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Vintage Inspiration High Rise Denim: Pants/shorts often made of denim or similar material and sit just above or below the navel. Women wore high wasted shorts/jeans until the 1990s,

when styles began featuring a smaller stride. The style has made a comeback in recent years; gaining popularity among todays youth. Today’s style features high waist often just below the navel (unlike those in the past) and are often seen in denim as apposed to polyester (like of earlier production)

The Shift Dress: the shift dress became popular during the peek of the1920s when women had the prosperity to purchase clothing (as opposed to making it) and partake is

social outlets in the community. This particular silhouette is often identified by its a

loose fit and short length (traditionally just below the knee). Todays shift dresses still feture a loose fit but may be cinched at the bust (darts).

Original 1920s shirt dress dress

spring 2014 20s inspired shift

COSMETICS: Drug stores are stepping up their gain this season. Retailers such as Target, CVS, and Walgreens are expanding

their cosmetic departments in order to meet the growing demand of their consumers. As many of us have noticed

drug store/generic cosmetics have gained popularity through the validation of influential bloggers and youtubers, who understand the qualm of necessity vs. desire. The article goes on to explain the proposed expansion of drug store such as Rite Aid, which now features a beauty department called “Beauty Vision”, which included consultation areas and lighted displays.

Walking The Red Carpet A major trend seen on the years red carpet was the

combination of neutral colors paired with heavy texture and embellishment. One such example was Cate Blanchett’s beaded Giorgio Armani gown. Which featured elaborate circular beading and a full yet slimming skirt.

Rugged Sophistication: A Trend in Men’s Fashion Rugged, sophisticated, with a touch of feminine softness, today more and more men are seeking individuality through clothing and style. Men’s current trends have taken a more traditional turn mixing casual prep with James Dean edginess.


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