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Dodge College of Film and Media Arts Chapman ImPRessions Devon Hillard Account Executive Portfolio

Background Dodge College of Film an d Med ia Ar ts is one of seven schools within C hapm an University, located in O range, Calif. Es tabl ished in 1996, Dodge of fers undergrad uate and graduate degrees, with prog rams in film prod uction, sc reenwriting, creati ve producing, telev ision and broadcast journalism, public relations an d adver tising, digital ar ts, f ilm studies, and screen acting.

Situation Dodge College reached out to Chapman ImPRessions with the goal of attracting higher caliber applicants and showcasing the oppor tunities at Dodge to prospective and current students through web content.

Executive Summary Goals and Objectives 

Goal  Increase the visibility of Dodge-related opportunities to alumni, current students,

and prospective students and create a cycle of involvement that attracts a higher caliber of applicants.

Objectives  Create 10 new alumni profiles for the Dodge College webpage by Nov. 7, 2012 (to

be posted by WebMaster at a later date)  Create 10 student blog posts for the Dodge College blog by the end of the

semester Nov. 14, 2012  Update the “Where are they now?” list on Dodge College webpage by Nov. 22,

2012  Acquire 20 pictures of students at their internships for the Dodge College

webpage (student life section) by Nov. 22, 2012

Executive Summary Audiences 

Associates of Dodge college, especially those who are local to Southern California and able to be involved with Dodge such as:  Students  Alumni  Faculty members

Prospective undergraduate students and their parents/guardians, especially those in:  Southern California  The United States  Asia

Primary Research 

In addition to researching the websites for Dodge College and its competition, I administered an online survey to Dodge students to evaluate factors such as:

Key factors in their decision to attend Chapman

Student and alumni networking opportunities

Professor competency and accessibility

Over 50 students answered the survey and almost all are happy with the quality of their education at Dodge. Most students visit the Dodge website infrequently and do not think that alumni are easily accessible. The results from the survey and feedback from Janell Shearer focused our attention to improving website content and alumni visibility.

Survey Feedback

Survey Feedback

Public Relations Plan

Implementation Accomplished

Strategy: We reached out to students through the weekly Dodge College announcements and emailed a list of 30 alumni provided to us by Sorrel Geddes, Dodge outreach coordinator. We created an email for interns to send photos and distributed interview questions to interested students and alumni.

Student Internship Photos

Example Student Intern Post Bryce Sherman Junior Creative Producing Major Intern at Dick Clark Productions


I am working on the Live Red Carpet Show of the American Music Awards, dealing with talent and host booking, scheduling, advertising, online web series countdown, and assisting in research for potential new reality shows.

Strategy: I selected these 20 internship photos because they show different aspects of internships, from red carpet events to behind-the-scenes administrative help. These students come from diverse majors and class standings and show that internships are accessible to Chapman students at different stages of their academic career. By including pictures of current students, it will increase the traffic to the Dodge website as the links are shared throughout the Chapman community. The captions help describe each internship and give prospective students a better idea of what interning entails.

10 Alumni Spotlights Strategy: These alumni come from different majors in Dodge and are at different stages of post-graduate life. The success of recent graduates shows that Dodge students are well-received by the business world, and the older alumni help illustrate the progression of a career with a Dodge degree. The questions ask alumni to describe highlights of their college experience and share their professional accomplishments. The addition of these profiles will improve the visibility of alumni at Dodge, give current students networking ideas, and give Dodge College more credibility to prospective students.

Jon-Michael Herrmann (2011)

Rebecca Kirsch (2005)

Missy Laney (2011)

Amanda Vo (2012)

Shana Wilensky (2012)

Amy Chase (2009)

Eliana Moreno (2010)

Derek Helwig (2005)

John-David Currey (1998)

Travis Culver (2011)

Example Alumni Spotlight Alumni Profile 3: Jon-Michael Herrmann Public Relations and Advertising Major, Communications Minor Class of 2011 Current Occupation: TBWA\Media Arts Lab, Jr. Planner What was your most memorable moment while at Dodge College? One of the highlights of college for me was winning the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC). It was an incredible opportunity to represent the public relations and advertising program at Chapman. I also met some of the smartest and most talented people that will change the future of advertising. What did you learn from the on-campus organizations you were a part of? I was a member of the 2010 (creative director/presenter) and 2011 (planning director) NSAC teams. I experienced real-world high stake pressures, conflict resolution, and the joys and tears of advertising by participating in NSAC. I believe it was the single most important decision that put me in the fast lane to an advertising career post-college. Were there any faculty members who served as a mentor to you either during your collegiate years or in post-graduate life? Cory O' Connor, Cheril Hendry, Ray Roschmann, and Dawn Taubin were phenomenal influences on my advertising future. What has been the highlight of your career thus far? When the first commercial that I extensively worked on aired on TV, I knew that my dream job was now my real job.

Alumni Spotlight (Continued) Reflecting on your years at Dodge College, what one thing you would do again, and what one thing would you change? Hands down: NSAC. I miss all my friends and the camaraderie that comes with the brainstorming, late night nerd wars, and fierce deadlines. Facebook and LinkedIn make it easy to keep in touch, but with careers it makes it hard to actually see each other in person. One thing I would change? I would have put in more effort into my Intro to Visual Storytelling class. Those movies are just embarrassingly terrible now. What advice would you give to current students? Get involved in everything and anything that interests you, even if it's outside your comfort zone. Whether it is spending a semester abroad, trying a sport you've never played, or some dorky advertising competition, go with your gut and it will give you the skills and experiences you'll need and want when you graduate. Now that you've graduated, what have you taken from the classroom and applied to your career? Always surround yourself with people that you think are smarter and more talented than you are, then try to keep up. If you do it right, you'll always be humbled by how amazingly impressive people are, but then you will be surprised when they say the same about you. Have your career aspirations changed since you graduated? Right now I'm incredibly happy where I am, but who knows? Maybe after a few years in the field I'd be lucky enough to join up with some legendary professors at Chapman and teach a class or two!

10 Student Life Spotlights Strategy: These students are involved in different aspects of Dodge such as international travel courses, media-related competitions, unique classes, and internships. Similar to the internship photos, these spotlights give first-hand accounts of what Dodge has to offer and how each opportunity contributes to the overall Chapman experience. The 10 students represent five different majors within Dodge, although we intentionally spotlighted three Digital Arts majors to bring more attention to the program. Although we mainly focused on undergraduate programs, we also interviewed a graduate student to represent both degrees available from Dodge.

Holly Hammond – Digital Arts

Nikita Hegde – PR/Advertising

Courtney Yu – Digital Arts

David Thompson – Film Production

Kallan Zimmerman – Digital Arts

Daniel Brennan – PR/Advertising

Josh Walker – Creative Producing

Jeremy Chang – Film Production

Ashley Pacini – MFA Film Production

Johnny Newnes – Screenwriting

Example Student Spotlight Student Profile 4: Josh Walker Creative Producing, Minor Advertising Sophomore Spectrum Intern for Sony Pictures Television (Drama Development), What is a typical day at your internship like for you? A typical day for me starts with opening up my boss’ offices, getting coffee and breakfast items, and confirming the executives’ calendars. As the day progresses, I usually have data entry work and I greet and coordinate all the guests that arrive for meetings. Typically, I have a script or two to read during the day or at home. What’s your most memorable moment while interning? Why? My most memorable moment is when I ran into Brian Cranston in the elevator. He currently plays Walter White in Breaking Bad, a show Sony developed. He totally reminded me of his Heisenberg character and it was fun talking with him for a bit. What’s the most unusual task you’ve had to do while interning? I once had to take my boss’s car to the gas station to vacuum out his trunk and kids’ car seats after a messy camping trip. When you’re stuck in traffic to or from your internship, what do you do to keep yourself entertained in the car? I leave for work at 5 a.m. to avoid traffic, but when I’m stuck in it I like to Pandora some Michael Franti and jam-out to some good tunes to pass the time. I also like to call people to catch up with them.

Student Spotlight (Continued) What’s the most exciting benefit you have received from your internship? I receive 50 percent off all Sony electronics, have access to pre-release movie screenings, and constantly spot celebrities when on the lot. Have you ever had an obstacle while on the job and what did you do to overcome it? Every day there are obstacles. I’ve learned to get creative in figuring them out and then expressing confidence in what I’ve done to overcome it. That never goes unnoticed among the staff here. What have you learned about the industry or about yourself that you could apply to your future? I’ve learned that I respond best to people who treat me with respect. I’ve had jobs in the past where I was used and abused because of my intern status. At Sony, people really try and get to know me and help me learn something new everyday. What advice would you give to a Dodge student who is looking for/or preparing for an internship? Try many different things. You never really know what you like until you’ve tried it first. College is the perfect time to try out multiple professions so by graduation you can have an idea of what you do and don’t like. Also, punctuality and a positive attitude go far, more than anything else you do at your jobs. People remember that.

Evaluation My team successfully created 20 student and alumni profiles for the website as well as acquired 20 student intern photos. The profiles and photos represented many programs at Dodge and a variety of majors. While this content is intended for Dodge website, we do not have authority to publish it ourselves and have sent all materials to the WebMaster to post at his earliest convenience. I underestimated the lag time involved in sending interview questions, receiving answers, editing them, and getting them approved. Luckily, I scheduled our implementation to accommodate for unexpected delays, which ended up being necessary to reach our goals. Our overall goal of attracting the highest caliber applicants could not be measured at this time, but Dodge College has expressed interest in working with Chapman ImPRessions for subsequent semesters and I look forward to seeing what future ImPRessions teams can offer this client.

“Dodge would love to continue working with you in the spring semester. It feels like we have only begun to scratch the surface.� -Janell Shearer Chair, Media Arts Division Dodge College

Chapman ImPRessions Portfolio  

Client: Dodge College of Film and Media Arts

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