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The Air Ambulances are flying over Teignmouth in South Devon. The pilots navigate using a variety of different maps.


They have to match what is shown on the map with what they see on the ground.

1. Look carefully at the photograph and identify relevant features. Compare the photograph with the map of Teignmouth. Which letter on the map shows the hotel marked X? __________




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2. The Air Ambulance has been called to an incident on Exmoor. A horse rider has fallen from his horse near the bottom of a valley. Finish the sentences which describe how maps can be used. The national mapping service in the UK is the _____________________. The Air Ambulance needs to land where the ground is relatively flat. The steepness of the valley is shown by the closeness of the ___________________________________. One hazard is shown on maps by the symbol


This shows the position of _____________________________________. The casualty is airlifted to the heliport at the nearest hospital. A heliport is shown on the map by the symbol