understanding. It therefore involves the sharing of experiences and is an expression of shared values within the community of the school. Parents may exercise their right to withdraw their child from religious worship or education. Provision will be made by school for these children. Physical Education Physical education plays a prominent part in the school curriculum, gymnastics, dance and games all feature in the time-table. We often have visiting specialists in school who teach various aspects of the P.E. curriculum. Through these activities children understand healthy lifestyles, are encouraged to gain personal fulfilment as well as learning tolerance and co-operation as team members. It is essential that children wear proper clothing to obtain maximum benefit from these activities and again, our recommended suppliers stock everything you need. Please be aware that it is the school policy that jewellery must not be worn during P.E. Lessons and that ear studs will be covered with micropore tape.


Ethos and Values The children are taught in mixed ability classes but at times will be grouped according to ability within the class for certain subjects.

Ofsted (2010) found that “The school has an overwhelming desire to do it’s absolute best in education and care for all of it’s pupils, and ensures that all have equal opportunities”. Staff use different styles of teaching and may teach the whole class, groups of children or give individual attention. We encourage all Parents to work in partnership with school and an annual calendar of homework is organised for all year groups. A termly newsletter informs Parents of the curriculum work being undertaken together with any special events. You can also keep up to date with what is happening in school by visiting our website or by logging onto our Learning Gateway where you can also access Education City and Bug Club – your child’s class teacher will be able to arrange for you to have a password for this. Termly targets for achievement are also given. The targets are discussed at Parents’ Evening so it is important that Parents take the opportunity to attend and see the class teacher. The Needs of the Bilingual Child Many of our children have English as an additional language and receive classroom support from staff. This support is provided by the class teacher and support staff working together in partnership to ensure good quality teaching and learning. Inclusion Every child will be encouraged and given opportunities to participate fully in the regular routines and activities of school life as well as in all aspects of the curriculum. Some of these may need to be modified to meet an individual child’s needs, thus enabling them to access fully the life of the school. Equal Opportunities All children are given equal opportunities to engage in all activities regardless of gender, race, religion or disability. Photographs of children We enjoy taking photographs of pupils (and Parents) when they are involved in school activities. These may be displayed in school or put in our special file and do not apply under the Data Protection Act. No photographs will be available for outside publication, including our website without your permission. 13

Provision for Pupils with Special Educational Needs. Some children may have special educational needs for aspects of their work during their school life. The National Curriculum framework ensures that all children have an entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum. The programmes of study offer enough scope for teachers to provide for each child’s individual needs and abilities through differentiation of work planned. Children with special educational needs will be supported by the class teacher in consultation with our Inclusion Manager, and outside agencies. Parents are always informed if their child is included on the Special Needs Register. You will be notified by letter if the Inclusion Manager wishes to talk to you concerning your child’s progress and it is very important that you attend these meetings. Pastoral Care Class teachers have the responsibility for the care and welfare of their children and Parents should not hesitate to contact them with any concerns. Staff may wish to talk to Parents if they have any concerns relating to a child’s academic or social development.

“The Spiritual, moral, social and cultural education remain outstanding, because pupils learn how to value and respect each other in a vibrant and sensitive multicultural society” (Ofsted 2010) Behaviour and Discipline There is an effective policy which includes many opportunities for good behaviour and effort to be recognised and rewarded, including ‘Happy Book’, ‘Go for Gold’ awards, congratulation letters and Praise Book.

Ofsted stated “Pupils have excellent attitudes to learning which are reflected in their behaviour. They enjoy school immensely and are always smiling and happy.” Parents are informed if their child’s behaviour is not acceptable, so the situation can be resolved together. The Behaviour Policy states clearly that any bullying or racial harassment will not be tolerated and clear guidelines of action exist. Any physical or verbal abuse towards staff will not be tolerated. 14

Educational Visits and Other Activities in School During the year we invite outside groups to visit school to talk to the children, e.g. Road Safety Officers, Theatre Groups, P.E. activities, Musicians etc. A charge may be requested to help cover the costs of these activities OR on some occasions they will be paid for out of School Funds. No child is excluded due to an inability to pay, but outside educational visits may be cancelled if insufficient funds are available. Provision will be made for parents to pay weekly if required. A full charging and remissions policy along with our policy on off-site visits is available on request at school. For the past 2 years we have been very lucky to access funding that has enabled us to take the whole school to the Theatre just after Christmas, free of charge!

School Fund We charge 50p per week school fund. You may pay weekly or choose to pay on a half termly basis. This valuable source of funds helps us to provide extra activities and resources that school could not normally afford. It also means we can subsidise extra events and trips throughout the year.


Lunchtimes Children may stay for a school meal or bring sandwiches. At lunchtime they are under supervision of the Senior Supervisor and her team. Those children who do stay do so on the understanding that their behaviour is acceptable. Sandwiches should be brought in a container clearly marked with the child’s name. Glass bottles must not be brought into school. We encourage parents to send a healthy choice of foods for lunch and fizzy drinks or sweets are not permitted. We also ask that you keep treats such as chocolate bars to small snack sized portions. Children who go home for dinners need to be collected at 12.15 and return promptly back to school at 1.20 p.m. If your child stays for hot dinners, could you please ensure that dinner money is paid for the week on Mondays, in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name and class and that any change from dinners to sandwiches, or vice versa, is made known to the office before hand. We are very proud that we have achieved the Healthy Schools Platinum and National Award. One of the modules is Healthy Eating and we invite the school nurse to talk to Parents and children about the contents of a Healthy Lunch Box, as well as teaching children about healthy life-styles. Before and After School Facilities Our Early Bird and Twilight Clubs give parents the opportunity to have their children cared for in school outside the normal school hours. A small charge is made for this and parents can use this facility when they need to. Other After-School clubs are provided for children in Years 1 & 2 – some by outside specialists for which a charge is necessary and some by school staff who give their time voluntarily. Details of the rich variety of clubs are sent out during the year, but include football, dance, drumming, skipping, ICT etc. A Parent & Toddler group meets each week on Wednesday from 10-11.30am. A small charge is made to cover refreshments. All families are welcome. We also have a Parent and Child after school club called Family SEAL for YR, Y1 and Y2 run by one of our Learning Mentors which is very popular and great fun. 16

ACCESS TO INFORMATION Information concerning the following is available on request: ∗ ∗ ∗

∗ ∗ ∗ ∗

Times of sessions Charging policy as determined by the Governing Body LA statement of curriculum policy and Governing Body statement of curriculum aims Schemes of work currently used by teachers LA curriculum complaints arrangements DFE Statutory Instruments relating to the curriculum Published OFSTED reports.

If you are happy with the actions taken at this school, please let us know, it is good to know when we have got it right. If you have any concerns please discuss these with the class teacher or the Head Teacher in the first instance so that these may be resolved on an informal basis. There is a recognised procedure for making formal complaints and this can be provided upon request.

PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT There will be the usual opportunities for parents to come into school, such as open evenings, Inspire sessions, performances and Parent-Governor meetings. We do hope however, that parents will feel free to come into school on less formal occasions. Some parents do help in class situations and all are welcome to attend the assemblies presented by the children. Parents will be asked every year to fill in a SCH 12A form (the pink form). This will allow us to take your children off site to educate them (recreation centres, library, local walks etc.). Parents will also be asked to fill in an “Emergency Contact Form” telling us where we can reach them during the day if their child is taken ill. IF THE CONTACT






N.B. Although emergencies seldom occur, when they do it is most important that the contact information the school holds is accurate and up to date. Please help us to keep it so.


Key Stage 1 Assessment Results

The following table shows the percentage of pupils in our school and nationally who attain or surpass the required standard for each level















Whole School
















Whole School
















Whole School









ADMISSION ARRANGEMENTS Children in Sandwell are admitted to school at the beginning of the academic year in which they have their fifth birthday, provided a school place is available. Children can be admitted to the nursery from the age of three. Children who are aged five between 1st September and the following 31st August are allocated a place according to the LEA criteria as follows: 1. Children undergoing assessment under Sections 321 and 323 of the Education Act 1996. 2. They have a brother or sister at the same school or at a Junior School on the time regardless of distance from home to school. 3.

same site at

To meet the child’s medical needs (recommended and supported by a certificate) regardless of distance from home to school.


4. Distance measured in a straight line from a child’s home to the nearest available entrance to the school. Parents who are considering applying to the school may telephone to arrange a visit to view the school and to meet the Head Teacher to discuss a placement. However, all places are allocated according to the above criteria by the Local Authority and School is unable to support Parents’ applications or appeals.


Holiday Dates Academic Year 2011/ 2012 Autumn Term 2011 From: Monday 5th September

To: Friday 16th December

Half Term Monday 24th October

Friday 28th October

Spring Term 2012 Tuesday 3rd January

Friday 30th March

Half Term Monday 13th February

Friday 17th February

Summer Term 2012 Monday 16th April

Friday 20th July

Half Term Monday 4th June

Friday 8th June MAY DAY HOLIDAY 7th MAY 2012

Training Days 5th & 6th September 2011 3rd January 2012 20th July 2012 The information contained in this booklet is correct to the best of our knowledge at time of printing. We will inform parents of any major changes that may occur.


We are very proud of the learning and experiences our pupils have. Here are some examples of their work on display around the school.


Devonshire Infants Prospectus 2012 13