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Paramedics on board the Devon Air Ambulance are checking the vital signs of a patient. They carry a lot of equipment to help them monitor and treat patients. The equipment includes: · oxygen · defibrillator · entonox · cardiac monitor · vital signs monitor · ventilator · aspirator. 1. Which piece of equipment is used to restart a heart that has stopped? _____________________________________________________________ 2. Paddles are charged before they are placed on the patient’s chest. Suggest why the chest has a conducting gel applied before the paddles. _____________________________________________________________ 3. Why do the paddles have plastic handles? _____________________________________________________________ 4. The equipment works by charging a capacitor and then discharging it again. A current of 35 A passes for 2.5 ms. The average power output is 160 000 W. Calculate the total energy delivered to the patient. _____________________________________________________________


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