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Building your experience from start to finish Its your wedding. Your story.

So you get to

dictate what you want your day to be. Enclosed is some simple information about what your experience with Devon Michelle Photography will look like. I am excited about catching the moments that make up your wedding event.


The First Meeting Getting the business out of the way The first time we meet involves getting

boundaries and the freedom to

to know each other a little better. At


our first meeting I want to know how the bride and groom met, how you fell in love, where your first date was, what are the two of you interested in? My goal is to taylor your experience to increase your comfort in working with me as a photographer.


We begin building a skeletal structure of the wedding day schedule so you have an idea of where to plug in other events (hair, make up, cake, flowers‌). We also discuss developing a photo list of family members. The goal in having these conversations early is to take

As your photographer I will be

away last minute stress in detailing

working with you long after your

with these details as your wedding day

wedding day, so its vital to build a good


relationship from the start. We review

Information to bring with you at this

the contract and details many brides

meeting: list of vendors you already have

have questions about; clearly outlining

identified, retainer to hold your wedding

expectations of both of us ~ this gives

date, any questions you might have about

us the confidence of clearly set

the wedding day.


Engagement Photos Learning to work together One of my favorite sessions to be a part of; it just us and the camera! We will meet four to five months before your wedding date and set the stage for how we will work together on the day of your wedding. This is our chance to have some fun, figure out what makes the two of you giggle; it is my opportunity to capture real moments between the two of you.

How to prepare for this session: any details that you might incorporate into your wedding, items

This session can take place at a location that has special that symbolize things you like to do together meaning to the bride and groom and often will have (books, music, games), choosing a location that little details that may be incorporated into the wedding.

speaks to who the two of you are together,

choosing outfits that both compliment who you

These images can be used on your personal wedding are and communicate the tone of your day. website, Facebook page or even in your wedding announcements.


Pre-Wedding Consultation Finalizing the details At this meeting we review your detail to Items to review at this meeting: Final ensure that you feel comfortable with schedule details, reviewing the list of how your wedding day comes together. family photos, transportation between We will chat over the phone several venues as needed, final payment schedule. times throughout the wedding planning and then set up a time to meet and review all the final details about a month before the wedding. At this meeting we finalize the schedule for the day, the photo requests and review details such as transportation and who is in charge of what. It’s important to me that I am able to connect with the bride and groom at this meeting so we aren’t still trying to pin down details the day before the wedding. Believe me, you will have many, many other details to worry about in the days leading up to the wedding and photography shouldn’t be one of them!


After the Wedding What to expect Your day is over, you are still tan from

Once you have your images: there will be

the honeymoon and anxiously awaiting

five folders for easy viewing, all images

to see your final images that will remind

have been color corrected, web galleries can

you of all the hours you spent planning.

be viewed through for

Your images should be arriving at your

friends and family.

doorstep four to six weeks after your


wedding day. The number of images

you can easily access the images you

you receive will depend on your

want without having to scroll through

wedding day and the images you

400 to 500 images.

request. Some weddings will only have 300 images because of the simplicity of the day. Other wedding stories will result in close to 500 images.

Lastly, there will be an online gallery of images uploaded to This gallery is valuable to help save you time; you can send the gallery link to

Once you receive your DVD you will

friends and family who request images

notice there are FIVE folders titled

from the day.

details, bridal party, family, ceremony and reception. We label the folders so


Preferred Vendors Who I’ve worked with

! Florist Cashmere Designs


Natale Bella Fiore Lynn Wolfsheimer


Video & Media Jordan Weber (253) 740-6275


Catering & Venue Windmill Gardens


Venue Cedar Springs


Catering Le Garmache


Cakes Cupcake Rhapsody


Wedding Package We can start in the morning with your first sip of coffee or we can join you when you have the first look of your forever and party late into the night. Our base package is 8 hours coverage for $2500, Additional hours can by purchased at $300 an hour. This package will include 1) C o v e r a g e f o r y o u r w e d d i n g d a y ( t w o photographers) 2) Complimentary Engagement session ($250 value) 3) DVD of retouched images from your wedding day, this includes the printing rights to your images. ($150 value) 4) Online Gallery of images through Smugmug. This gallery link can be forwarded to family and friends after the wedding day; images can be purchased through this site. 5) Any pre-event consultation needed. 6) 100 proof prints in a leather bound album. Al La Cart Items 1) Wedding album ($500) 2) Canvas prints (prices vary depending on size) 3) Additional day after Bride/Groom session, Trash the Dress OR Bridal Boudoir session, 60 minutes 20 final images. ($150)

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