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Hi there! Im Sophy and I have the role of the online Participation Editor! What this means is I will be blogging and updating the newsfeed on things that are happening for all you Care Leavers out there! SO whether you live in a small Village in rural Devon, or are already a member of the 'Children in Care Council' based in Exeter then here is the place to get the low down on whats happening, what you can get involved in but also actually get the chance to get involved in this website directly! Want to write an article? Have a story to tell? Or a piece of artwork you'd like to show off? Then you can either email me via the site, or I will be coming along to local groups and events to work with young people one to one. There have recently been loads of brilliant things happening for young people in care in Devon, but also more to come! Including young people getting involved in national projects to implement CHANGE in the service, yes you can make a real difference to things that happen to you and positively contribute to a better future for other young people in Foster Care, but more on that later! I will be working closely with the Participation team and also workers including a local Social Worker, He's called Ben and hes on holiday right now but soon you will get to meet him via the blog and sure enough at a group meet-up. Ben heads up the Devon wide 'About Us' magazine, and very soon will be looking for young people to get involved in our next issue. So thats a 'hi' from me! I look forward to meeting people within this new and exciting role- please feel free to get in touch :-)


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