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Air Ambulances allow patients to be transported very quickly to hospital. The helicopter pilots must take into account wind velocity when planning their journey. Charts show wind speed in m/s and an arrow shows the direction.

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The normal cruising speed of the helicopter is 70m/s (250km/h).

Use the information to answer the following questions. 1. The Exeter Air Ambulance is sent due west to a point near Okehampton. (a) What is the resultant velocity on the journey to Okehampton? _________________ m/s (b) What is the resultant velocity on the journey back to Exeter? _________________ m/s 2. The pilot of the North Devon Air Ambulance sets the helicopter controls to fly due North. Use calculations or a vector diagram to confirm that the helicopter will reach a patient in Lynton. __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 3. Explain the difference between a scalar (such as speed) and a vector (such as velocity). __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________